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Wed, Oct 19th - 10:19AM

Can we be further apart
Many of you who pay attention probably saw the poll released today:

National Journal show that 59% are in favor of teh occupy wall street movement, which is now wordlwide. Further, 68% favor a surtxa on the wealthy to pay for jobs legislation and or debt reduction.  See this graphic and you just might agree:

Income distrubtion over the past couple decades.  Pretty amazing

To topit all off we get the news, also today, the the board of Chevron is going to meet to decide what to do with the more than 13 BILLION in CASH the company has built up, largely during the great recession.  Here's a cople of dieas:

1.  spend 2 billion over the next year in the form of reduced howlesale gasoline prices domestically.  You'll get good PR out of it and market share.  you'll make teh 2 billion back

2,  spend another 2 billion on one time bonues to employees for a job well done.  Regular employees that is.  Auto companies did this just recently (Ford I think).

3.  Spend another few billion of development and DEPLOYMENT of alternative energy.  Not the infamous R&D that just leads to nothing but tax credits, but actually "to market" deployment.


Or wait.... I know.  Massive bonuses to upper management and the rest to buy some otehr oil company at a premium so the major owners can reap more enormous returns.  thats's probably the better idea.

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