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Thu, Dec 14th - 10:26AM

Car for College: Reasons why a Car is beneficial for Students

“I want to buy a car but don’t know how to convince my parents.”

It is the story of every college student. You may have got your first set of wheels in high school. But, it is not necessary that you brought it to college. Your parents may think that buying a new car can become a burden for them. Also, they may be worried about your safety. But, buying a car as a college student has more perks than pains.

Why a Car is beneficial for every College Student?

Buying a car is a personal decision that is affected by several factors such as family income, concern for safety, number of cars in the family, additional financial burden, etc. And the importance of each factor changes drastically according to the family dynamics. However, make note of the following benefits while making the decision.

1. Finding Employment becomes easy

Anyone who is in college or has been to one will tell you that finding a job with the college is difficult. Not everyone is lucky enough to find an on-campus job quickly. Also, it is possible that you find a high-paying job in the surrounding communities. If you have found yourself an off-campus job, a car is the best way to commute. With a car, you can drive far and seek the kind of employment that you desire. You can work with a business of your interest instead of doing a job in the college library or the dining hall.

2. It makes Students responsible

A car can help a student learn the real meaning of responsibility. Handling the financial part of owning a vehicle can lead to making mature decisions in the future. It will teach you to make regular monthly payments, manage your income and plan your expenditure. Learning the importance of maintaining credit score will lead you to a life of better interest rates and better loan deals.

3. A Fuller College Experience

College is not just a place where you study, it is an experience. And, you can make the experience better with a set of car keys. You can explore the community in a better way and add more learning to your resume. You can take part in the local charity drives. Learn new skills, meet new people and widen your horizons.

4. Peace of Mind for Parents

Accidents, speeding tickets, theft are all reasons behind your parents’ concern. If you are a responsible child, you can explain the many benefits of owning a car. It makes commute easy and your parents will not have to worry about you being stuck in public transport. It will give them peace of mind knowing that your car can bring you to your dorm easily and you won’t have to walk home or ask for rides from strangers.

5. A Money-Saving Choice

You may think that a car puts additional burden on a student. But, if you plan the entire purchase, it can prove to be beneficial in the long run. Having a car means you will be able to visit your family easily and that too, without spending a lot on flight tickets. It will also make weekend getaways easier. You can always car pool with your friends and divide costs while travelling which makes owning a car a pretty good deal.

How to make a Beneficial Car Purchase as College Student?

When you are college student, you have to worry about your grades, student loan, friends, college life and more. Don’t add the stress of an unreliable car to it. Make sure that you choose a dependable used car to become your companion for the college days. Find a dealer who offers the best deal. And, seek a student car loan from a reputed lender. Today, you will find a large number of online lenders offering special financing deals for students. They offer zero credit financing to ensure every young buyer gets a fair chance at becoming a car owner.

So, next time you are confused about buying a car, remember that it adds more life to your college days. Go ahead! Make a well-thought purchase decision and truly enjoy the golden period of your life.

Make the most of your college life with a reliable car. Once you find a perfect car, choose a reliable zero credit auto financing company who can help you to make the purchase. Apply now; enjoy special no cosigner car loan program.

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Mon, Dec 11th - 5:17AM

Is there such a thing as “Good” Bad Credit Car Buyer?

The average national FICO score has reached 700 points for the very first time. It means individuals with credit score near to 700 will have an easy time in making a car purchase. But, not everyone has a stellar credit history. There are individuals with scores less than 600. Lenders have categorized them as bad credit buyers. And, such individuals may still face a hard time in getting auto loan approval.

Is it End of the Road for Bad Credit Car Buyers?

Every person’s car buying needs are different, and so is his credit situation. You may have a bad credit score just like your friend’s. But, it is possible that you may get approved for an auto loan, whereas he faces rejection. Remember that every person is different in the eyes of the lender. And, even though, two individual share same credit scores, lender look beyond the numbers.

When is having Bad Credit Okay?

When lenders are ascertaining your credit application, they do not make a decision solely on the basis of your credit score. They value the number but they also ascertain the cause leading to it. When it comes to a bad credit score, lenders categorize it into two parts: Situational bad credit and habitual bad credit.

1. Situational Bad Credit

If the reason behind your bad credit score involves an unexpected, unpleasant situation, lenders will consider the score as situational bad credit. Sometimes, loss of job, death of a close family member or a sudden illness can force to you make late payments. Lenders consider it less risky because the analysis of your credit report shows that you have been regular in making payments before the tragedy struck.

2. Habitual Bad Credit

If you have a habit of making late payments or missing out on payments, lenders will consider you a risky credit seeker. They avoid a habitual bad credit borrower with multiple bankruptcies, high debt-to-income ratio, and repossession. In such a situation, your credit history becomes a proof of your irresponsible financial behavior. So, if you fall in the category, you will have a hard time in getting a favorable auto loan deal.

