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Mon, May 20th - 11:26AM

Equip to Defend

Challenging Young People (I Peter 3:15)

More young people are turning away from the church because the world seems to offer more of their immediate needs than the church has to offer. Many enter the world having high expectation only to be disappointed because all the hope they had has become a struggle to achieve; Churches may have failed to equip them. Therefore, they find it difficult to defend their belief; many are ashamed to declare Jesus the Son of God.

If we should compare the time that we were young to the life of young people today: We have this in common, we depend on our parents; upon reaching the age of maturity we become independent of those who cared for us while we were young. There is an exception, however, he is Jesus. It may have been that colleges and universities did not allow us to forget about Jesus but they certainly allow young people today. Students are drawn to technology and technology does not include Jesus.

Churches are making a wise move in that they are keeping current with the time. Technologies are being bought and implemented by them. Churches are becoming more interactive. All that is needed is proper education of Jesus’s gospel, which interactive programs may provide. Parents need to live in hope as in the prodigal son (Luke 15) but while you wait, prepare to instill in them the way in which to follow Jesus. All have heard the Word of God during the time they follow Jesus. It is the preparation we need.

Following Jesus does not remove us from the world. It helps us to deal with the world. Without Jesus we are lost; some are fortunate to find their way back home while some will perish according to the life they have chosen. Jesus way requires us to repent of our sins, establish our faith and act on the Word of God in every situation that will occur. It is a challenge especially for young people today.

It is not an easy task to work at a career in a University and/or college and focus on the way of Jesus. Realize that Jesus’s way of living is as natural as the way of the world. It depends only on our love for him and that of our neighbours. Realize that loving God and our neighbours are also the treasure Jesus suggested for our hearts whether or not we are being parents or students.

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Fri, Dec 21st - 1:04PM

Becky Kelly in Where is the Line to see Jesus?

Too many Days for Christmas

How can a Christian find peace in celebrating the birthday of Jesus? The day has been obscured by Boxing and New Years’ Day; some even celebrates Christmas Eve. Becky Kelly has sung a brilliant song, in fact, “Where is the Line to See Jesus” navigate us to the gift we should be presenting on the day Jesus was born. She uses a child in her Video to express her emotion of sadness for the way Jesus’s birthday is celebrated, though she is guilty of the same act. There is only one day for Jesus’s birth and that I believe should be the only day for a holiday in that month. That may be the help we all need to focus on the reason some Christians celebrate such a day.

It is not Santa’s birthday and the kid realized it; what is our excuse for not raising such awareness to our kids? Becky, becomingly frustrated thought of the kid as an angel. If as adults we believe in Santa then we may as well go wait in the mall for him as does our kids. Realize that only those who can afford it wait on Santa but the gift of God we can all afford. I pray for all that you do not seek the kid to thank him; instead thank him who sends the kid. God accepts the glory for the birth of his Son.

Searching for God is continuous; we seek him to know his will, “Where is the Line to see Jesus?” The search is to find the line but first present your holy body because that is the living sacrifice for glorifying God. Remember that God gave us his Son for a reason; it is to celebrate life and that which is to come as a result of the life he asked that we should live. Living by Gods’ will is that which is done to become a brother of Jesus. Jesus is the first born of the family; the twelve that he appointed are second to his throne; those that live by the will of God have joined his family of disciples.

As the beautiful voice of Becky continued, she cued us to that which we will all confess, which says, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ His life span on this earth ended over a period of three days, yet we celebrate only the day he died. Jesus’s birth, death and resurrection are Sabbaths for the New Testament. Those are the three days that bring us closer to The Heavenly Father where life is celebrated. Jesus said, “I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” He gave us salvation; today, we are in line to have it eternally. Jesus’s birth made it all possible and Becky has reminded us of it; it is therefore, my pleasure to rate her song five stars.

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Sun, Jul 15th - 5:06AM

Invitation to Accept Jesus

 Redemption from not knowing the Son of God

Many are afraid to believe that God exists. They have heard of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and etcetera but have not been convinced of whom to worship as the Son of God. Modelling a life after that, which was taught to them, may not have accomplished much in their lives while others who have attempted such a life have found success. Some live superstitiously, while others live as to their belief.

The life we have is precious and for that reason we are protecting it but what reward is there for living? Only God has the answer and he has revealed it to us. The kingdom of God is in one’s belief but the challenge is who to believe. Whom do you believe is the Son of God and why? Those who are truly searching for his revelation will find it by comparing all the answers from religions with that of Jesus. That has not been my challenge because I have always believed and accepted Jesus as the only Son of God. This is your invitation to do the same and gain knowledge in God’s revelation. Without the Holy Bible, who would know the reason we exist and why life continues? I have not heard any testament that has matched the Testament of Jesus, whether it is his Old or New Testament.

Those who have found the truth must accept it to live an accomplished life. Knowledge is power; imagine the power we will have after we have obtained such knowledge. Good knowledge is a gospel that helps everyone to realize the true Son of God and accept his name. Http:// is one book that has dealt with the hidden truth on Christian living; many are comparing it with other books that deal with Christian living and with religions. At present, I am celebrating my redemption from not knowing Jesus and am sending out this invitation asking for all to join our team at Http:// and Http:// as we search for the Kingdom of God and his approval to find it.

Knowledge on the Son of God is not given to us supernaturally; we need only to follow after we have observed the appropriate direction. An appropriate Testament must come from God. God inspiration has made his apostles the authors of his Word. He gave them the true name of his Son, Jesus who proved to the world that life exists eternally.

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Wed, Sep 14th - 5:38PM

Welcome to Your New Blog!

Summarizing the Competition

          My friends, remember the prince of this world that he is the evil one. God true children are not loved by such a world. The evil one has its world competing (Revelation 16:14) with the Christian world, not by belief, but by works similar to that which was done by Jesus. I speak from experience and am able to say, the competition is aimed at turning our love away from our master who abides in heaven. Anyone who yields to such temptation will certainly stop honouring the true Son of God. On the other hand, by not yielding to such temptation we will experience the same hatred that Jesus had experienced by the followers of the evil one (John 15:18). God’s commandment is that of love; our first love is God and second is that we love each other, Jesus commanded us because the world is not made to love.

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