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Mon, Mar 4th - 10:05AM

Porsche - A Brief History
By Rubel Zaman

When a Porsche is mentioned or talked about, what comes to most people's minds in the Porsche 911 as it is and has been the most popular model that Porsche has manufactured. However, there is a lot of history, a lot of it probably unknown, about Porsche that may surprise some people.

Porsche, or rather its founder Professor Ferdinand Porsche, actually designed and developed the Volkswagen for Germany under his then company entitled Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH. Ferdinand PorscheThe Volkswagen was actually the first assignment given to Professor Porsche from the government, given to him in 1931. During World War II, Ferdinand Porsche also developed plans and developments for war machines including tanks and other heavy military equipment, all while still producing Volkswagens. Some of the Volkswagens were actually made into military vehicles as well, before becoming the popular 'Beatle' that was sold to the people.

When the Volkswagen production fell to the British after the war, around 1945, Ferdinand Porsche also lost his chairman position. December of 1945, Ferdinand Porsche was imprisoned for war crimes in Dijon, France. It was during this time that his son, Ferry Porsche, really made the scene and began what is now the huge care manufacturer Porsche is today.

Ferry was actually born during the time that his father had been participating in a race. Throughout the years, he helped his father with designs and even spent a short time in prison for war crimes as well, although he was never charged with anything and was released right away. However, with his father in prison, Ferry needed to find a way to earn money and he needed a car. So, he started designing is own car and that car is what became known as the Porsche 356 and is still today considered to be the very first Porsche made.

Porsche remained owner of the company for many decades, only sharing the title with his son-in-law so that they owned the majority of the company. As time went by, more and more of the fast and sleek cars were entered into races and winning with shinning colors. This meant production needed to be stepped up to produce more cars, especially in Porsche's nine series which has gained and still gains so much attention and popularity.

Although suffering through gas prices, the war and a host of other conditions as most other auto manufacturers' did, Porsche was still able to rally against the hard times and continue to build and improve on their cars. Porsche's company logo was actually the coat of arms that belonged to the state of Wurttemberg, Germany, a Free State.

Porsche has definitely went through some changes from the time Professor Ferdinand developed his love for racing. Through times of war when they designed and developed Volkswagens and some military vehicles, to the imprisonment of Professor Ferdinand Porsche while his son took over and built the very first Porsche, the history of this vast empire has shown just how much this favorite racing sports car has endured to be the hit it is today.

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