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Sun, May 29th - 7:31PM

Said, the current domestic Microsoft Office 2010

Said, the current domestic Microsoft Office 2010

development trend of SaaS market it is gratifying, Office 2007 is so powerful.

 but some "fortress SaaS" and "hang sheep head sell vinegar," is not in the minority. The expert points out, China SaaS industry needs through the big fish eat way, set industry as soon as possible, and launched standardized benchmarking one-stop service mode that part of the experience, strong, ambitious enterprise "get rich", this to form healthy complete industry chain and strengthen enterprise users confidence to have the important meaning. Microsoft Office is so great!


Is the so-called "for to fulfill rule in not disorderly," use-friend wei library nets recent expanding aggressively was pushed to the two-decade-long industry.

According to understand, wei library nets after 2008 4,500 yuan acquisitions in domestic customer relationship management (CRM) field after the first brand TurboCRM 1,320 yuan, recently and spend bought Shanghai constant gather network technology Co., LTD. Part of the assets, including business and physical assets and software was right, software technology, in development projects, intangible assets such as trademark, domain name. Industry observers thinks generally, wei library nets has become the SaaS market in "the big fish eat the" creation "and" the ambition of the benchmarking to set industry has clear if. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


To this, the friend company senior vice President and general manager of library nets wade eldest male said: "young the takeover library nets wade to domestic SaaS can also be regarded as the beginning of industrial" reorganize ", the "reorganize" help through different enterprise in product technical strengths, forming a more mature and complete SaaS product line, get through the management at all levels throughout the enterprise, forming before barriers to the one-stop online service, which will facilitate the uf wei library network the transformation of e-business strategy." The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.


The weeks, two important software that use friend through the strategic transformation became to financial management and ERP primarily industry leaders. According to wei library nets product manager further introduce: "wei library network in adhering to the basis of uf original advantages for enterprise front, he launched a marketing management online CRM, nets guest treasure and the guest is buying from three applications, for business, the catch customers, tube sales, do analysis four links of small and medium-sized enterprises, help realize the profit of accelerating


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Sun, May 29th - 7:31PM

application gradually expand Office 2010

application gradually expand Office 2010


 to other IT application industry users, including government, energy, manufacturing, transportation, taxation, mobile, education, military, medical, domestic numerous industry starts to scale using middleware products. The particularity of the domestic industry applications, which leads to many international middleware vendors appeared dissatisfied situation of soil and water, which makes domestic middleware vendors have more opportunities for development. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


Recently, the ministry of industry and information ZhaoXiaoFan priests in software services company attended "2009 China's software industry development and enterprise innovation summit" said: "in recent years, China's software service have gained considerable development, particularly apparent." trend edt ZhaoXiaoFan points out, the 2008 years, software products income also continue to dominant, 2008 3166 billion yuan, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

 accounting for the entire software services revenue 42% year-on-year, 32%; And software and technology services 08 revenue was also has reached 1455 billion yuan, accounting for software services revenue 19%, year-on-year growth of 39.9%. Software service and networked trend SaaS model is more apparent, the development of increasingly hot spot. " Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


Indeed, as China SaaS industry scale in 2009, the increasing dramatically different class, SaaS providers have different applications have greatly "appeared, and on, governors unifyingl the potential conflict". Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

Undoubtedly, the software industry in China to Internet service model of transformation is a good phenomenon, but to many in the small and medium-sized enterprises, is a double-edged sword. Recently there enterprise users said: "the SaaS model, make more comprehensive rise in domestic smes can rapidly under low cost investment management information before the application, which is difficult to imagine; but the SaaS vendors to enterprises selection blowout also brings a lot of confusion, manufacturers strength and technical, service between the unbalance of increased informationization risk; and many small SaaS vendors, Microsoft Office is helpful.

for enterprise users demand is one-sided, grasp the extraordinarily focusing on single function point, on the development of their products and services have no long-term strategic planning, cause some enterprise users of SaaS 'installfest' is not good."


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Sun, May 29th - 7:30PM

tier in the domestic and foreign enterprises. Office

tier in the domestic and foreign enterprises. Office


Domestic middleware stability has is no doubt

After ten years of accumulation, our country middleware vendors in products, technology and service, etc, the gap with foreign middleware vendors is quite small. Whereas domestic middleware vendors pay more attention to through technology, product and service for industry bring customers real application value. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

Oriental tong middleware a decade ago started since domestic financial industry by the success of the middleware, message oriented middleware software precedent began TongLINK/Q has been the star of industry informatization construction products, and after more than ten years of market applications inspection, product reliability and practicability has no doubt. Office 2010 is my love.


