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Tue, Mar 22nd - 3:18AM

Christian Discernment Publications Ministry

Nonprofit religious organization that provides educational materials on the conflict between the Bible and the theories/methods of modern psychology.

Exposing the Roots of Modern Psychology

The "Case Against" Albert Ellis

American psychologist Albert Ellis developed rational-emotive behavior therapy in the mid-1950s. Influenced by Alfred Adler's work, Ellis came to regard irrational beliefs and illogical thinking as the major cause of most emotional disturbances. His theory is based largely on changing thoughts and beliefs in order to change emotions and behavior.

The "Case Against" Albert Ellis reviews Reason & Emotion in Psychotherapy and The Case Against Religion. This paper exposes the aggressive atheism underlying rational-emotive behavior therapy.

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Tue, Mar 15th - 3:33AM

The Errors of Erik Erikson

Erik Erikson (1902-1994) developed the concept of the "identity crisis," an inevitable conflict that accompanies the growth of a sense of identity in late adolescence.

The paper The Errors of Erik Erikson reviews the "life cycles" and "life crises" proposed by Erikson, exposing the conflict between his theories and the biblical view of man. A special section explores in depth Erikson's psychoanalysis of Reformer Martin Luther in Young Man Luther, a book which basically discredits the entire Protestant Reformation as the expression of one man's "identity crisis."

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Thu, Mar 10th - 3:47AM

On Becoming a Christian

Carl R. Rogers (1902-87) founded what is now known as client-centered therapy. This method stresses the relationship between therapist and client and the client's use of this relationship to guide the course of therapy. Rogers's techniques predominate today in psychotherapy in the U.S.

The paper On Becoming a Christian reviews a major work by Rogers. His approach is thoroughly unbiblical in assuming the inherent goodness of man and in its rejection of all authority outside the individual's feelings and experience.

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Sat, Mar 5th - 4:32AM

Blasphemy from Fromm

Erich Fromm (1900-1980) is best known for his application of psychoanalytic theory to social and cultural problems.

Blasphemy from Fromm describes how after admitting to being an atheist, Fromm engages in a "radical reinterpretation of the Old Testament," attempting to support his theory that man is the equal of God. Much of his teaching concerning self-love provides ammunition for the numerous selfisms that run rampant today.

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Tue, Mar 1st - 5:17AM

Maslow's Hierarchy

Abraham Harold Maslow (1908-70) was a leading exponent of humanistic psychology. He developed a theory of human nature that resulted from the struggle to fulfill a hierarchy of human needs.

The paper Maslow's Hierarchy reviews the religious and philosophical underpinnings of Maslow's "hierarchy," showing not only that his psychology is contrary to Scripture, but that it is internally inconsistent. This paper is more of a philosophical critique analyzing the self-destructive nature of non-Christian thinking.

More blog entries on Exposing the Roots of Modern Psychology

Papers on Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and William James designed to expose the anti-Christian bias of these founders of major psychological systems of thought, showing believers why they dare not trust their speculations concerning the nature of man and how he can change.

Previous blog entries: Book Reviews - Christian Psychology/Recovery

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