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Mon, Sep 30th - 11:01AM

Top 8 Tips to increase your iPhone's battery life on iOS 7

iOS 7′s not without its drawbacks: Battery life your iPhone just ain’t quite what you’d want it to be.

Many users have noticed that after upgrading to the new operating system iOS 7 battery was literally melt before our eyes. These sorts of problems are always accompanied by large releases of OS Apple. However, you can make your iPhone or iPad lived a little longer.

To prolong battery life, thoroughly review the list of working features and disable unnecessary.

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1. Turn off the motion and parallax

The function of parallax, of course, a bright new feature in iOS 7, which is seen decorated with a visual interface. However, the energy consumed is much more than before. If you override those for energy efficiency, you can disable this feature: Settings - General - Accessibility - Reducing traffic.

2. Turn off the dynamic wallpaper

History repeats itself: visually beautiful, but the battery life is poor. Therefore it is recommended to opt for a fixed in the home screen: Settings - Wallpapers and brightness - Set wallpaper - Pictures.

3. Turn off background refresh of applications

iOS 7 allows programs to automatically update their data in the background the same way as it does on the computer. It also happens that some applications do not suspend their work, even in the background. The result is obvious: the load on the processor and the battery increases. You can disable this feature as follows: Settings - General - Update content.

4. Turn off location services

Card, of course, necessary, but geolocation service in Facebook? Leave only those applications that use location-based services is a must. To do this, go to the following menu: Settings - Privacy - Geolocation .

5. Turn off automatic updating of applications

Automatic update is tempting, but this function makes your gadgets work actively, even when you do not use them. As a consequence: the rapid discharge the battery. If you do not, this function is fundamental, you can also turn it off: Settings - iTunes and the App Store - Automatic downloads.

6. Disconnect frequently visited locations

This function is to collect information about your location to find out about where you see yourself more often. Like any other option associated with geolocation, she eats a certain amount of the charge. To disable it, you need a little digging in the settings: Settings - Privacy - Geolocation Services - System Services - Frequently visited destinations.

7. Unplug demanding applications in the background

Disabling cards will allow you to save the lion's share of your battery charge. To do this, call the multitasking bar by double clicking on the Home button or by performing a gesture swype four fingers up the screen. Then with the same swype just pull out the selected application from the panel.

8. Turn down the brightness of the screen

Although it is standard for any portable device, it is a very effective method of saving energy. The best result can be achieved if turning the brightness up to one quarter of the 100 -percent target. The rest depends on your specific vision.

Additional ways:

- Turn off Bluetooth;
- Turn off unnecessary notifications, reduce to a minimum the use of Push;
- Unplug screen iPhone or iPad, the device when not in use;
- Unplug the keyboard clicks;
- Include 3G and LTE, only when they really need you;
- And the last tip: From time to time it is recommended to reset the factory settings and restore your system from a backup.

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