The east of the middleware TongWeb general application server not only in e-government field has been used widely in China mobile, and the fact that the Internet project telecom industry plays a major projects an irreplaceable role. Recently, China mobile TongWeb successful shortlisted application server centralized purchasing list, and won the comprehensive budget management system projects, then the system will order in 31 provinces and cities have catholicity applications. Office 2010 is my love.


In recent years, application experience accumulation in mature, on the basis of the middleware to east, expand the application layer is developed TongIntegrator and general files integrated middleware TongGTP transmission platform. According to insider introduction, integrated middleware is integrated middleware field TongIntegrator market share first products. And general file transfer platform TongGTP very fit the demand, Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

in the financial industry of several major state-owned Banks practice has shown strong practicability and stability, and to successfully signed a row this year of agricultural bank of China, bank of communications, Shanghai bank, showed remarkable market potential. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.


Domestic middleware the application of the market, has been to the financial, telecommunications market is given priority to, but now, middleware has entered a new stage of diversification, its



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Sun, May 29th - 7:30PM

Sino-foreign management ": Microsoft Office

Sino-foreign management ": Microsoft Office

a lot of people are saying this is a dreadful software maker, because in the economy HangQi, enterprise will first cut software application of cost, you this first-hand experiences? Microsoft Office is helpful.


Recently, be in Beijing had just finished "2009 annual meeting of China's IT customer satisfaction," the Oriental tong middleware again won "middleware user satisfaction comprehensive first" award. This annual meeting of quality supervision by Chinese authoritative organization - - China quality association user committee and market research institution jointly organized plan world information. Microsoft Office is helpful.

To win back-to-back "user comprehensive satisfaction" first ranking, shows that the east middleware has won the general market and the user to its product technical performance and comprehensive service level index recognition. East SunYaMing says, general manager of the middleware "let us happy not only because the honor of Oriental tong get, more important is to honor the meaning behind the homemade middleware products have been successful, break, has won user's affirmation and trust." Outlook 2010 is powerful.


After sorrow: domestic middleware in competition mature

According to the statistics, consultant sadie 2008 China middleware product market overall size 15.46 billion yuan to 19.2 year-on-year,, among which, the market share of the domestic middleware nearly 50%, to the east of the local middleware vendors headed by coming to the forefront. And in the first ten years, foreign manufacturers in market leading position. Although in the Chinese market, Oriental with foreign middleware vendors through almost as they enter the field, but because foreign middleware has international market profits support, and a foreign markets successful marketing experience, soon in the Chinese market has made considerable share. Outlook 2010 is powerful.


"Ten years through unremitting constantly practicing skills, just make us get today with foreign manufacturers to basic par aspect, but our next goal is to achieve beyond SunYaMing firm said,". According to the data CCID etc authority, as domestic middleware bouncy representative, current middleware in domestic middleware Oriental tong reached 19.2 per cent market share, ranked first, Outlook 2010 is powerful.

 and local companies as one of the three major brands first echelon, by a large lead in the second

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Sun, May 29th - 7:30PM

And in this real cases, rigid Microsoft

And in this real cases, rigid Microsoft

 process is the CDC) deal with this complaint to go program and who is participating in flexible everyone has an initiative to solve problems according to the conditions to build up branch, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

this does not interfere with rigid process operation. And the whole solving process is very complete and levels clear recorded, for our future and solve similar problems, management similar case provides extremely effective basis.

Let management become a fool camera

Sino-foreign management ": but we also found that many software vendors say their products are custom designed with what you said, is there any difference between rigid-flexible economic? Office 2010 is my favorite.


The concept of tailored XuShi: there are many, but mostly means product structure changes. We know that as long as involve changes to the program, process is extremely complicated. We pursue let software applications become more cameras as simple as.

Use and convenient and freedom in the intend to increase use, it is the earliest relocating the collaborative software, zero code with mouse complete all configuration, this will achieve described before the idea of car and the steering wheel. Microsoft Office is helpful.


Management of soft is actually participation and freedom. The application of fool design, is so that everyone can participate and experience management process. In fact, the successful management is not a more complex, but more simple. Microsoft Office is helpful.


