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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:47PM

2010 Microsoft government industry users and business partner conference

Craig mundie said, "cloud computing is an important reform of global industry. This change will not only lead single Internet and software industry, once again, more will be upgrading the instrumentality of progress in other industries and catalysts. We see China is actively develop strategic emerging industries, and grasp the opportunity to occupy economic technology commanding heights. Microsoft very happy may use its own cloud computing technology Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

advantage and cutting-edge industry solution, and the government, industry partners and other hand in hand, for many troubled the whole society's tough questions to find change, power China industrial upgrading opportunity."

For years, Microsoft attaches great importance to the government, healthcare, education, etc for the development of information industry, and with these special mission enterprise-class customers to provide tailored to the frontier IT solutions. The conference is the Microsoft China Microsoft Office is so great!

the largest one in the government over the user summit. Conference invitation from administrative, more than 200 medical education, government users, partners and industry elite reunion beautiful the tianjin binhai new area, explore IT technology power industry development, the government information trends and prospects. Microsoft greater China region public division general manager MAO Peter, Microsoft China public division general manager wang xin will, Microsoft greater China region ZhangXiangHui doctor and Microsoft technology executive many colleagues services to communicate with users.

Microsoft China public division general manager, "said wang xin will become the Chinese government has been devoted to Microsoft reliable partner and informatization consultant, through Office 2007 is so powerful.

its technical superiority to comply with government approach to development and policy, actively help resolve the country in the process of development and the social demands primary problem. Microsoft appreciation using innovative technology improve the government in the informationization level aspects of informed decisions about the current government, actively The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

advocated and support green IT, cloud computing, things such as the industry hotspot emerging network, Microsoft has in products, technology and global service team, etc, and is willing to ready with industry partners hand in hand for speeding up China's industrial upgrading steps together."

As a software and information service industry leading manufacturers, Microsoft has been committed to the technology with advanced management and business innovation for users provide motivation. Its latest operating system Windows 7 came out less than half a user had won a widespread approval of hongdu. The latest data shows that the Windows 7 officially released so far, Microsoft in that world has sold more than 90 million sets of licensing, become Microsoft history the fastest selling operating system. Windows 7 in such a short time could be many famous Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

enterprises within the important platform, the business support to its basic reason for enterprise productivity promotion and cost control of an important role. And the next generation of Microsoft is releasing information workers products group product has received numerous users' attention and hope.

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:47PM

Rising security experts suggest netizen

, can take the following measures to prevent this loophole attacks:

1, install the latest version, one of the rising 2010 "IE prevent hang horse module" using intelligent defense technology initiative, need not upgrade can intercept exploiting holes cyber Office 2007 makes life great!

attacks. (rising 2010 version free use of 6 months, the official download address

2, installation, kaka Internet security aide 6.2, rising company as Microsoft MAPP partners, patching the most timely, the most authoritative, once Microsoft provides patch, rising kaka 6.2 will be the first time the patch program delivery to all users.

3, the use of IE6 and IE7 browser users, can will upgrade to IE8 browser has avoided the effects of the event of erdbebenkatastrophe loopholes. Many people like Microsoft Office.

4, according to computer skills, professional users can access, BBS, view the loopholes official detailed analysis report and temporary hand Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

(16 March 2010, tianjin) today, Microsoft China held in tianjin binhai new area 2010 Microsoft government industry users and business partner conference. The meeting, Microsoft and the Windows 7 make life wonderful!

government users from all over the country, partners and elites share Microsoft in the field of public undertakings in frontier solution and successful cases, while Microsoft technical experts also is the latest Microsoft cloud computing strategy and application and participants further Office 2007 download is helpful!

communication. Microsoft's chief research division and strategic decision officer Craig mundie and tianjin binhai new area ZongGuoYing district chief deputy secretary, such attends congress and speeches. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.



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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:47PM

4. Use this version my browser to replace now?

button, or even no address bar. It's on your default browser open new links, rather than in their own new window. In addition, according to the feedback from this version to get some function will become part of the official version, while others are lopped off. Microsoft Office is so great!

