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Fri, Feb 15th - 5:52AM

VIPRE Easy Update

VIPRE Easy Update - Patching your software is easy

VIPRE Security Software

One of the most common causes of PC infections, and attacks from his own modern software. With the right solution for patch management, you can avoid many of the problems associated with the updating of anti-virus, especially if it is done for you automatically. Patch management is a process that establishes a correction - or patches - a computer program or system to combat malicious activity or to provide updates as needed.

A recent example of a Java emphasizes that. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security, in its U.S. computer to disaster preparedness (US-CERT) advisory issued earlier in January, proposed to remove or disable Java in your browser, and continues to do so.

As you probably know, a relatively new zero-day exploits that target vulnerabilities in Java made huge headlines, giving people fear - leaving them to wonder what the cost of disabling Java, and how to correct the problem. Known as malicious CVE 2013-0422, the exploit used vulnerability left open in Java 7 Update 10, released in October 2012. Her malicious "mandate" was to get Java-users to visit a website with malicious code, and then sit on the "security gap" bandwagon to take control of your computer. While Oracle has released a patch for the bug, there is some concern on the issue.

When Java is disabled, the site you are interested in viewing may terminate or partially stops functioning. Oracle sent an automatic notification updates for Java, but it can not give you the full and Worry-Free security. In addition, many people are skeptical about the patches, because they can not be completely sure that they are legitimate.

Members VIPRE Easy Update , feature included in VIPRE Internet Security 2013, do not need anything! VIPRE Internet Security determines whether the feat is executable and if so, with blocks of "always on" Active Protection, which scans for threats in real time. Thus, in a situation of Java, Oracle patch is automatically smoothly and quietly (if settings have been changed) is distributed through Easy Update.

VIPRE Easy update fixes is modern software. It is a fully automated patch management solution for customers. While other anti-virus products to notify you about the patches, they do not take action for you, installing them automatically.

VIPRE Internet Security 2013 award-winning antivirus software that includes a firewall, spam filter and bad site blocking in one powerful solution for complete protection from malware - and does not slow your computer down.

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