Sino-foreign management ": big enterprise actually more rigid, but emphasized process in collaborative software in large enterprise more show the value of its application; And small businesses on the more flexible, but synergy for them than is possible input-output than large enterprise obvious, how do you see the "rigid-flexible economic" small businesses? Microsoft Office is helpful.


XuShi: for instance in alibaba opened shop, not yet, but it must have supplier employees. If zhang SAN's suppliers, tell him a number just log on system, we two people can talk business; I can also put ten suppliers all build a group organized called external suppliers, become a working community; We have to go to school abroad customer even the daughter added to his collaborative software, because he felt it very convenient. Small businesses in applications flexibility stronger, more freedom.


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Sun, May 29th - 7:29PM

Any management methods Office 2007

Any management methods Office 2007

are not instant, the enterprise needs to discover, explore and verify the management process can be cured, management software can effectively records management process, for enterprises to establish processes, optimizing management, provides the basis. Microsoft Office is so great!


This is suitable for Chinese enterprise characteristics. And this characteristics also decided, in China enterprise has part is not more is better, if I'm going to start the meal, want to use left hand or right hand, it would be too hard. To widen the western medicine, if a little less rigid can be seen as a more flexible, TCM is flexible much less, and I think that rigid of our enterprise is precisely TCM style of management needs.

Explore Chinese management process, in fact is a balancing act between the courthouse and emotion in the process. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


(motto: western medicine can be seen as a more flexible less rigid, TCM is flexible much less, and I think that rigid of our enterprise is precisely TCM style of management needs.)

Sino-foreign management ": could you give an example of a minute?

XuShi: this is a real story, is one of our story. The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.


We have an engineer in chengdu CDC), called. Once he accepted a customer complaints, saying program errors, but the CDC) don't know where is wrong. In that day, 11 09 points he found superior, 11 29 points from chengdu expanded to Beijing collaboration of customer service, until 12 o 'clock 14 points to the whole east China team progress. The information also after discussion, exploration, guess, consistent continued to 10pm, suzhou front implementation engineer joined, understands hidden problem... Office 2007 is so powerful.

To solve the problem from found a share for 10 days. I want to say is key in this process, the participants to 12, across five areas according to the traditional ways to resolve this 10 days in the exchanges between several team process information, discuss get us dizzy.



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Sun, May 29th - 7:29PM

problem. This is what we Microsoft office 2007

problem. This is what we Microsoft office 2007

emphasize management software applications rigidity. But a variety of situations, we need to add a lot of people inherent process in participation, is also flexible part. No matter how the process is, the whole process is people do things in the process, but now most of the enterprise management environment, exactly is flexible process in the majority, rigid flow in the minority. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.


For realizing this vision of speaking, the friend of rigid-flexible economic versus dualization workflow "means the concept.

Sino-foreign management ": you say that could you explain the workflow" versus dualization principle? Office 2010 is my favorite.


What XuShi: actually workflow is not the new concept. And both the workflow innovation is the workflow, result, can construct the so-called culture applications. Simple in construction process, said the two elements: when an element is process has been customized died, not changed. As if you step on the bus, you just need to know where to stand, but how to get it with your direction, and that's the rigid flow parts. Office 2007 can make life better and easier.


But any enterprise has its own individual needs, to process is "people" demand, this is flexible, also produced the first binary. That is to say, we hope everyone can train after your grasp direction, let a person's presence will become more freedom. This flexible can make the enterprise management become more flexible and reduce the cost of process too curing cause.

Management of the soft and just is contradictory, but also interact with each other, especially in the Chinese enterprise. Office 2007 can make life better and easier.


Sino-foreign management ": you're right, it is Chinese enterprise's characteristic, human factors beyond the rigid flow. Always But it can also be seen as China enterprise in the management of a weakness, is why "process" is emphasized repeatedly the reasons. Don't you think this is a contradictory points? Office 2007 can make life better and easier.


XuShi: in fact, this is the starting point of the "rigid-flexible economic". Many enterprise process, system, has experienced the process from flexible rigidity. If the process of investigation about flow construction you'll find, enterprise founded a flow, must be run for a period of time, then use system of certain content curing down, not a start rigid flow is very complete state.



