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Sat, Nov 26th - 9:06AM

How Much Can You Borrow for Your House and Land?
While everyone would like to live in a mansion Ė or at least in some kind of luxury home, it will certainly cost you and those who are on a budget would be better advised to set their sights a little lower. It takes a great deal of effort to stick with those repayments year after year and the more you borrow the more you will have to pay back.

So how can you tell what your borrowing power for house and land is? You can get a great deal of help from online tools to see what you are likely to be able to borrow. This is far better than having to confront a lender only to be turned down. It is also better to know what you can borrow for your house and land before you get too attached to that mansion, or any other high cost house. Here is what you will need to know for that online mortgage calculator.

* Add up all your debts before you start looking for house and land. If they add up to around 33% of your total income or less, you will have a better chance of getting that loan. If they donít, spend a year or two paying off the debt first.

* Work out your total monthly income. This should include any bonuses or overtime you get and of course, should also include your spouseís income, if any.

* Find what your savings are that you can use for the deposit. Note that you cannot use the whole amount for a deposit as you will need to keep some back to cover the legal and other costs.

Once you know these amounts the calculator will give you an approximate idea of your borrowing power as soon as you type them in.
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Fri, Oct 14th - 10:41AM

The Importance of Correlating Your House and Land
When you intend to buy a block of land and build on it, there is more to think about than if you bought house and land ready to move into. Not all house designs will suit all kinds of land, especially if that land is steep or shaped in an irregular way such as very long and narrow, or hexagonal instead of the more usual rectangular or square. You have to be careful to correlate your house and land so that the house style and the floor plan suits the size and shape of the land.

Most floor plans and home designs are made to suit a level block of land that is either square or rectangular. Some can be adapted to suit steep ground or narrow blocks, but some cannot. And adapting those that can will usually cost extra. For instance, if you have chosen a level floor plan for your house and land that you like is steep, you will either have to excavate the block to make it level, or add something like an under-house garage or laundry to build the house up. Your house and land will then look better than if your house was elevated on high foundations with no use made of the area underneath.

Many beautiful and interesting homes have sprung out of the need to build on a steep block, so donít let the idea of buying a steep block overwhelm you. However, you do have to make sure that steep ground is what you really want for your house and land. It will be much harder to mow and garden on a steep block than it would be on a level one.
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Wed, Aug 10th - 7:52PM

Three Criterion for Choosing House and Land
Many people like the house and land option as the house is usually finished and ready to occupy, while still being brand new. Buying house and land together also saves having to make all those hard decisions about which builders are the best and what floor plans will suit your lifestyle.

You can just walk into the new home and see exactly how it is and whether it will suit your needs. But while choosing house and land is easy compared with building your own home, there are still some things that you need to watch out for.

* Make sure that the house and land complement each other. That is, the design of the house needs to suit the shape of the land it is on. For instance, a narrow block will need to have a house that has been designed to maximise the yard space.

* Make sure that your house and land will still suit your needs in several years time. If you plan on having a family, then the back yard will need to be of a good size to allow space for little children to play safely. Some house and land parcels have the teeniest back yard and all the space out the front is not fenced, nor allowed to be. This is wasted space as far as the owner is concerned. Even parking the car there is not safe as there is nothing to prevent vandals entering.

* Seniors need to be sure that their house and land is a level block with few steps for when they become frailer. Also, the entry needs to be convenient and close to the kitchen so heavy groceries do not have to be carried too far.

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Tue, Jul 12th - 9:58AM

Choosing House and Land Victoria to Suit You
When there is not enough house and land Victoria for the number of people wanting to buy, purchasers tend to rush in a grab what they can as soon as the opportunity arises, However, you should remember that you will be living in this house and land Victoria for many years and so if it is not suitable you will not be as happy as you could have been.

Therefore it will pay you to take a little extra time to thoroughly examine every aspect of the house and land in Victoria to ensure it is a good fit with your lifestyle. For instance, if you have children you will want the backyard to be big enough for them to play safely.

But many subdivisions of house and land in Victoria do not allow enough room for kids to run around, for a garden or a pool or for a storage shed. They may have a large front yard which gives great street appeal, but is useless as far as being used by the family that owns it goes.

Another thing to think about when choosing house and land in Victoria is how the site is situated. If it faces north or even north-east it is much more pleasant to live in as you get all that nice warm sun in the winter. But if the block slopes to the west or south you will either be too hot or too cold. And if you love gardening, such slopes will be not nearly as good to grow plants on as a north-facing block would be.†
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Fri, Jul 8th - 2:28AM

The Most Important Factor for House Builders
Anyone who has gone through the process of building a home knows that there are numerous factors that need to be considered. And house builders who choose to take the responsibility of each and every aspect on their own rather than giving off the entire responsibility to a construction company or professional soon realize how tough the job can be.

House builders have to ensure that they have a significant amount of time on their hands to be able to take all the decisions that they need to. This is because the range of option available at each step can send you in a tizzy about which ones to choose. The variety for house builders that is available is not limited to just colours, shades, designs and material, the cost of each of these options can vary from a few dollars to tens and even hundreds of dollars.

First time house builders sometimes get excited about the whole idea of choosing the best for their home and end up making impractical choices that only lead to a budget that reaches the sky. The irony is that these house builders end up then not having enough monies for the essential things that they need in a house. The result obviously is overspending and chaos later in finances.

All house builders should know that budgeting is one part of the house building exercise that you should not ignore. This is something that should be done extremely meticulously and should be stuck to, no matter what!
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