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Tue, Nov 16th - 6:21PM

My First Here The Hemp Network

Click The Black Pot Leaf Enter # 4352165090 This Name–Gary Parenti on the left Black Leaf . –William Parenti on the right side , Hover your cursor over the Black Marijuana Leaf for 1 second and read what name is in it . other Black Pot Leaf–This Site is by Invitation

Hemp Network Launch - phase 2 ! Are you ready to level up? Exciting news about the hemp network launch so far over 3000 people have signed up as distributors.

It's exciting because these are 'new products' that I personally have not seen 'made of hemp' before, they are innovative and 'nutritionally excellent' containing hemp protein and dried mushrooms.

It's early days for the Hemp Network, on the conference call the network has some software issues to be sorting out. The site is definitely improving with content and tools being added daily. I'm upbeat and excited about the November 1 st launch.

Hello Everyone, Thursday, October 11, 2010 I am speaking to all of us, including me. I know how we can all make more Money with our Network Marketing Businesses. Listen to what I am going to say to us. The one thing we all want in our lives is more time for ourselves and our Families. Am I Right ? What we need to do, is listen to our Core Selves. Our inner selves. What I am speaking about is , who we really are within ourselves. I was listening to Mr. Frank Kerns the other night & I simply connected with myself within myself, if that makes any sense to you. We all have something in us that makes us want to be who we want to be. From what I have seen in the 57 years that I have been alive, is, We all have that yearning to be someone special. We all want more in life. Wealth gives us the ability to fully experience Life. Life with our Families and Friends. The thing that we don`t realize is, that we are already special. Within each and everyone of us , is who we really are, which is our Core inner person or self. This inner person is whom we really are. Let me give you, us, an example. I will explain my inner Core. Stop. Let me tell you what I did for 35 years first. I have been a roofing contractor and a very hard worker, for many, many years. I had a hand in raising 7 children B4 my divorce. Then I was alone for a very long time. I went into a shell, if you will. I went to our online Family and have been here ever since. I have had many hard times in my life & would not wish what I have been through on anyone. This is how I decided to dig within me. I have found me, my Core self,  & plan on staying here for the rest of my life. This is my core me or self. I am a man that wants to help everyone on Planet Earth. I have New Products that will Blow everyone who hears about them, completely away. I want you to listen to me with both ears and all your mind. Not only will I help cure this Planet of all of its Cancers. I will help everyone that wants a life that they have always dreamed of, become a reality.Wealth gives us the ability to fully experience Life. Life with our Families & Friends. I'm not only talking about all the Money that you could ever spend, in your entire life. I'm talking about being Really Happy with your life. Having all the time you want with your Families and Friends. Everyone, Family, Friends, Neighbors and Ourselves, will notice that there has been a change in our lives. Here is a very Reasonable way to begin our Journey. Go here and Join for Free Today, When you get there put in this # 4352165090 & this name - Gary - Parenti - This Company is still in Soft Launch. This Site is by Invitation Only, that`s the reason for the number and the name, you have to have them, they are the key to open the door to Success. After you are in , go to the Store & Purchase the fully loaded back Office to become an active member . This is only $9.00 a month.This is a must do, to be on top of all of the people below me. Right now as I write this, there are 1224 New Members Below me in the Power Line. I have one more leg opened on my second level,which will put you above everyone below me. Later when you make Money with this program, you can buy products like, Hemp Chocolates , Hemp Oil , and many , many more. The Site is all about Hemp Products. So you must like the idea of promoting Hemp Products. This is the first Hemp MLM Company in the World to do this. They already have Stock & are doing very well. This is Just a heads up from me to you. This will be my first way of helping others, start a profitable business online. Wealth gives us the ability to fully experience Life. Life with our Families & Friends, To Our Future Success, Please don`t miss this opportunity,                                 Gary A. Parenti,

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