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Sat, May 18th - 12:10PM

eScan Mobile Security

eScan Mobile Security can help bring back the lost mobile phone.

eScan Mobile Security prevents the leakage of confidential information in case of theft of mobile devices and helps the owner of the stolen

eScan MicroWorld, the leading provider of anti-virus protection and information security, has implemented a new feature Anti-Theft in the decision eScan Mobile Security, is designed to protect mobile devices based on Android.

NEW prevents leakage of information from mobile devices, and allows you to easily find them in case of theft or loss. The "Anti-Theft" includes several options: Option Device Block ("Blocking Device") allows you to remotely lock the device, the option Wipe Data ("Erase Data") provides the ability to remotely clear the call logs and delete SMS-message with the lost device, but the option Locate Device ("Locating") will return loss back to the owner - with the integrated GPS eScan allows you to track the location of the device.

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"The Anti-Theft guarantees a high level of security tablets and mobile phones based on Android, allowing users to accurately track and find their lost and stolen devices - said Govind Rammurti, CEO and Managing Director of eScan MicroWorld. - This function is ideally complemented our solution for mobile devices, which prevent infection by malware, Trojans and other current threats, as well as scan just downloaded and installed applications."

"In the event of loss or theft of the device users lose their data, it is often confidential data, the information that is difficult or even impossible to recover. A new feature eScan protects data even in such unforeseen circumstances - says Sunil Kripalani, senior vice president of global sales and marketing eScan MicroWorld. - In addition, extending the functionality of our products, no doubt, will open additional opportunities in terms of volume of transactions with telecom operators, Internet service providers and vendors of IT solutions in the world. "

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