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Mon, May 28th - 2:24AM

How Business Intelligence Tools Can Help Increase Revenue
Business intelligence tools are software tools that analyze vast amounts of data, stored in a data warehouse, and create reports that help managers make profitable decisions. Every business must learn from history and its interactions with markets, business associates, competitors, economy, vendors, customers, and employees. Business intelligence tools, which cover a very vast area, help businesses learn from the past and current data and become prepared for the future. Here is how such tools can enhance a companyís productivity and profitability:

Business Intelligence and Customers

Every business likes to retain old customers and see new ones walking in. Business intelligence tools help businesses understand customer behavior and preferences. Having such knowledge helps a business fine-tune its marketing strategy and work according to the prevailing demand situation. Business intelligence tools analyze data collected from customers at different points such as point of sale, surveys, invoices, marketing communication, direct sales, etc., and analyze what strategies have worked and what havenít.

Business Intelligence and the Competition

The times are tough and competition is cut-throat. Every business must be nimble and stay a step ahead of its competitors. All business owners must keep evaluating the competition so that they can understand and outsmart their market strategies. Business intelligence software helps evaluate competitor strategies and figures out tactics that are most effective. Knowing and understanding these strategies will help you refine your marketing plan and adopt savvy tactics that keep competition at bay and help your business become more profitable.

Business intelligence and service providers

Suppliers deliver critical raw materials, service providers handle processes and provide other important services, marketing and advertising agencies contribute by enhancing your brand image and sales, customer support companies keep your customers informed and happy - so, service providers, vendors and other business associates are a critical part of business. Every business must have a smooth relationship with these vendors. High quality goods must be provided by the supplier on time, and get paid without delay as well. Suppliers must also be kept in the loop about business needs and forthcoming events. Business intelligence software shares critical information with suppliers and helps the management understand and track supplier performance.

Business intelligence and in-house operations

Every business operates multiple processes and every manager must stay on top of his department's performance. The management keeps checking on the businessí strengths, weaknesses and profits; the accountant keeps a close look on day-to-day cash balances, budgets, receipts and payments; the department managers want to ensure that their processes are running well and that their inter-department delivery is productive; successful campaigns are to be delivered by the marketing department, as well as benchmark marketing expenses with ROI; and so on. Business intelligence software helps a business measure all these metrics and informs them of any deviations.

Business intelligence and the economy

Business intelligence software also keeps tabs on critical economic data like consumer spending, bank rates, inflation, Fed action, global economy, non-farm unemployment, etc. This helps business owners understand how the economy is performing and where it is headed.

This is how business intelligence tools can help you successfully operate a company.

Visit to read more.
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Tue, Apr 24th - 7:12PM

Ways To Enhance Your Business Communication Skills
It goes without saying that efficient business communication is critical for success. Effective communication between employees, clients, managers, vendors and the public leads to overall organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. However, this is easier said than done because as we can see, many American businesses are suffering because of poor business communication. Among these reasons are inadequate processing of available information, lack of information, ineffective communication techniques, information procrastination, miscommunication, etc. But donít despair because help is right here. Below you will find a couple of techniques that will assist you in sharpening business communication skills in your organization.

Come up with a newsletter that will provide information to employees on the latest events and changes happening in the company. This will help kill speculations and can help reinforce ties between management and employees, considering that the news came directly from management. Employees must have access to an online messenger service that can be utilized to communicate with other employees. Your organization also must follow an open door policy. Employees should feel free to communicate with their bosses, even if it means getting inside managersí cabins. Communicating sensitive issues through email can cause misunderstandings and you must encourage all employees to resolve any misunderstandings in a face-to-face.

You must hold regular inter- and intra-department meetings to talk about business issues and complexities. All concerns must be talked over threadbare in an open forum and you should ensure that when the meeting is over, a spirit of cooperation prevails. It is a must for managers or employees, who lock in business communication skills, to be enrolled in a communication course, which only an expert conducts. Hiring a business communication coach can do a lot of good. A communication coach can quickly evaluate where the companyís employees and management are going wrong and assist in taking remedial action.

