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Tue, May 21st - 2:20PM

Used Car Loans for People with Bankruptcy - Perfect Way to own a Car after Bankruptcy

If you have suffered a terrible financial blow that resulted in bankruptcy, you know how hard it can be to get any type of loan. Donít worry if you are tired of rejection on your car loan from neighborhood lenders. You wonít have to wait for a decade to apply for a guaranteed car financing program. You can buy a car and enjoy work and life before bankruptcy comes off your credit report.

With this article, you can avoid steep rates that often accompany a bankruptcy auto loan. Use the suggestions to get better rates and avoid the feeling of being stuck with a terrible auto financing program.

Why Used Cars are better for People with Bankruptcy?

While it can be appealing to purchase a brand new car, you must go for a reliable used car. A new car is very expensive and itís better to go for cheaper used cars. It will lower your used car loan amount and thus, reduce the car loan cost. You can opt for anything in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 because most reliable pre-owned cars come in that range. Nevertheless, donít forget to get inspected from your mechanic.

Also, most used cars that are available in the market are not very old. This is ideal for people who have recently come out of bankruptcy.

Who can apply for Used Car Loans?

Modern auto financing has ushered in a fresh wave of change. Now, anyone and everyone can get used car loans. There are many new lenders and online companies who have made easy auto financing of old cars. Also, the car is used as collateral which makes it easy to secure better rates.

You can get an auto loan with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is always better to go for used car loans after you have successfully tackled bankruptcy. It is because getting an auto loan during bankruptcy means excessively high interest rates.

Process of getting a Used Car Loan with Bankruptcy

Prepare for the WORST, but donít hope for it

Remember that there is absolute profusion of car loan choices. You can get a used car loan despite bankruptcy but you must work for it. You will have to prove the lender about your current financial capacity and ensure regular payments. It is beneficial to prepare a budget because it will give you the perfect idea of making payments.

Is Down Payment and Co-Signer possible for you?

Down payment and co-signer are two things that can turn the events in your favor. When you have bankruptcy on your credit report, lenders want to be very sure of your financial capacity. Manage a down payment of at least 10% of the total price of the car.

A co-signer with good credit history can counterbalance the effects of your bad credit history. Lenders require a co-signer with a stable debt-to-income ratio so that he can make payments in case of any failure from your side.

Know your Credit Ratings

Coming out of bankruptcy, your credit score must have taken a hit. But, that shouldnít keep you from checking your credit ratings. Know how bad they are, just so that no lender can con you. It is often seen that lenders take undue advantage of car buyers who are unaware of their credit scores.

Applying for an Affordable Used Car Loan

Once you are done with this, open your computer and start searching for auto financing companies that offer used car loans to people with bankruptcy. You must have Bankruptcy Discharge Notification. It will tell the lender that you have successfully handled bankruptcy and will be able to handle regular payments as well.

Also, set up the payment schedule according to your convenience. If you can pay every week, ask the lender to set up payments that way. It will help you make payments on time. And, thus improve your credit score.

Remember that there is substantial car financing options available for people with bankruptcy. You just need to work hard so that you get the best deal. is ideal for financing used car with bankruptcy. Get bankruptcy car loans and buy the used car of your choice in an instant. Affordable rates can be obtained by applying on the 100% safe website. Apply now and get FREE quotes today.

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Mon, Apr 29th - 12:29PM

Guaranteed Plan of Action for Guaranteed Approval on Auto Loans for People with Credit Issues

Does car financing take the fun out of car buying? Do you think buying an automobile with cash is the best option because of ceaseless rejections from sub-prime lenders and 2nd chance auto dealerships? If you are getting harassed by your bad credit or zero credit history or even a past bankruptcy, this article is the right choice for you. Let's understand how to get guaranteed approval on auto loans.

Put on Judging Glasses

It is essential that you understand your situation before taking any decision. Do you really have bad credit history? Know the reason behind it. Is it a past bankruptcy or a repossession that has made your credit score terrible? Get your free credit report from and comprehend it. If you find any unwarranted transaction, ask the credit bureau to remove it.

Is Bad Credit bothering you?

If you have bad credit history, your past financial transactions are the cause of it. Dig in deeper and know exactly which outstanding debts are ruining your credit ratings. If possible, pay-off some of the debts. It will improve your credit score. Also, the lender will be able to discern the importance of a car in your life.

Did you have Bankruptcy in Past?

Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 long years. So, if your credit report shows bankruptcy, you must know that it is going to affect your interest rates for long. You can combat it by making some positive transactions which include paying off debts and checking for unknown entries.

No History Case

Most young buyers assume that they have no credit history. But, there are chances that a certain department store credit card has had some impact on your credit report. So, check your credit report. When you are assured of no credit history, only then apply for an auto loan with zero credit history.

Plan of Action

After knowing your credit situation, you must start working on getting guaranteed approval Donít worry if your credit score is not excellent or up to the mark. You can get approval for affordable car financing by alleviating lenderís risk.

Down Payment

A down payment amount is ideal for lowering the lenderís risk. When you make a down payment, the overall loan amount is reduced. A lower auto loan amount means lesser risk. This means improved approval chances.


Ask someone with a good credit score and decent debt-to-income ratio to become a co-signer. When a co-signer enters the picture, the lender knows that his money is secured.


Be ready with documents and papers related to your car loan. It includes your recent pay stubs, receipts of utility bills like electricity, water, etc. Few lenders may even ask you for an Employment Verification Letter. So don't forget to get it from your employer.

Get the vehicle details from the dealer or private party if you have already selected a car.

Correct Lender

When you have credit issues, it is important that you apply with a lender that offers auto loans program to people with less than perfect credit score. Contact only those lenders who offer second chance car loans to sub-prime credit borrowers. If you are an individual with zero credit history, search for a lender that has no problem in approving a no credit auto loan application form.

Internet can be used for searching lenders and online auto financing companies. Make sure that you are dealing with a reliable and highly secure company.

If you follow this Plan of Action, guaranteed approval on auto loans will be a reality for you. Go ahead! Fulfill your car dreams with these essential tips. is a reliable auto financing company that offers guaranteed auto loan approval to people with credit issues. Bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy in past Ė nothing is a trouble for 100% secured website. Apply now for FREE auto loan quotes today!

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