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Mon, Jan 17th - 4:24AM

Poetry by Deborah Belka


For every beginning,
There must be an end.
Just like a rainbow,
Must have a bend.

But, He who has begun,
A good work in you.
Will be there to help,
And see you through.

For what He begins,
Will not fade away.
What He has started,
He'll complete one day.

His love set in motion,
Is constant and true.
He'll never cease,
Taking care of you.

His comfort is steady,
To soothe and to ease.
He is always eager,
To satisfy and to please.

His hope is ceaseless,
Forever it goes on.
Just like a new day,
Must have a dawn.

His faithfulness persists,
No matter the season.
He'll always forgive you,
No matter the reason.

His gentle, kind mercies,
Are eternally bound.
Forever they will comfort,
They are yours to be found.

His truth sets us free,
From Satan's deception.
For He liberated us all,
On the Day of Redemption.

For those who endure,
Will be saved to the end.
And you'll find in Jesus,
You'll have no better a friend.

So, give your life to Jesus,
And you'll find perfect rest.
Just like the sun,
Must set in the west.


Will work for Jesus,
No matter the cost.
Looking to save,
Those who are lost.

Willing to labor,
Without a fee.
Looking for those,
He can set free.

Willing to go,
Ready to leave.
Looking to help,
Others to believe.

Will travel far,
Wide as I need.
Looking for hungry,
People to feed.

Willing to forsake,
Life as I know.
Looking to plant,
water, feed, and sow.

Will take up cross,
With joy and pride.
Looking to gather,
for Jesus his bride.
by Deborah Ann Belka who can be reached at
Her website is His Wings Shadow

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