Great listening skills are needed for good communication. You are doing your business a disservice if you or your employees just keep on thinking what you would say without being attentive to what others are saying. You must patiently listen to customers, employees, vendors, and others, and ask intelligent questions based on what you just heard. This will help you sort out the matter and understand the real reason that necessitated the communication. While listening, you must separate fact from opinion and ferret out the essential and relevant parts that require action.

Learning good business communication is of no use until you put it to practice. You have to continuously check your business communication skills through practical applications such as writing emails, memos, reports, and see if they are effective. You must also encourage every employee to speak up at meetings and presentations. A communication culture have to be instilled in the organization, which will help erase speculation and doubts. If your business builds a strong business communication culture, your productivity and profitability will automatically improve. Employees will feel fulfillment with their jobs, customers will feel better about the company, vendors will feel that the business is being run competently, and ultimately, the management will see profits coming.

Online fax is particularly practical and portable. Using email to fax is easy and inexpensive and works with your current e-mail account. Utilizing fax to email software is one more highly effective tool available for anybody with a personal computer, internet access and an e-mail account.

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Wed, Apr 11th - 6:00AM

Productively Implementing VOIP With Fax Services That You Can Find Online
When it comes to fax to email/email to fax services, using voice over IP technology can sometimes be problematic. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol utilizes transmissions through the Internet. Services like Skype and Vonage make use of this technology. When it comes to voice and voice messages, thereís hardly ever a problem; however, when it comes to using an online fax service number, there has been some difficulties reported.

A lot of times the reason for this is with the service providers end. Service providers must configure their systems to effectively handle fax transmissions in order for the entire system to work perfectly for fax. If itís not configured, no amount of coaxing will get it to work dependably, and the receiver will get spotty, poor results with a wealth of communication errors. Even if you can get the VoIP service to configure their services to handle fax traffic, it might not remain that way. As a result, it might be working perfectly for a while, and suddenly people will start to have difficulty. There have been many times when these types of long distance providers will also subcontract long distance service without the knowledge of the customer, and it will result in spotty, error-prone service.

These things have to be considered whenever you would be signing up for a new service. And that is where a free trial could work to your advantage. In the event that a client of yours runs into difficulty in sending a fax by using VoIP, you can suggest to them to send you a test fax using 10-10-220 (Telecom *USA/MCI Worldcom). Instead of dialing directly, they would have to dial 1010-220-111-111-1111 where the 1s are the telephone number provided by you for receiving faxes. If the fax goes through, then the issue is with their VoIP provider, and theyíll need to find a different provider in order to send faxes or contact their provider to see if they can get the configuration changed.

If after trying out the 1010-220 option, and they still encounter problems, try to ask them what type of machine they are utilizing, as well as the kind of error in transmission that they receive whenever they would be sending the fax to your online service. With a fax to email service, you will be able to have support assist you with the problem. Also, if itís an HP machine, it might be one of the batch of fax machines that HP produced that contained a firmware bug that was creating problems when sending in ECM mode. This is supposed to have been fixed, but on a number of machines it might still be a problem.

It is a great way to work with a fax to email/email to fax online service provider, so that the space that is used by an office equipment with a digital method of sending/receiving faxes could be minimized. Choosing a company that has the knowledge, support and longevity is key to getting a great service that will serve your needs. Check out various reviews to see if there are satisfied customers who made use of the service successfully, and try to look for free trials so that you may see if they are offering the services that you need. Make sure that support is readily available for any problems like VoIP problems where you can get immediate information on how to proceed. Keeping these few things in mind will go a long way towards making your transition from in-house, office equipment to online transmission effortless and straightforward.

