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Tue, Jan 4th - 4:35PM

Africa festival internazionale 2011.06.08 italia

Associazione Musicale e Culturale 1dread Onlus is a non profit Association legaly constituted in italy, in the year 2008, with it's aims and objectives of assisting less previledge persons., in italy and overseas. With it's headquaters located in Pinerolo Piazza Marconi 9, 10064, Torino.

Tittle of Iniziative: Afroitalia and desccription:

The AfroITALIA Project is an annual team Project, of international afro music festival , dedicated to bringing the music and culture of Africa closer to a greater public. It will also be a means of solidarity manifest, uniting to combat human slavery and tracfficking, from Africa countries, raising fund for comunities in italy giving shelter to women and teenagers who have suffered from violence of all kind or exploited from africa for sex trade., it will also bring a tourist attraction, and a symbol of peace, equal rights, cultural Integration for Afro italians , third generation. By afro parents .
In order to support the cultural exchange, the Afroitaliia Project Will cooperate with various African embassies, House of trade and industries, the European Union, the Italian Foreign Office, the Italian Ministry of Art and Culture, the Initiative of volontary organnizations Resident in italy and operating in Italy and Africa Countries, the cultural office of the city of Piedmont Region, Private companies,Comunities,institutions and many African artists and musicians..

Afroitalia Project organizes exhibitions, workshops and concerts and thus propagates the riches of African culture.

Observation and result of Previous Event
The first Africa Festival took place in september 2010, in Piazzale Valdo Fusi Torino, and visitors and artist from various nations took part. musicians from North, South, East and West Africa performed live on stage at the festival in Torino. This initiative was broadcast by the italian journal- Torino Sette,

Again this year, the Afroitalia Project will give the Africa Festival Award to outstanding artists and important initiatives in Africa.

Afroitalia Project is a politically independent non-profit initiative presented by Associazione Musicale e Culturale 1 Dread onlus.


AFRO Stands

If you would like to apply for an Afro stand, please provide detailed information about the goods you would like to sell and let us know which countries your range of goods is from. Please add original photos of your stand and your product range to your application (no photos by e-mail!) Thank you for understanding that we can only allow goods of African origin to be sold. "Airport goods" or imitations from Indonesia or other countries are not desired at the Africa Festival.
We ask you to send your application by ordinary mail to the following address by Via Bignone 40,10064 , Pinerolo (To) Italy (Associazione Musicale e Culturale 1 Dread Onlus , We will contact you if you have been allocated a stand at next year's Afro Stand. In case you have not been

considered in the first place, we will retain your application and contact you if we have positive news for you.

Catering Stands

If you would like to apply for a catering/food stand, please provide detailed information on the kind

of food/meals you would like to offer and let us know which country you represent and where your food and meals are from. Please add original photos of your stand and your product range to your application (no photos by e-mail!). We ask you to send your application by ordinary mail to the following address VIA BIGNONE 40, 10064, PINEROLO,(TO) ITALY %ASS.NE MUS.CULT.1.DREAD ONLUS.
We will contact you if you have been allocated a stand at next year's
AFRO STAND. In case you may not have been considered in the first place, we will retain your application and contact you if we have positive news for you.

Participation at the music program / children's program / supporting acts

If you would like to recommend a band or if you would like to participate in our children's programme or supporting acts, please provide a detailed description of your offer. Please send your documentation by ordinary mail from January 20 -2011 till march 20-2011, the latest. Please enclose a DVD, video or CD and photos. Thank you for understanding that due to the large number of applications not all applicants can be considered. Both the quality of the music and the motto of the festival are decisive for the choice of the bands. Only complete applications can be considered by our selection committee and are retained as well. If possible, your application can be considered in one of the following years. Due to the large number of applications we are unable to provide unsuccessful applicants with individual feedback.
In case you are being considered to participate in next year's Africa Festival, we will contact you by 15th February 2011 latest. ,


In case you would like to cooperate on next year's Festival, please email us your résumé, a short essay about your skills and an up-date photo:
Please note: at this address we only process staff applications every other e-mail will be deleted. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Copyright © 2010 AMC1D AFRICA  FESTIVAL2011-Torino“Afro-italia festa internazionale“


General Terms and Conditions

Dear festival visitors,
please note that the organizer only bears liability for material damage or injuries if he may be charged with intent or gross negligence. Applications for recovery and refund of the ticket price may only be accepted if the show is cancelled completely (four-day tickets: refund only if the whole festival is being cancelled). Recovery or refunds will be paid within two weeks after the concert date at the ticket agency of the purchase respective (foreclosure). In case one or several artists cancel their shows and the organizer has been able to engage another artist or music group, applications for recovery or refund may not be accepted. Applications for recovery or refund can not be accepted in cases of force majeure (e.g. storms). Tickets are non-transferable! The following are strictly forbidden: tape or other recorders, cameras (video, films and pictures), weapons or any other potentially dangerous objects (e.g. glass bottles, drinking glasses). Violation of these rules result in admittance refusal. Recordings of any kind, no matter if for private or professional use, are not allowed. No advertisement allowed! Body searches may be carried out before admittance. Due to safety reasons, admittance to concerts is only given to children aged 12 years or older and only if they are accompanied by a legal guardian and have purchased a ticket.


We kindly ask you to observe a few rules to ensure a pleasant stay for you and for all our guests:

  • Holders of tickets for evening concerts do not have to pay an entrance fee to the festival ground. All other visitors are charged an entrance fee of 5.00 Euro. (all-day admission wristband, which is valid through all four festival days 20.00 Euro). Children younger than twelve years have free admittance. For parents with children from the age of twelve we offer a cost-effective daily family-ticket for 18.00 Euro - regardless of how many children you bring.

  • The smoking ban applies to all tents on the festival ground. Please use the outdoor ashtrays!

  • In the past year, the number of children attending to the evening concerts has continuously risen. Sometimes children attend the concerts without any supervision. Due to security reasons, access can only be allowed to children from the age of 12 years on, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and with an entrance ticket. We kindly point out to our daily free of charge children's programme and the large supporting programme, which offers each child great opportunities to enjoy the festival throughout the day. Parents are personally responsible for supervising their children.

  • This year again dogs are not allowed on the festival ground. This regulation was requested especially by parents of young children and has proven to be of great help for the peaceful run of the festival.

  • As we have to finance all the supporting acts of the festival and still want to keep the entrance fee low, we depend on our drinks turnover. For this reason, it is not allowed to bring own beverages to the festival except for children's drinking bottles. Please dispose of your beverage bottles before entering the festival site. The security is told to search bags and rucksacks.Please help us to keep the festival site clean and the enormous costs of waste disposal as low as possible!

  • Advertisements of all kinds, especially flyers and leaflets, are not allowed on the festival ground. Please use the trashcans located all over the festival site and do not litter.

  • We also ask for your fairness towards the security staff at the entrances. They are doing a job which is not always easy. We have invited many international stars to the festival and they require high standards of security. We are therefore obliged to search bags etc. for weapons at the entrance to the circus tent. The less items you bring, the quicker you will be given admittance. Please note that recordings of any kind or taking pictures is not allowed at any time in the circus tent.

  • The city of Torino has given permission to extend the opening hours of our Havana Club to 4 o'clock in the morning. We kindly ask all our guests to leave quietly then. In order to make sure that everybody has a good time at the festival and feels safe, we reserve the right to deny drunken and obnoxious guests admittance to the festival ground. The festival has always been known for being a peaceful festival and we would like to keep it as such. There will be a cab stand at the main entrance of the festival. Please do not drink and drive.

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