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Thu, Jul 28th - 4:28AM

Christian Homeschooling Families

Members of the Christian Homeschooling Families WebRing homeschool in order to teach their children Christian values currently being neglected in our public school system.

These families follow Biblical requirements for Salvation and boldly seek to bring their children up in the "fear of the Lord".

Join Christian Homeschooling Families

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Thu, Jul 7th - 4:28AM

Whistle, Listen, Do

A Fun Bible School Activity for Your Kids To Learn James 1:22

James 1:22 says this: "Do not merely listen to the Word and so deceive yourselves, but do what it says." If Christians do not do what the Bible says to do, then can they really call themselves a Christian? If we have chosen to make God our Commanding Officer, then it's our responsibility to obey Him out of great love for all that He's done for us. Here's a fun Bible school activity to help your kids learn this important truth and Scripture.

Here's what you do:
This activity will be played best with 8 or more children. The only equipment you will need for this game is a whistle. Have the players stand at random around your playing area. You, the teacher, will then blow the whistle two, three or four times signifying to your class the kinds of groups that they need to form by holding hands. In other words, if the whistle is blown two times, the children must form groups of two. If groups are formed and a player or players are left out, then that child or children will then need to say James 1:22 from memory. If he is successful, he may play the next round. If not, he will have to wait for the next round to be over and try and say the verse again. He can consult a Bible or poster giving the Scripture during a round of play in order to help him recite it correctly. These will be the rules for anyone who is left out of a group. Once a child says the verse correctly, they can enter back into the game.

Before playing the game, introduce the lesson in the following way:
Who can give me some examples of things that God wants us to do? (Wait for responses such as "love one another", "pray" or "worship".) Yes. All those are great examples. Where do we learn to do those things? (Wait for responses such as from God or the Bible.) Christians mainly learn what God wants them to do from the Bible or Word of God. Who would like to read James 1:22? (Have a child read this verse.) This verse says that if we do not do what God tells us to do it's like we are living a lie. In other words, if you say you are a Christian, but don't act like a Christian, then you are lying to God, yourself and the world about who you say you are. Do you want to be known as a liar? (Wait for responses.) I hope not. God sent His Son do die for you so that you can become a Christian. If you do obey God, it should be done out of great love, joy and gratitude for what He has done for you. Let's play a game called "Whistle, Listen and Do" to help us learn James 1:22. Before we play, let's say James 1:22 several times together to help you memorize it as quickly as possible.

After the kids have a good handle on memorizing James 1:22, you are ready to play the game. Have fun!

By Kathy Vincent, Scripture Lady

If you liked this Sunday School/Homeschooling idea, then sign up at to receive Scripture Lady's Free Email Newsletter packed full with creative ideas and receive 6 FREE Bible Review Games to help get the kids you minister to excited about the Bible!

Also by Kathy Vincent: Fun Bible School which has the activity Do "Knot" Add, a fun way for your kids to learn Deuteronomy 4:2.

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Sat, Mar 12th - 6:22AM

Effective Communication

By: Dr. Robert Hooker

"Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:" Proverbs 24:3

For many years while rearing our daughters, I was consumed with the first part of this verse - through wisdom is a house builded. I wanted God's wisdom to rear my girls so that they would turn out for good and for God. I listened intently to preaching and teaching on biblical childrearing principles. My wife and I read books on child rearing. We studied the scriptures ourselves for childrearing principles, and we discussed them together often.

God blessed, and as the girls grew they seemed also to grow stronger in their faith and in their love for God and their love and respect for us. They of course were not perfect and had their struggles, but we found a way to get through them together. We rejoiced in every victory, but we also tried to study and evaluate the reason for the victory. Always we understood that ultimately it was the grace, mercy and patience of God with all of us, but we also began to see a common thread running through each situation and its final outcome. It was the relationship that we had together and the ability to communicate with our girls through every situation. Yes, without a doubt my wife is greatly responsible for the success of our children. She always kept a line of communication open to our girls. Many a night was spent with JoBeth and 6 girls all on one bed talking late into the night. I came home many nights to find them all asleep on the bed at midnight or 1or 2 in the morning always wondering who was talking when the last one fell asleep.

You see what I came to realize was that the remainder of that verse is as important as the first. Wisdom builds, but that word "build" means really to lay the right foundation, to use the right materials, to have the right plans and to yield to the right builder. But through understanding is the house established or made to last, to stand. Understanding when it comes to relationships I like to define as communication with discretion. Right principles are essential, but the ability and willingness to communicate those principles to your children will make them last as a part of their whole life.