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Sun, May 29th - 7:29PM

"There is a lot of can reuse Microsoft Office 2010

"There is a lot of can reuse Microsoft Office 2010

 service, can guarantee the 'high efficiency, U9 develop high quality and low cost'" HuangTao said.

In the Internet and wireless network is more and more developed today, admitted that enterprise management software dependence is growing. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

But the more cannot ignore is the fact that the application of, management software has been a major success rate, one of the problems with enterprise software. Especially for those who both hardware facilities or management level are required to ascend of small and medium-sized enterprises, more worried about online caused failure and the cost of the escalating. And for vendors, management software as a tool, it is difficult to infinite satisfying the condition. The contradiction between the solution? Office 2010 is my love.


GeChang shangdu in finding solutions, as local biggest collaborative software (shoesmag note: a kind of "mutual cooperation" software, main effect is to assist with many, many organizations to complete the management affairs, collaborative participants are more personnel and group and multiple application system) manufacturers of relocating hope that through "rigid-flexible economic uf method of" let management software applications reached the "emotion" and "law" integration, to improve the success rate of software online. "We just hope to achieve the Chinese 'neat to strain with'." The chairman of XuShi uf relocating sino-foreign management "said. Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.


In fact, at present, the Chinese firm soft combining art applies not only to software, the pursuit for managers, as other rigid management tools to work.

From soft gradual to just

Sino-foreign management ": the idea, according to the friend relocating to management software in the application of its maximizing efficiency can be rigid-flexible economic and management software application, but the original intention is not hope curing process, rigid management? Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.


XuShi: first I would like to emphasize our management environment. In China, most enterprise management also is in need of further optimized and reform, many times system and stage in procedures are continuously explore and validation process, and in such an environment, management flexible became more prominent. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.


In fact, again perfect process'm afraid I can't solve all problems. Originally we put the repetitive, regular things up to the system, it is to let system get deformation implementation, this is no


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Sun, May 29th - 7:29PM

In addition, in addition to Office 2010

In addition, in addition to Office 2010


the above two U9 "customization" way outside, also retained the traditional second development way. If in a business, service is not appropriate, to redevelop the new service, U9 interface support international standards, can use, also can use the J2EE to call U 9 other service, in technology choice is open. Microsoft Office is helpful.


Flexible expand and customized mechanism, benefited from the SOA.

In addition, the framework for U9 bring greater development of the advantage is that greatly facilitate system upgrades convenience. HuangTao points out: choose U9, ERP upgrade process, first customer risk reduction of, in addition to the development process of actually gains U9 is bigger. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!


Traditional ERP any large-scale system upgrades, will give the user bring huge risks mainly is the architecture, and compatibility of adjustment. But the SOA U9, software, as long as the particle is service service interface without changing the API standard of service module, it didn't have any effect, users are can do gentle upgrades.

Compatibility, based on SOA U9, completely without thinking of the original system development service component can be applied to the new system on, because SOA system platform and connect via API interfaces between components, same as long as the API doesn't change, system platform will not affect to upgrade already maturing component compatibility issue. Outlook 2010 is powerful.


"In previous system, is no metadata to describe and define the API." To solve such a problem, former clients and developers are not know, cannot be solved. In U9 inside, through metadata to describes its foreign all interfaces. Such a description, we can easily during development, see API compatibility problems. Office 2007 is so powerful.


This kind of mode, besides letting customers safely in system upgrades outside, more important is, greatly improving U9 own r&d efficiency. Establish service library based on SOA U9 system big upgrade after the reuse of service, not influence. Traditional ERP upgrades, surrounding development new application would face the adjustment of service, and SOA almost didn't have

any effect, can direct link to xinping stage "reuse". Office 2007 is so powerful.





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Sun, May 29th - 7:26PM

purchase contract once, the system Office 2007

purchase contract once, the system Office 2007

will give some hints and automatic end the contract execution.
U9 product function and industry applications the further deepening, satisfied the existing machinery, electronics, communication etc users demand, also let enterprise management become more relaxed, transparent. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

"Touch U9" experience mode reveal use-friend self-confidence
In addition to deepen besides, U9V2 function. 0 enhanced according to customer by both saiban (order) tracking management, or how Angle trade, relationship between the processing, limited capacity enterprise CTP, concentration of purchasing, workshop inventory, relationship between financial synergy, much of enterprise organization's freight settlement, support materials specifications, full support for more than the serial number of the alternative materials management controls, ziprasidone, sets, Office 2010 is my favorite.
business types integration, related enterprise with completion series of new material properties. Product deliverables and user experience also improved significantly. A paragraph of rapid growth oriented, complex applied enterprise of world-class management software in the mature products U9V2. Version 1.0 realized almost perfect experience. Microsoft Office is helpful.

