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Fri, Mar 22nd - 6:24AM

GFI WebMonitor - the full-fledged proxy server

One of the most important and difficult tasks at the same time by connecting corporate networks to the Internet is the organization complete control over its use by employees.

And do not forget about building a reliable system of protection that prevents penetration of the enterprise information system to viruses and other malicious software. To solve these problems requires software that must meet certain requirements.

In particular, it should have the full set of features, as well as being scalable enough to be used in networks of different sizes. One such product is the GFI WebMonitor. It has a worldwide reputation and has been successfully used in different countries. Today, we shall consider the possibility of GFI WebMonitor and how this product can help companies save money.

Initially the product GFI WebMonitor was released as an additional module for ISA Server. In this form, he is best known and widely used. To use GFI WebMonitor had to first install and configure ISA Server. Obviously, this approach is useful only when the system is Internet sharing in the company already deployed and running. However, for the information systems that are only connected to the global network, the need for additional software is a huge disadvantage.
Therefore, the market was released product GFI WebMonitor, which implements a full proxy. Thus, in one program was assembled everything necessary to connect corporate networks to the Internet.

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Sat, Mar 9th - 1:30AM

Classification of anti-virus software

Anti-virus programs on pure antiviruses and antiviruses of a dual purpose are classified.

Net antivirus distinguished by the presence of antivirus kernel that performs the function of scan patterns. Principle in this case is that it is possible treatment, if known virus. Net antivirus, in turn, the type of access to the files are divided into two categories: control of access (on access) and on demand (on demand). Usually on access-products called monitors, and on demand-products - scanners.

ON demand-product works as follows: the user wants to check anything and prompts (demand), followed by a check. On access-product - a resident program that monitors the access to and the time of access checks.

In addition, the anti-virus software, as well as viruses, can be divided according to the platform within which this antivirus works. In this sense, along with a Windows or Linux to the platforms may include Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes.

Dual program - a program used in anti-virus software, and in the software, which is not an Antivirus. For example, CRC-checker - checker based on checksum - can be used not only to catch the virus. A variety of programs are dual behavior blockers, which analyze the behavior of other programs and upon detection of suspicious behavior blocking them. From the classic antivirus with anti-virus engine for recognizing and treating viruses, which were analyzed in the laboratory and which had been prescribed treatment algorithm, behavior blockers differ in that they treat the virus they can not because they do not know about. This property allows them to work interlocks with any virus, including the unknown. This is especially relevant today, as disseminators of viruses and antivirus programs use the same data channels, the Internet is. In this case, the anti-virus companies always take time out to get the virus, analyze it and write the appropriate therapeutic modules. Program of the group dual just help block the spread of the virus to the point, while the company will not write medical module.

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Fri, Feb 15th - 5:52AM

VIPRE Easy Update

VIPRE Easy Update - Patching your software is easy

VIPRE Security Software

One of the most common causes of PC infections, and attacks from his own modern software. With the right solution for patch management, you can avoid many of the problems associated with the updating of anti-virus, especially if it is done for you automatically. Patch management is a process that establishes a correction - or patches - a computer program or system to combat malicious activity or to provide updates as needed.

A recent example of a Java emphasizes that. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security, in its U.S. computer to disaster preparedness (US-CERT) advisory issued earlier in January, proposed to remove or disable Java in your browser, and continues to do so.

As you probably know, a relatively new zero-day exploits that target vulnerabilities in Java made huge headlines, giving people fear - leaving them to wonder what the cost of disabling Java, and how to correct the problem. Known as malicious CVE 2013-0422, the exploit used vulnerability left open in Java 7 Update 10, released in October 2012. Her malicious "mandate" was to get Java-users to visit a website with malicious code, and then sit on the "security gap" bandwagon to take control of your computer. While Oracle has released a patch for the bug, there is some concern on the issue.

When Java is disabled, the site you are interested in viewing may terminate or partially stops functioning. Oracle sent an automatic notification updates for Java, but it can not give you the full and Worry-Free security. In addition, many people are skeptical about the patches, because they can not be completely sure that they are legitimate.

Members VIPRE ® Easy Update ™, feature included in VIPRE Internet Security 2013, do not need anything! VIPRE Internet Security determines whether the feat is executable and if so, with blocks of "always on" Active ™ Protection, which scans for threats in real time. Thus, in a situation of Java, Oracle patch is automatically smoothly and quietly (if settings have been changed) is distributed through Easy Update.

VIPRE Easy update fixes is modern software. It is a fully automated patch management solution for customers. While other anti-virus products to notify you about the patches, they do not take action for you, installing them automatically.

VIPRE Internet Security 2013 award-winning antivirus software that includes a firewall, spam filter and bad site blocking in one powerful solution for complete protection from malware - and does not slow your computer down.

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Sun, Jan 27th - 12:23PM

VIPRE Antivirus Best Deals & Promotions

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Tue, Jan 22nd - 10:45AM

VIPRE Mobile Security for Android Devices
VIPRE Mobile Security Premium

GFI Antivirus for your Android phone and tablet. Mobile Antivirus protects Android-devices from malicious applications, theft or loss. Includes antivirus, remote Anti-Theft function, backup to the 'cloud', the monitoring activity.

Protect your valuable data with a mobile antivirus VIPRE Mobile Security for Android - a powerful and feature-rich applications for the security of your Android smartphone or tablet.

Private data on mobile phone threatening Trojans, viruses, hackers and theft. Use your smartphone or tablet without thinking about security - VIPRE Mobile protect them from most threats.

The main features of VIPRE Mobile Security for Android

Prevents hacking and loss of critical data

Creating an online backup contacts, photos, web bookmarks and custom dictionaries.

Activity monitoring
Monitors and records the location of your device and its history

Do not worry if you lose your phone or tablet. You can remotely find Android-device on a map, lock it or erase important data.

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium promotion

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1 Device / 1 Year Regular Price - $19.99 USD
Now Price Only - $9.99

3 Devices / 1 Year Regular Price - $39.99 USD
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