5. What fun platform preview release things?

Several about new support improved Javascript, video acceleration of them and hardware demo, you need through pages to download and install to view.

Zhongguancun online software group news: recently, the rising "cloud security" system to monitor 0day loopholes, IE the latest KB981374 began to be widely - hang horse sites using, this loophole influence IE6 and IE7 (the latest IE8 version unaffected by this loophole affected). March 10 to Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

March 16, rising "cloud security" system to help users of using this loophole hang interceptors attack 400 million times horse website. Rising security expert introduction, the user computer once attacked success, will infect download device, hackers backdoor Trojan horse that computers can not work normally, individual account passwords so privacy information from eavesdroppers.

As Microsoft MAPP partners, rising company in March 9 received a detailed analysis about KB981374 loopholes report, recently discovered that by using this loophole hang horse website The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

sharp increase, so issued this warning. This is followed by early march, after the F1 loopholes aerating Microsoft IE browser was again aeration 0day loophole. Serious

IE 0day loophole four million new aeration user has become a victim

Rising Internet attack lab manager by LiuSiYu introduces, at present KB981374 attack code on the Office 2007 makes life great!

Internet have been announced, online has appeared more attack by using the vulnerabilities of the program, and Microsoft currently temporary not released patch. The "prevent rising software module" hang horse can actively intercept the vulnerability of attacks.

According to rising security experts analysis, at present many versions of the attack code is not stable, users once visit after hanging horse website could lead to IE browser crashes, jammed wait for a phenomenon. But with the passage of time, against the development of the code will be more perfect, users are also more risks.

(the "rising antivirus software hang horse module" preventing IE KB981374 attack by the successful intercept hang horse website) Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:46PM

Microsoft also

Microsoft also

released details of IE9 supports them, including CSS3, SVG (ScalableVectorGraphics) vector graphics, XHTML extensible hypertext logo language ExtensibleHyperTextMarkupLanguage) and use analytical (industry standard codes (h.264 / MPEG4, MP3 / video/audio AAC) label.

IE9 and got from industry analysts and partners on the recommendation, including graphics chip Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

maker British weida (NVIDIA). British weida spokesman said yesterday in blog, the GPU to them in IE9 in hardware acceleration of virtual computing history has the meaning of landmark.

Microsoft says, IE9 development goal is to bring faster browsing experience, ACID3 in IE9 test Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.

scores is 55/100 compared IE8, referring to the 20/100 with a qualitative leap with Chrome and Safari, but is still a big gap compared to the test results, which is close to the full marks 100 performances.

In the "SunSpiderJavaScriptBenchmark PCmag and ZDNET," test IE9 preview edition playing well. Microsoft also confirmed that a "cup IE9 will not have", WindowsXP system, preview Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

edition support in VistaSP2 IE9 perfectly display with official version, is expected to not have the too big differences.

PCWorld magazine latest through the analysis of the latest release of the Microsoft browser IE9 Office 2010 is my love.

next generation "platform," for the preview release we prepare the relevant IE9 "platform preview version" of several common problems and solutions. I hope you can find themselves interested questions and solutions, mice are also can look delicious jabuticaba Popsicle and decide whether to.

1. IE9 what's new?

IE9 will rewrite engines than previous generations to get much faster start-up speed;

Will support them, CSS3 and other new standards.

Recommended reading: IE9 preview edition | forestalls to download the trial took trial

2. Interface have change?

From the current platform preview edition watch interface changes are premature. But see Chrome browser interface for innovation, believe Microsoft won't indifferent.

3. That you get "platform preview edition" is what east east?

This is in order to facilitate Web developer preview their websites can be in the kernel them compatible and provides a display properly. Microsoft promises about every eight weeks launched a new beta, solve the problem before. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.



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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:45PM

2010 around the Spring

Related enterprise high-level immediately explain accordingly, after 2008 entered office employees a raise problems of clarification and instructions. The incident itself, and then there was understandable Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

reported a series of content in the media, but it caused industry relevant personage speculation.