Use-friend vice President and chief architect U9 application HuangYiZhang introduction, perfect user experience, make U9V2. 0 to users business adaptive flexibility strengthened, so that the system can adapt to all kinds of business processing mode and the scene. For example, not only for the stock rundown, V2.0 can support freeze inventory, cycle count and so on many kinds of inventory model, and also support the snapshot inventory; Microsoft Office is helpful.
For another example, sales price and discount management can achieve more, V2.0 latitude pricing and dependent pricing, etc pricing model, still can have flexible pricing model. For more latitude pricing, can press materials, clients, measurement unit, currency and so on many dimensions of the price formulation and management; Way to move, still can support "to keep automatic homing sales order, and traces of price process in advance, expire formulated effective pricing strategy functions such as automatic". Microsoft Office is helpful.

According to reporter understanding, is confident U9V2. 0, use-friend were plotting to overthrow of high-end management software in the marketing means consistent ERP, the design gives "Touch" model and U9 method, also is to let users can further before purchase, and make contact


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Tue, May 10th - 5:10PM

Open management tool,Office 2010


 the computer management - local users and groups - users:

Delete Support_388945a0 user and so on leaving only change your good name for a adminisrator permissions.

Computer management - local users and groups - group, group. We will not grouping.

16, do-it-yourself DIY in local strategy security options

Office 2010 is my favorite.


Login name (distance) if open 3389 service, others made landfall, will not remain a user name you log in. Let him go to guess your user name

It. 3) the additional restrictions for anonymous connections. 4) prohibit CRTL + del by Alt + (not necessary). 5) allowed before coming ashore in not [the shutdown Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


Stop remote shutdown/start, mandatory shutdown/start]. 6) only local land users can access cd-rom. 7) only local land users

To visit the floppy drive. 8) cancel shutdown reason tips. A, open the control panel and double-click power options window icon, and in subsequent out Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.


Now the power into the window, attributes "advanced" tag page; B, the "power button on this page" setting in a place, will "press Microsoft Office is helpful.


Computer power button under "setting for" shut down ", click "set" button that, to exit the setup box; C, later, when need shutdown

Can direct press down the power button, you can directly off the computer. Of course, we can also Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

enable hibernation function keys, to achieve rapid shutdown

And boot; D, if not enable hibernation mode in the system, would be in the control panel window, open power options, into dormancy

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Tue, May 10th - 5:10PM

Application: > attribute >Office

 Settings right click log size limit, I set the 50 MB, choose not to cover events.

> > attribute security: right-click log size limit set, I also set up 50 MB, choose not to cover events.

> > attribute system: right-click log size limit set, I is set up 50 MB, choose not to cover events.

12, local security strategy

Open management tool, find local security Settings - local strategy -- security options: Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.


1. Interactive landed. Don't need Ctrl + Alt + Del [according to individual needs, enable? But I personally do not require direct lose

Langdon lu the] the password. 2. Network access. Don't allow SAM account anonymous enumeration enabled. 3. Network access. But anonymous sharing will behind

Value deleted. 4. Network access. But anonymous named pipe will delete the value behind. 5. Network access. But remote access the registry path Office 2010 is my love.


The value of the rear deletion. 6. Network access. But remote access the registry behind the value of zilu diameter will delete. 7. Network access. Limit unseen

Name named pipe and Shared access. 8. Account. (front has detailed said pull).

13, user permissions distribution strategy

Open management tool, find local security Settings - local strategy -- user permissions distribution: Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


14, terminal service configurations

Open management tool, terminal services configuration:

1. To open, point connections, right, properties, remote control, some not allow remote control. 2. Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

Routine, encryption level, high, in use standard

Quasi Windows validation on some appropriate! 3. Nic, will set up the number of connections for 0. 4. Senior, will the permissions also delete inside.

Another point in the Active server Settings, the thing, set, and limit each use banned a session. Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.


15, user and group strategy

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Tue, May 10th - 5:10PM

An account, also canMicrosoft Office

 log on to safe mode, will Sam file deletions, thus changing the system administrator of the password! And in safe mode Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!