Situational Bad Credit Buyer: The “Good” One

Lenders understand that maintaining a stellar credit score throughout the course of one’s life is difficult. There are situations which may lead to late payments. But, unless you make a habit of missing out on payments, they are ready to cut you slack.

Lenders consider situational bad credit buyers as “good” people because they believe that buying a new car can be your first step towards improving the score. By making regular payments, you will be able to increase it over a period of time.

Does every Situational Bad Credit Individual get a Good Deal?

Lenders will consider you in a positive light if you do not have a habit of making late payments. But, it doesn’t mean you are going to get the lowest possible rates. In order to find a good deal on your next car purchase, you must first sort your finances.

>>Have a stable job that is capable of paying off your debts.

>>If you are paid in cash, report it to the IRS so that lenders have a clear idea of your income.

>>Pay off a few debts to reduce your total debts and improve your debt-to-income ratio.

>>If you are on social security, apply for a joint loan to improve your approval chances.

>>When it comes to making payments, explain the lenders that you are not a repeat offender.

>>Choose an inexpensive car to ensure low monthly payments.

If your score is below 600, do not write it off as an end to your dream. You can still make a car purchase with bad credit. But, before applying for a car loan, go through your credit report. Understand the cause behind the decline in score. If it is due to an unforeseen situation, get ready to explain it. The lender may treat your bad credit score as “good”. If not, make a big down payment to create a favorable impression in the minds of the lender and obtain a deal.

Want to buy a car? Do not let bad credit become an obstacle. Learn the reason behind your credit score and work with a subprime auto financing company. Apply with an experienced lender to obtain no cosigner auto loan and make a quick purchase.

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Wed, Nov 22nd - 10:31AM

How to buy a Car this Christmas?

The chilly breeze, the change of leaves and the upbeat holiday music are all indicators of the upcoming festive season. With the holiday season around the corner, it becomes difficult to decide the most suitable gift for your family and loved ones. Amongst other gifts such as an iPhone X or a satellite-radio service, a car stands out as a gift of utility and usefulness. A car is ideal for most age groups who need to commute for work and home-related purposes. However, purchasing a lavish gift as a car requires you to ask the right questions and correctly assess the situation before splurging money out of your wallet.


Prominent questions to better your Christmas Car Buying Experience

1) Is this the Right Time to buy a Car?

It is rightly said that timing is everything. The holiday season brings the best deals on all cars, new and old. While you may be contemplating the timing of your purchase, it is best to understand the dealer’s side of things. Any dealer will wish to hike up sales of low demand cars during the end of the year because he will want to create shelf space for the new and upcoming stock. Therefore, the best time to get hold of your new car is before 31st December. Make the most of the holiday season deals and bargain your way to the dream car.

2) Which Car will serve my Purpose?

The common thinking pattern is to go for a new car. Ask yourself which type of car will be useful for you or the person who is receiving it as a Christmas gift. Gifting a convertible for commuting to work will be a futile purchase. Get clarity regarding usage of the car. And, assess if a used car or a new car will serve the purpose. A used car will be helpful for short distances and serve as a pocket-friendly vehicle. Do not get distracted by all the holiday attractions and end up buying a car that does not fit your requirements. Choose the car that is in line with your needs and is useful in the long run.

3) How will I manage Money?

Buying a home or car requires you to sort out your financial situation before you take plunge. Take note of all your current revenue streams and estimate your average spending every month. Opting for an auto loan is a great way to obtain a new car. Estimate the amount you can comfortably put aside for your monthly payments. Make sure your credit score is strong enough to claim your creditworthiness in the eyes of the dealer. Also, do not limit your financing options to dealerships only. Online auto financing is a credible option that will help you to shop around and choose the best alternative for getting your dream car.

A Christmas gift can be a sign to show your loved ones how much you truly care for them. Purchasing a car is a huge step but making sure you carry out the process in the correct way is essential. Be a clever car buyer and make sure you make your calculations before making a purchase. Save right and spend right during this holiday season to get maximum returns over the long term.

Do you want to gift a car to your loved ones? Do you want to take advantage of holiday discounts at the dealership? Before finalizing the car, get your financial situation in order. Work with a reputed bad credit auto financing company to obtain no cosigner auto loan. With the help of a professional, obtaining no down payment auto loan approval and making a quick car purchase will become easy for you.

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Wed, Sep 27th - 8:51AM

Second Chance Auto Loans: How to seal the Deal?

Everyone with a bad credit score knows well that Murphy’s Law acts a major obstacle while buying a car. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. And, the main reason behind it is the terrible credit score. Lenders will reject your loan application. And, if anyone offers you an auto loan, you will have to suffer with high interest rates. So, what should a bad credit car buyer do? Refrain from buying a car for his entire life? Are loan sharks the only resort for making a car purchase with bad credit?

Don’t despair; here’s something to help you out!