First, "a raise events" once announced later, most reports immediately say: optimal cool behavior will instantly provoked "of not a few net friend JiaoHaoSheng"; Some reports even stark describe Office 2010 is my favorite.

a way: "since the financial crisis started later, watching too much reason to cut jobs, every day was done on tenterhooks. Popular contrarian rise, a raise optimal cool recruitment and this both indescribably mention strength son, the old excited, optimal cool is positive materials." More more outspoken netizens want to join optimal cool "can make a little pay, also can see never future". Many users have apparently gave and words, so it is not testify them in this content is Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

optimal cool partner membership, or from the hands of the pr publicity department discussion. But for most insiders are concerned, so flattering description and botched vindicate, no doubt, slightly appear some vulgar and disgusting.

Secondly, optimal cool official reply also revealed benefactors. Reports say: "according to optimal cool employees revealed, the economic crisis and employment environment deteriorating, raise to stabilizing the played high effective staff." Comprehensive several research structure for 2009 video industry in China, the investigation result judge for a 2009 network video industry of China occupied nearly 15% share, annual turnover of more than 1 million Internet enterprise, excellent Outlook 2010 is powerful.

cool apparently failed to economic crisis and by "employment environment" bad influence, in contrast perhaps survival and development more than two years ago. For a popular profession in front, and have high revenue ability of enterprise is concerned, if no internal or external factors, the strong influence of employees, apparently, does not appear "the unstable factors." The more don't need enterprise through common to stability will raise. Microsoft Office is helpful.

In this premise, raise more focused on "apparent aim to stable played high effective staff." If will "remain stable" and optimal cool many piracy lawsuit is easy to link reminiscent of optimal cool internal people and situation. For staff as a see listed hopeless, and frequently encountered the enterprise, individual lawsuits career development and social responsibility obviously also faced this choice, on this "internal" moment, optimal cool with a raise to "stable soldier's morale" approach, doubtless is self-evident. Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:45PM

In this case over a month later

infringement in haidan district court has sentenced a won, because in the panting optimal cool "and" McDull famously existing in films such as piracy, court decisions to sohu compensation optimal cool 10.5 Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

million yuan, and bear all costs.

March 2, 2010, optimal cool announced a lawsuit to cool 6, be cool 6 nets long-term stealing the original work, broadcast television, the number of close to 100 sow, rights protection amount more than 10 million yuan. Subsequently, anti-piracy alliance for optimal cool again launched lawsuits. This lawsuit, had taken sohu has the sole Internet copyright king tai ", "the stubborn turnip" part 2, Office 2010 is powerful!

excited nets have sole films of Internet copyright the first speed ", "ZhongHun" (also named "female police chief law) and the angels" protect treasure 8 department TV dramas.

Only see the above-mentioned litigation involving infringement of copyright, the optimal present films, however, as many as 12 department in several words sharp and contentious fierce appeal later, people still can see sent on actor with net friend name is broadcast television, upload stolen or friendship "stand outside provide search link.

As domestic video sharing website, calling for the original video of eve best slogan, whether and potatoes still loud "online network cooperation video broadcast mode", or launch copyright management system, seem to want to let people see optimal hanging actor head "justice halo", however, stay off public actor in disguise "optimal expose new cloths, traces of piracy will only Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

turn the industry says the headquarter bubbles.

Recently, the industry rumours say: best actor internal employee leaks its market sales atrophy, some backbone personnel loss; At the same time, this "employees" is optimal cool 2009's fourth quarter and the first quarter 2010 part of the sales and market situation of the disclosure. However, this content is released by relevant BBS shielding shortly after. Although the news, but not for acertained that because of the piracy problem had holes in the optimal cool, obviously would be frightening.

Review the inverse of hot debate recently network raise questions, optimal cool city of external Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

give explanation for: only for some outstanding old employees made a "moderate salary"; And expanded sales and marketing business departments, and basically is to reserve talents. However, throughout optimal cool "raise + recruitment" behavior in time, enterprise status and external environment, if its half-year to copyright lawsuit and market shrink issues together, which analyzes the formation is occupied let others have to extrapolate. Therefore, this "blog content" once revealed, in view of the future prospect of optimal present problems, such as internal operation and immediately anecdotal again became a topic of hot debate. Office 2007 key is very convenient!