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Fri, Mar 30th - 1:02AM

Why Use An Email To Fax Company?
Management of business has not been limited anymore within the confines of the office, which oftentimes, even though businesspeople are on the road, they still require to send or receive a fax. Using a fax to email company simplifies the process of sending or receiving a fax while away from the office. Meeting the demand of a mobile fax, there is now a simple program to install an email to fax program right on your laptop so that you can send a fax from anywhere. Opting for this manner of sending faxes instead of depending on other officesí fax machines to send or receive a fax is way better, expecially if you take a look at the advantages.

Easy and Convenient

It is much easier - and definitely more convenient - to have a fax machine readily available with your laptop. The process of sending and receiving is easy, too. There arenít any complicated business machines to use, it is as easy as opening your computer. It also makes it easy to file faxes sent and received since there is an electronic copy on your computer. Faxes can even be sent directly from a smart phone, making this the simple choice for any businessperson who travels, individuals needing faxes on occasion, or a corporation.


Using a fax to email company is more cost productive in the long run. You would not be needing a huge startup cost for such a system, since there is no need for you to purchase a fax equipment, and the cost for every fax is just minimal. There are different tiers of membership that cater to everyone from an individual who may need just a few faxes on occasion, to a large corporation sending thousands. Paper and ink expenses are also reduced when you opt for sending email to fax. This can add up to big savings over the course of a year. It will also save money on fax transmittal if you find yourself using a copy center or hotel fax machine. These little expenses add up over the long run, but using a fax to email service can help you budget this expense. Think about it, you wouldnít need a dedicated phone line for the fax equipment anymore.


Fax to email is considered as among the most reliable ways to send and receive faxes. You will be provided with a unique and dedicated phone number, so you would not have any issues with regards to the faxes that you send or receive. Nobody else would have access to the faxes but you, so the possibility of getting the faxes thrown away is remote. Even though the machine works 24/7, you can be assured that it will never run out of paper.

An individual, a business owner or a corporation, should consider the advantages that a fax to email company could offer for them. It can help increase business productivity, decrease cost and streamline the faxes that come in. Why would you still want to make use of a fax machine when you are already provided with fantastic benefits by fax to email company? As technology moves forward, update your business practices to stay the most current and competitive in your field.
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Mon, Mar 19th - 3:54AM

Your Business Can Save Money With The Help Of Online Business Solutions
Because of the existence of the internet, which is probably the most used technology at present, and considering that half of the life of people today is spent online, you may be able to find some of the very best products online as well. Some of these products are geared towards providing businesses with money-saving solutions that could help them lower their monthly overhead.

What Are Online Business Solutions?

Today every business requires various electronic functions. Most often websites, faxes, digital products and other items may be necessary in order to carry out a global business. The small to mid-sized business, and sometimes even larger companies may not have the technology or the means to achieve it. Thankfully, many different offerings are available for business that can lower the price of your technical and electronic needs.

Cloud translation solutions, cloud computing, and the ever popular internet fax, are just among the business solutions that are available for small businesses today. Quite simply stated, fax to email is essentially what the name implies. You are given a telephone number from which your fax will originate. When you receive a fax, it will go to the number that you receive, and be sent to an email that you specify which receives the fax as an email attachment.

In the same way, your emails to other companies would be sent out as faxes. Both sending and receiving are possible with fax to email and email to fax. Typically, you will receive a given number of pages which you are permitted to send out each month. The number that you receive will be dependent upon the level of membership that you have purchased. Having achieved that level of sending, you will be charged a nominal fee for each page that you send above and beyond what your membership permits.

How Does it Compare to Traditional Fax Costs?

Membership with companies offering fax to email services would typically cost between 10 and 20 dollars monthly, however, compared to the cost of the fax machine plus the dedicated fax line, it will always be greater than the monthly fee that is needed for a fax to email service. This just means that you can actually get rid of business machines and instead use cloud based or digital services, which are more cheaper and could help save money for your company. And, the company that you would be subscribing to, in accordance with your agreement, keeps copies of your faxes, hence, the possibility that you would not be able to retrieve old faxes is remote.
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