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Thu, Oct 14th - 5:41PM

Boston's French Table(1)

If Americans hate the French so much, why do we try so hard to learn the secrets of their good life over there, why does the French "brand" -- even when phony -- sell so well, and why do we happily pay through the nose for a good French dinner and a bottle of their wine?

It came to me at a big French feed in Boston recently that these questions are more complicated than they seem. For it works the other way, too. The French sometimes sneer at us but they want our way of life, our "brand," and they even go for American fast food. Can we all be right? I think we can.

The occasion for weighing these heavy matters was the latest "Table Française," a quasi-social event organized by Boston restaurateur Jacky Robert for 40 or 50 diners, most of whom didn't know each other. We all agreed to sit among strangers at two long tables while chatting only in French and enjoying some of his fine cuisine and French wine. The linen, the crystal, and the silver raised the tone well above picnic level.

The clientele at these monthly dinners is typically 50-50 French expats and American locals, most of them polyglot academics, dabblers in international work, and Francophiles or Americanophiles.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that France is back after a long dry spell when everything French was declared taboo. The hang-up was then-President Jacques Chirac's decision to stay out of the "coalition of the willing" in the second Gulf War. As an American, you didn't dare even speak French in those days. Ask John Kerry, who was caught on camera showing off his French to a TV journalist from Paris. It still comes up.

Today the climate has eased for all of us.

Admittedly I am working with a slightly elitist sample here, but this gathering demonstrated how a free-wheeling discussion among informed people can get beyond the stereotypes and cut to the real issues that both separate us while also drawing us together.

The French-American relationship is probably the most over-analyzed of any two nations today. One friend of mine in Paris wrote a book that she cleverly called "French or Foe?" Despite our long history of cooperation, no one is ever quite sure.

The Boston crowd was up to the task of continuing this analysis. Amid much shouting, one group of diners came up with a list of stark differences that define us:

The French today are most interested in vacations, drinking and love-making.

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Thu, Oct 14th - 5:41PM


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Thu, Oct 14th - 5:39PM


And this she does to prevent ourbecoming united by a common enmity, and her having us both on herhands, and also to ensure getting the start of you in one of two ways,either by crippling our power or by making its strength her own. Nowit is our policy to be beforehand with her- that is, Many people like Microsoft Office.

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