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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:44PM

In this case over a month later

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:44PM

Figure 4 in we know when fuzzy pronunciation query

British library this support fuzzy pronunciation inquires from Microsoft research's way, there is no other similar products technology, this function.

4, idioms in the British library enquiries, Chinese inquires, also can use wildcard, Chinese idioms can easily translated into English phrases: I love Office 2010 !

Microsoft British library has formed its own characteristics, convenient the more people learn about English, simplified the search and English words conversion, convenient people in work and life of the English application. Maybe Sino-British translation is not a great application, but fuzzy Office 2010 download is available now!

pronunciation inquires a progress is language translation. Because only convert between two languages are no longer people as a hassle when, can communicate, everyone so called barrier-free, man-machine is also like this.

Every March 15 "international consumer calls the day", anti-fakes, unprecedented upsurge in industries are called introspective, beware complaints or exposure. Video industry to broadcast it, Office 2010 key is for you now!

stole the behavior of video without copyright is equivalent to "false", this should be broadcast clips stolen website "false" films. It's not like daily provisions to users as such fake personal cause harm, but violated the copyright, also same site to site cheated loyal users trust.

Optimal of CEO of gu yongqiang had to the media, said video industry are welcomed since 2006's Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

largest bubble. The author thinks, his language is very practical, video industry development so far, at least dozens of web site at preemptive netizens who time and eyeballs, in order to gain the trust of netizens ratings, video website, to win the "GuanDao" behavior has destabilized the industry due order, even the ancient eldest brother own sites also hard survived.

Look back at what might this several years of optimal indicted course, is really busy broke down Outlook 2010 is powerful.

Beijing's haidian district court staff, excellent actor frequently for infringing be counterparts to court. 2009 September to sohu, excitement, nets, best friends for sponsors of Chinese network zyprexa video anti-piracy alliance, prosecution, and claim the optimal eve RMB 5000 million to 1 billion yuan. But 2009 November 26 afternoon Beijing haidian court ipr division after the trial Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

judge optimal cool judgment to infringement, optimal cool one of piracy FaQiFang optimal friends alliance 45 million zyprexa compensation.


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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:43PM

• high quality video

transcoder to Converter - DivX Plus has been redesigned and let users can not only to better use interface to create high quality DivX DivX video, Plus hd more easily custom file size, tracks or subtitles etc Settings. In addition, Converter now offer free DivX MKV) output (. Plus, the user can use all sorts of MKV video files to create advanced features. Microsoft Office is so great!

"DivX Plus software intuitive design let each use level of users are able to enjoy the hd video." DivX software and services department's vice President and general manager Guto Araujo said. "for the professional users, it provides a series of streaming, transcoding and web publishing tools. Even in low power of the Internet, users can also through the new software concise easy-to-use interface to enjoy the full screen hd video to bring fun." Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

In today's society, whether students, white-collar workers or FanFu stooges, have a chance to go abroad or minority, but the although needs to use the English places but enumerate. For most people, as a native speaker of the Chinese still dare not say all have knowledge, not to mention bad English. Even if you are English four, six levels of, also hard to avoid can have when brownout sifting, will have the human brain is not a computer. Office 2007 is so powerful.

When we use an English word, usually have two kinds of cases: 1, know pronunciation, not spelling; 2, know roughly letter combinations, but not sure. At that time most people think of using search led to solve, because the current hankering various translation software doesn't support this two kinds of query. But the result? "Baidu once, or don't know", "Google once, not many know". Foreign affairs work asked baidu, Google, the English or asked to ask British library.

Figure 1 Microsoft British library The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

Microsoft British library, development since last 194% since news fast, recently launched its feature again - intelligent input. The largest window is intelligent input support wildcards and fuzzy pronunciation inquires DOS command, wildcard and used in the wildcard query, "*" similar to represent more characters; "?" Represents a character; Only in the fuzzy pronunciation of similar Chinese pinyin input pronunciation can. For example we will seek word is "backgound", then we can query: through the following way

1, in our uncertainty among the missing word one or more characters, can use "?" Wildcard instead.

Figure 2 short of two characters in we know when query

2, in we are not sure when the very few words in character, can use "*" wildcard instead.

