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Fri, Dec 31st - 8:39PM

Irish Beer Steins That Will Gain You A New Status Symbol
Are you a beer lover and in search of perfect beer holders to enjoy your favorite drink? Irish beer steins are world popular holders that come with a lid. It can be opened or closed with the help of your thumb at ease. It will preserve the taste of beer and avoids any kind of insect manifestation. You can happily enjoy your drink while dancing with your partner without any spill of the drink. Germans came up with the concept of beer steins that were made out of stone and they were heavy. Irish people became masters in replicating the art of producing such quality beer steins and developed it with their own innovative ideas. The designs and mastery works were too good for the beer lovers and they soon became status symbols for the bureaucrats.
Irish beer steins belong to the vintage and antique collection for the traditional beer lovers. These beer holders are unique and special items to commemorate your party weddings and any other special occasions. These mugs can be personalized and custom messages can be added to it. These steins are gorgeous in their looks and grab the attention of passers-by. The artwork made in these traditional steins make it unique and spell bounding in nature. These authentic beer steins can make perfect gift items for any kind of events.

Beer lovers would love to have these collectibles which might be a pleasure looking at them in the future. Some people would confuse these steins with the ordinary beer mugs. There are some differences as steins come with a lid and a beer mug doesn’t have one. The handle and the hinged lid make the steins very unique. The Irish beer steins are worth your money because of which lots of people wish to have their wide variety of collectibles. The traditional steins makers put in lots of efforts and craftsman skills to come out with fantastic amount of details in its intricate design and artworks. The rare collections make the holders very valuable.

Are you intrigued by the details of the Irish beer steins and wish to have one? Do not miss out this golden opportunity to have an antique collection at home? Throw a party at your home where your friends can use these classic and authentic collections of steins. They will be amused on seeing such memorable and stupendous Irish steins. They should be used with great care and maintained properly. Some are dishwasher safe and have to be handled with extra caution. There are several websites available that give maximum information about these steins. Start your collection right now and enjoy the special occasions with your friends.
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Fri, Dec 31st - 8:37PM

German Beer Steins - Luxurious Beer Containers At Affordable Prices

German Beer Steins were first produced to combat the Bubonic Plague outrage and to check the wildfire spread of health issues. There were strict laws imposed on the citizens to follow proper sanitation and precautionary methods while eating, drinking and cooking. The beer holder comes with a lid which can be opened or closed with the help of your thumb. The lid prevented from insect manifestation and improved the quality and taste of German beer. The concept of steins originated after which the popularity of such beer containers were on the continuous rise. Initially they were made out of stones and were very heavy to carry. As time went by, steins were made out of different materials such as silver, glass, porcelain etc. 

The Germans have perfected the art of making steins and the concept thus started spreading to many parts of the world. Thanks to the colonization and other civilization which helped in spreading the art of making steins to other parts of the world. The beer lovers and drinkers had the luxury of using such steins which soon became a status symbol. Some of the beet containers in Germany emblazoned their household crest and shield. It is a common belief that Germans will place great respect and value which brings them food or their favorite drink. Similarly, the beer collectibles have become fascinating for beer lovers around the world.

Most of the German beer steins are handmade with exceptional art works made on it. They are handmade and are expensive at times. The common masses have a royal feeling while drinking beer with these steins. It helps them to swing their arms freely and dance even while holding the container. The expensive German beer steins are crafted with perfection by Germans of historic origins and are exported to many parts of the world. A striking and distinct feature about these containers is that the steins are stamped and numbered with the manufacturer’s label and its country of origin etc. The beer lovers make sure they have such collectibles to enjoy luxury and the prices have come down in the recent past. This gives a splendid opportunity to enjoy the luxury at your own comfort level. 

Only few bars use these kinds of containers in todays world. However, the presence of such steins will give a beautiful and authentic look providing the ambient atmosphere in the bar. Germany is being celebrated around the world for its beautiful innovation with art works in collectible beer steins. Enjoy your favorite drink with the authentic beer holders.

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Fri, Dec 31st - 8:32PM

Beer Steins – Luxury At Affordable Prices

Germany takes the pride of inventing beer steins as early as 18th century which has become the traditional beer mugs for people around the world. They come up with a hinged lid which can be flipped open or close with the thumb. The rest of the world often understand and exchange the word beer steins with “beer mugs”. The earlier steins were made out of stones and they were very heavy to carry. These days, they are commonly made out of silver, glass, porcelain or wood materials. The western world has perfected the art of drinking beer with these steins. The closed lid prevents the spilling of liquid and it avoids any kind of fly infestation thus letting the beer lovers to enjoy their favorite drink while dancing, swinging their arms. 

Beer steins have become an icon of history and manufacturers come with variety of designs and styles. They are mostly decorated with modern art or painted with pleasing colors to attract the common masses. These antique mugs are available at various price ranges and have become a rare thing in the bars. People do not use these mugs for their common usage but still would like to gather it in the form of collectibles. Some of the modern day designs do not have lids as their older generation counterparts had. Beer connoisseurs would love to sip their favorite drink in these holders as it gives immense pleasure for them.


These might make the best of gift materials for your near and dear ones. The bar owners spend huge amount of money in buying these collectibles to please their customers. It gives a royal feel to have them in hand. They can be personalized with custom messages and images. People are ready to spend money but need guaranteed enjoyment and fulfillment in what they do. These steins create the perfect occasion for the beer lovers and it can be truly exciting. These steins also make exceptional promotional products and gift items. It is really a pleasure to receive antique items as gifts and the receiver would cherish it throughout the life time. 

The feeling of enjoying the favorite beer in beer steins can be compared to nothing in this world. The various modern arts, style and the works made on these materials will give a royal feeling and thus it makes luxury affordable. Lift up your spirit of drinking with these kinds of mugs and start it right today!!

So, if you are looking around for some unique gift this Christmas or just want an antique Christmas beer stein to make a toss. Steins and Glassware is such a website where you can find all different types of beer steins you would ever dream of at a reasonable price. We offer ornate flasks from various regions of the world, and a wide selection of licensed products such as Betty Boop glasses, Popeye glasses, Corona, John Deere, The Simpsons, and The Three Stooges steins and glasses. You can have a wide variety of themed steins, mugs, drinking glasses and other glass products, traditional items, Our German beer steins, Irish, Celtic, Scottish mugs, flasks and other cool items.

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