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Thu, Dec 23rd - 10:56AM

For Jesus Christ, For Whom I Am a Prisoner

I never knew the meaning of love
Until you filled my heart with your love

I never knew how beautiful you are
Until I gazed into the serenity of the moon
And sat with you in tranquil silence

I never knew how bright your truth was
Until the darkness of my life was dispelled
And the breath of your life was inhaled

I never believed in the promises of the saints
Until you revealed to me the beauty of salvation
And the sanctification of all who believe

I never knew how lost I was
Until you snatched me from the debris of sin
And laid me on your breast

I never knew how much you cared
Until I saw how much I hurt you with my actions
And saw the tears you had in your eyes for me

I never knew the beauty of the word
Until I met you headlong-in the Word
And knew you were made flesh to dwell among us

Though the days may be long gone
I know that they are but like an hour to you

Though the tears may sometimes fall
I know that you will wipe them away

Though I seek to justify these mercies
I know that I could never earn them

Because all you ask of me
Is that I simply accept you

And be drawn into the love of your mercies.
Because the one that I serve, the one that imprisons me
Has granted me a second stay in eternity

By Beatrice Ofwona "My writing is my calling and I use it to honor God."

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