In figure 3 we lack in uncertainty when several characters query

3 and when in we know pronunciation, can also check to we want to find words, even if your pronunciation is not standard. Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!


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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:43PM

"DivX mission is to

 create a seamless and high quality video viewing experience, let consumers in computer any consumer electronic equipment outside also can enjoy the video content they like. DivX Plus software launch means we in this mission made an important step." DivX chief executive, "said Office 2007 makes life great!

Kevin make our new software set up the Internet to the sitting room, make digital video bridge of computer users easily connected to the content on the global numerous DivX devices."

The main function of Plus DivX packages include:

• video transmission To DivX will easily authentication devices -- Go To ensure all To DivX Many people like Microsoft Office.

Player in DivX video files Plus broadcasts can also YiTai DivX devices in the global 2.5 on any one play. Users simply Go intuitive To follow DivX, can guide type menu from DivX video Player Plus will be transmitted To DVD Player, digital TV, PlayStation 3 ® equipments. Such DivX Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

• complete functions and extensive video playback support - DivX Player DivX Plus Plus Player can support multiple Web video format today's most popular high quality broadcast. DivX Codec Pack also can let Plus in common user third party player software MKV; play DivX or For example, the Codec Pack Plus DivX media player after installation to Windows in Windows 7, Windows 7 make life wonderful!

will play MKV/h.264 format DivX Plus hd video.

• excellent video playback high-definition Web browsers -- not only make the Player Plus DivX Web user can directly in the browser appreciate high quality DivX DivX video, Plus hd surround Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

sound 5.1 channel more support and many subtitles. Based on the standard HTTP server and JavaScript programming development DivX Player can already Plus Web as plug-in includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and the use of a Web browser.

• support MKV files streaming to PlayStation Plus software can be through - DivX brand new Codec Pack the DivX Plus in Windows 7 system of MKV format will high-definition content directly from the PC streaming to PlayStation 3 or ® psu on Xbox 360. Office 2007 download is helpful!



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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:42PM

In the network crime world

compromised website be redirected to network criminals ready network resources. Network criminals can buy some stolen by accessing data unauthorized access to the web site, modify, add in the web page Microsoft Office is so great!

iframeHTML label malicious. Website has been modified, the user will visit the sites from these be modified by be redirected to the legitimate websites designated website network criminals. If lots of web page is changed, it will cause a large Numbers of users be be redirected to malicious Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


Generally speaking, the "network flow" is one of the most cheap network crime services, general price for 0.5-1 dollars/thousand visitors. The zombie network operators will buy "network flow", will the users from legitimate compromised website directional to include the latest vulnerability using program malicious website. Once the successful attack against the browser vulnerabilities, then be directed to malicious website user computer will be infected, and become part of a botnet.

At present, the botnet flow for just some public Internet crime groups, kaspersky lab forecast, the future market may appear some so-called "grey" service that "gray" service can through the Office 2007 makes life great!

so-called "membership scheme" will botnet substantiate the assets, even if operators with crime properties of some services, such as sending spam, DoS attacks or spread malicious software was forced to terminate, also won't give network criminal cause too big effect.

San Diego local time on 16 March, a leading digital media company DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DivX) announced the release of the latest version of its flagship video software - DivX Plus ™. Chinese users can now also to DivX official website ( free download DivX Plus for Windows simplified and traditional Chinese version (supports Windows 7, Vista The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

and XP).

The newly designed DivX Plus software provides customers with more concise and easy to use interface for video on a computer desktop and DivX in the browser broadcast. These DivX video includes not only DivX video made before the version 7 files (MPEG/AVI), including DivX hd video - Plus h.264 standard based on the 1080p MKV can be as high as the video file format hd.

DivX Plus package by four independent product component: DivX Player, DivX Plus Plus Player, DivX Web Codec Pack, as well as DivX Plus Plus Converter. Including DivX Player contains a brand-new Plus the "Go" function, To DivX easily video transmitted To the computer world YiTai famous brand DivX 2.5, including equipment in a DVD Player, blu-ray Player, digital TV, playstation and mobile phones. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.



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