With the increase in online auto financing company, the competition among lenders has increased. It has led to easy availability of second chance auto loans. The loan program is ideal for car buyers with credit issues. So, if you are in bankruptcy, or you have a subprime credit score, do not worry. There are a few subprime auto lenders out there, who can help you make a fast car purchase.

Second Chance Auto Loans: How to get one?

The number of lenders offering second chance auto loans has increased. But, if the lender doesn’t find you financially stable, your auto loan may get rejected. So, learn two important tips for getting the loan. It will help you to buy the car and improve your credit score as well. Get ready to seal the deal.

1. Focus on your Income: Tell the Truth

Most car buyers do not report their total income to the IRS. It may help you to save money on your tax. But, remember that if you do not report your income, it will not reflect in your yearly income statements. Lenders consider your income listed on W-2 form or they go for the tax returns to check it. So, even if your bank records show the additional income, lenders will not consider it for calculating your debt to income ratio. It can prove to be negative for you as low income and bad credit are the two things that lenders try to stay away from.

2. Curb your Expenses: Buy an Affordable Car

When you credit score is below prime, you need to be ready for high interest rates. Lenders will consider your loan application risky and demand high interest rates for it. But, high interest rates do not mean that you have to keep making huge monthly payments for the loan term. Choose an affordable car, preferably a used car, to lower the total cost. You can even think of buying a demo car or a discontinued car model to reduce the price. Remember that second chance auto loans can be your ticket to better interest rates if you make regular monthly payments. So, stay in budget and compromise on an affordable car.

When you are applying for a second chance auto loan, you need to focus on two things: 1) Your income and 2) Your expenses i.e. your car budget. By maximizing your income and presenting a clear picture of your financials, the lender will be able to understand your situation in a better way. Also, it will give you a perspective on choosing a car within your budget.

Take time in understanding your financial situation and make a practical choice. Remember second chance auto loans can buy you a car as well as pull you out of the abyss of bad credit score. So, next time, you seek online auto financing company for buying a car, work out the details to get the best deal. is your go-to option for buying a car with bad credit. The bad credit auto financing company will help you in making a car purchase with affordable financing. Seek approval on second chance auto loans and get ready to paint the town red in your car.

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Thu, Sep 7th - 11:22AM

Time-Tested Advice for buying your First Car

Is this your first car buying experience? Buying a car means deciding on the budget, choosing a car amongst several different alternatives and working with different lenders to find the best deal. If you do not prepare for buying your first car, it can turn into a confusing, irritating and expensive experience. When people realize that you are buying your first car, they may try to take advantage of your ignorance. Do not fall for common car buying myths. Instead, follow the following time-tested advice; you will come out as a winner.

Time-Tested Advice for buying your First Car

1. Myth – First Time Car Buyers have no Credit History.

Advice – Check your credit score every time you decide to seek credit. Usually, first time car buyers are young college-goers or recent graduates. And, it is for the same reason they believe that they have a non-existing credit history. However, department store cards or small purchases on credit cards can add to your credit score. It is always better to know your financial situation before finalizing a car. Otherwise, a lender may dupe you into accepting high interest rates. So, do not play blind and check your credit score.

2. Myth – First Time Car Buyers have to buy a Used Car.

Advice – It is not set in stone. You can buy any car you wish to buy. Auto manufacturers such as GM provide special College Discount Program to help you buy a car. If you have additional money or you can afford to make slightly higher payments, a new car can be your choice. Think of a discontinued car model or choose a demo car if you want to buy a new car with a limited budget. No matter the car you choose, make sure that you read its reviews online. Take it for test drive and check whether you feel comfortable behind the wheels.

3. Myth –You cannot buy a Car on your own.

Advice – Young car buyer with zero credit history often rely on parents to buy a car. Usually, parents spend money on down payment and/or cosign the loan agreement. But, there are many buyers who may not know anyone with substantial savings to make down payment. And, others may not have anyone with a good credit score to become a cosigner. Do not panic. You can still buy a car. Online auto financing companies customize credit programs to offer no cosigner auto loans and zero money down car loans. You can apply for either of them to make a rapid purchase.

4. Myth – A Part-Time Income cannot get you a Car.

Advice – Income is not the criterion for getting approval on your first car loan. Do not worry if you earn a part-time income. Lenders give more weightage to debt-to-income ratio rather than the amount of your gross monthly income. You can apply for first time car buyers’ program. If you are in college and manage a part-time job, do not worry. If the gross monthly income is below $2000, your chances of approval can be improved with a cosigner and a down payment. Use your savings and cash gifts to manage a down payment. In times of a limited income, you will have to depend on your parents as well.

When you are buying your first car, your mind will be full of doubts. But, by debunking the myths and obtaining time-tested advice, you will be able to make a successful car purchase. So, whenever you are ready to take the plunge, follow the advice and become a stress-free car owner.

Buying your first car can be a stressful experience. Make it easy and affordable with The company’s highly customized first time car buyer’s program will enable you to buy a car quickly. If cosigner is an issue, seek approval on no credit no cosigner auto loans today.

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