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Fri, Oct 26th - 5:33AM

Look Away
By Aundrea Townsend

"Hello, it's Lisa, it's very nice to meet you just wanted to make you aware that your man is cheating."

I look at the phone stare in a shock, Lisa just gave me news that stopped my heart. I picked the telephone back up, scared to reply, cause I don't know what was next so I first let off a sigh. "Lisa this can't be true, me and Jack are darn near new, we just made this thing official, I just made him my boo and...." She stopped me mid sentence, I didn't even get to finish, she heard my voice snicker and decided she'd suggest some tissue. "Look lady know, I don't need you on my phone, I'll speak to you later after my MAN arrives home." (Jack walks through the door) "Jack what's that on your neck? I see you haven't slept, your eyes look mighty low can I ask you where you've gone?" He says, "baby, baby please I've been working 6 to 3, do I have to arrive home with your voice nagging me?" I let off a silent laugh, I headed up to the bath, start thinking of the call from just earlier before, couldn't think of it anymore before he came right through the door, he began to speak my ears tuned in to see, what this was all about before he let a word out, there was a woman in my house.

"Baby you know I love you, but this here it just won't last, I've decided to go another path, I'll see my own way out." Wait, did I hear just what I thought I heard, I turned off the water as I peeked outside the gloomy glass door, I looked to the left and there it was that whore. No tears fell from my eyes I just blinked a couple times, reminisced on his lies and let out a quick bye. He said, "bye, now is that it? I thought you would be pissed, maybe you didn't love me like you said you did." Now he's judging my love, when he wants to leave, funny how men can turn it all around on a woman so easy. "Please get out of my house, there is nothing else to say, I don't wish to keep you here if you do not wish to stay, please take your trashy whore and proceed the other way." What other words could I have given, no arguments no time for sitting, wondering will he cheat again cause once that man starts it takes time for it to end.

So why sit here and act as if this trust will be restored, and I'll forget this whole day... Nope I'll just let him go and let my heart just sit and pray. I will need a blessing, no him leaving is not a breeze but I won't show his acts attention, he'll realize his lost that whore is his detention. Now I'm moving on, it won't take much to see this situation go goodbye, I just hope I never see his face again because I will probably be a mute, nothing left to say but to look away although that's rude.

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