Author Resource: Dr. Hooker and his family have produced a variety of Christian books and music CDs for the entire family. Visit their family website at

Article From Fitly Spoken Articles

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Thu, Jan 20th - 10:41AM

Homeschool Myths Defeated

by Dana Chaffin

An estimated 2 million American children are home schooled, and that number grows each year. There are many reasons why so many parents choose to home school their children and just as many myths about why others do not. It is time to shatter a couple of those myths.


One of the most common reasons people give for not home schooling is that students who are home schooled are not properly socialized. This does not have to be the case. There are many organizations designed for home schooling families. These organizations offer a variety of extracurricular activities and outings such as field trips and prom. Students may even participate in organized sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and cheerleading.

People are socialized by learning the values, attitudes, and characteristics of the group with which they associate. One of the key purposes of home schooling is to allow parents to dictate the groups and activities in which their child is involved. In this way, parents can avoid much of the negative socialization that children can be exposed to, including drug and alcohol abuse, sexual immorality, and violent behavior. If this is an important issue for you, home schooling may be an option to consider.

Educational Quality

In the past, a home school education has been unfairly viewed as inferior to a public school education. Not anymore. When compared on an equal basis, home school and private school students, on average, consistently perform at a higher academic level than public school students.

As the number of public school students per classroom grows each year, teachers' ability to give students much needed one-on-one attention diminishes. And even if students fall behind in certain concepts, teachers must often move on to the next concept rather than making sure every student fully understands the subject material. Home school parents are able to spend more time on the concepts in which their child needs special attention and make sure their child actually learns the concepts. Home school parents understand that their child is the most important student in the "class." Another bonus to schooling at home is the absence of many of the distractions that students may experience in a traditional classroom setting. Children with a desire to learn do not have to wait while a teacher deals with other students or discipline issues before moving on with academics. Because of this, many families find that their child is able to complete their school work at home in a shorter time period than in a regular full school day. This frees up time for extracurricular activities or even part-time jobs for high school students.

Article Source:

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Mon, Jan 10th - 7:58AM

Faith Central Christian Academy

If you decide to home school your child but you don't know where to start? Help is available.

Faith Central Christian Academy is a great resource for home schoolers. Home school resource centers like Faith Central Christian Academy's Home School Service Center are an excellent alternative to the public school system and to traditional home education. FCCA's Home School Service Center can help parents especially working and single parents make a smooth transition from public schooling to home schooling.

FCCA was founded by Thomas Foley. A vision was birthed in Foley to begin a Christian school. A construction contractor by trade, Foley continued to design and build homes to help fund the school. In fact, he himself built the building that would house the new school. In 1989, FCCA opened its doors and began operation as a private school. The home school division, Home School Service Center, was added in 1992. Each year, an average of 12-22 students graduate from FCCA.

Home schooling through an organization like FCCA is not what most people think of when they hear the term "home schooling." The Home School Service Center at FCCA offers a structured Christian-based curriculum. When students enter the program, they are given a diagnostic test which pinpoints areas in which students excel or in which they need more attention. Based on the results of that test, an individualized program of study is designed for the child. The parent is then instructed on how to administer the curriculum at home. Faith Central Christian Academy is accredited through the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS), and its academic requirements meet or exceed Oklahoma state public school academic requirements. Parents administer the curriculum at home, but students take final tests at the Center on a weekly basis. The staff at HSSC keeps student records and serves as a resource for parents when they have questions or concerns about home schooling. Private tutoring is also offered through the center.

Joshua David, administrator of FCCA, firmly believes that education must be based on and begin with the Word of God, as stated in Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Success in life as outlined in Joshua 1:8 is obtained by putting the Word of God first place in your life. This is why FCCA also offers Bible coursesone of which is an extensive study of the book of Proverbsin addition to the required academic subjects. FCCA also offers many Christian teaching books, CDs, and videos to assist students and parents in their walk with God.

FCCA has a full graduation and awards ceremony each year. The school also offers assistance with ACT and SAT college testing. FCCA has produced many successful graduates over the years. Alumni have become registered nurses, business owners, administrators of missions organizations, models, professional musicians, and ministers, to name a few.

Home schooling may not be for every family, but there are lots of options and resources out there that can help you make an informed decision regarding your child's education. Whether you decide to use the public school system, a home school resource center like FCCA, or even to educate your child at home with your own curriculum, the decision is an important one. Do your research and find the best match for your family's needs.

If you would like more information about Faith Central Christian Academy, call (918) 446-1901, or write them at 6025 South 33rd West Avenue Suite F, Tulsa, OK 74107.

2008 article by Dana Chaffin who is a Christian freelance writer who has published many articles on and other Christian websites. Passionate about Christian film, her desire is to get the word out about Christian movies to as many people as possible Email


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