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Fri, Oct 15th - 8:47AM

3D In Iran by Faramarz Ghahremanifar



I am the ISU representative in Iran, and I live in Tehran. I've been a member of the ISU since 1996. Since 1995 I've been a professional stereo photographer and producer of 3D movie (Nature and industrial), and also have worked for years as a designer, creating fabric patterns for major producers in Iran (I have a degree in Graphic & Painting). I was awarded my first SSA medal in 2000. I produce and sell a variety of 3D products including Anaglyph cards and posters, 3D Book, Lenticulars, 3D Anaglyph glasses, Stereo viewers, Multimedia 3D DVD/CDs

Stereography training
In order to Mr. Ahmad Royai wills (manager of fine art school conservatory of Tehran) I got busy to stereo photography training and this is my first step to academic teaching and in future it is due to do so in art faculty. I think in the next decade Iran win have very good 3D artists

3D film making
A - I made first Iranian 3D video in 1997 (sponsored by Iranian Young Cinema Society).
B - 3D movie (Announs) of Roshd International Educational Film Festival in 2000 -
C - 3D movie & Stereo Photography products for Documentary & Experimental Film Center in 2000 / 2006.
D - 3D CD Multimedia 2004 (sponsored by Institute for Intellectual Development of Children).
E - Stereo Photography of Holy Shrine Imam Reza(A.S) & 3D CD Multimedia production (sponsored by Documentary & Experimental Film Center) in 2006
F - 3D short Phantogram animation (sponsored by Mayorship) that showed at 2008 in Tehran international fair
G - And My last project in 2010 was long Stereoscopic Cinematography for 3D cinema & DVD

Artistic Experiment
3D movie Director & Stereo Photography
3D Movie Pulfrich Effect Kinescope
Stereoscopic Cinematography
3D Phatogram Movie & Animation
3D Lenticular Imaging
3D Anaglyph Illustration
3D Anaglyph Glasses Making
Lenticular Match Screen Project - Anaglyph Movie Converting to Lenticular for LCD & LED Screen

Computer Skills
Capable of working in both Mac and PC environments
Final Cut Pro
Photoshop CS
Premier CS

It's my best pleasure to help any interested people on creating artistic or commercial 3D projects like shooting 3D pictures or creating 3D movies! - 3D Filmography:
Faramarz Ghahremanifar
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