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Fri, Oct 14th - 4:38AM

Best D'Accord Guitar Music Software
D'Accord Music Software develops music technology, providing tools and applications to help you learna variety of different musical instruments such as guitar, keyboard and drums. The company exports software to more than 100 countries. Computer music software that helps you to play or learn several instruments like guitar, keyboard and drums.

  • D'Accord Personal Guitarist 
Category: Audio - Utilities & Plug-Ins 

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D'Accord Personal Guitarist

Buy now at price: 49.90

Everything for guitar players! Chord Dictionary, Tuner and Metronome!

Personal Guitarist is the most complete software for guitar players. It has exclusive features that enable students and musicians to improve their skills. It's easy-to-use and multi-instrument compatible: guitars, 4 and 5-string instruments like Banjo, Bass and also customized tunings.
  • D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary 
Category: Audio - Music Creation

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D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary

Buy now at price: 29.90

Learn and print guitar chords and scales!

D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary 3.0 for Windows (95, 98, Me, 2000, XP) is the new version of the best chord dictionary software! Useful to beginners and skilled guitarists. With this software you will learn everything about chords and scales. Browse, play and print guitar chord positions! You can also import chords from lyrics that you find on music websites. It works for all popular stringed instruments!
Software Free Download

  • D'Accord Guitar Method 
Category: Home & Education - Music

Software Buy Now

D'Accord Guitar Method

Buy now at price: 49.90

Learn how to play acoustic guitar now!

D'Accord Guitar Method is a multimedia course specially developed for those that are learning to play the acoustic guitar. With this course, in a short time, you will play your first songs. Its practical approach, makes the learning process fun and easy.Software Free Download


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