The next set of administrator will not appear this kind of circumstance, because do not know the administrator password is not into safe mode

Type. Permissions maximize this is password policy: the user can set according to their own habits Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

password, below is my suggested Settings.

Open management tool - local security Settings - password strategies:

1. The password must comply with complex requires sexual. Enable 2. Password minimum value. I set is 8 3. Password longest use period. I am the default Settings 42 days

4. The password shortest use period 0 days 5. Mandatory password history remember 0 a Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

password 6. Use but reductive encryption to store passwords disabled

11, local strategy

This is very important, can help us find those be ill people movements, still can help our future traced hackers.

(although general hackers will clear him walking on your computer will leave traces, but there are also some accidentally) Office 2007 is so powerful.


Open management tool, find local security Settings - local strategy -- audit strategies:

1. The audit strategies changed failure 2. Review landing event successful failure 3. Audit object access failure 4. Audit tracking process without approval

5. Audit directory service access failure 6. Audit privileges use failure 7. Audit system event Outlook 2010 is powerful.

successful failure 8. Audit landfall time into account

Power failure 9. Audit account management success failure

& nb sp; Then to management tool to find event viewer to:

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Tue, May 10th - 5:10PM

Pieces, printing, and named Microsoft

pipe sharing] 19. Special Helper Console [allows administrators under the use emergency management Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!


Service remote access command-line prompt] 20. IPNetBIOS [provide TCP/Helper TCP/IP services on the Internet NetBIOS and guests

Households with the analytical NetBIOS name users can hold and share files, print and login to Outlook 2010 is powerful.

network] 21. [allow remote Telnet

Users to log on to this computer and run the program] Terminal Services for 22. In an interactive way [allows users to connect to remote computer]

23. Add well s Acquisition (WIA) [photography services, application and digital camera]

If found machine opened some strange services, such as r_server such services, must immediately Microsoft Office is helpful.

stop the service, because this end

All the possible use of control program the hacker server.

10, password security principles

First guest account, will disable the administrator account system built-in name (the more complex Office 2010 is my favorite.

to the better, best into Chinese)

And to set up a password, had better be to eight more alphanumeric symbols combination.

If you are using the other accounts, had better not put its administrators, if add administrators added, certain of

Also want to set a enough safe password, ditto if you set adminstrator password when, had better Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

in safe mode Settings, because

After I study found that the system has the highest authority account, not adminitrator account under normal landing, because even with this

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Tue, May 10th - 5:10PM

The remote computer access Office 2007

to Shared 4. Without method for Distributed Link Tracking Server [j] 5 LAN Distributed Link Human The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.


[enabled Device Access with to human learn Interface Device (HID) general input 6. IMAPI visit] CD Burning COM

Service [management CD recording] 7. [Indexing Service provide local or remote computer file index content and attributes, leakage

Information] 8. Ever Kerberos Key specific Center [licensing agreement login network] 9. License Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

Logging [surveillance IIS and SQL

If you don't install IIS and SQL words will stop] 10. [warning] 11. Messenger NetMeeting Sharing Remote thing

[netmeeting company customer information collection] left for a 12. At the same stage [DDE computer or programs run on different computers Microsoft Office is so great!


Provide dynamic data exchange] 13. A DSDM DDE data dynamic exchange [management (DDE) Network sharing] 14. Locate 14, 20: Print Spooler [dozen

Printing machine service, no printer forbade it] 15. Remote NBSP; of & thing Session Manager [management and control remotely Office 2007 is so powerful.


Assist] 16. [makes the distance Remote enabled computer user modification local Registry] 17. [in Remote Access and ccna bureau

Domain nets and to provide routing service wap. Hacker reason routing service spying on the registration information] 18. Server [support this computer through the network text

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Tue, May 10th - 5:09PM

Will start type into manual,Microsoft office 2007

 and stop this service. (the method in XP also applies)

Use Windows 2000 Pro friend note, there are many articles on the Internet in Win2000pro start -- said > > Settings - - control panel applet

- > > management tools - - find Terminal Services for service service item, the chosen attributes option will start type into manual, and stop this clothing Microsoft Office is helpful.


Service, can be closed 3389, actually in 2000pro nonexistent in Terminal Services for.

8.4899 preventive

There are many on the network intrusion 4899 about 3389 and methods. 4899 is actually a remote control software open server port, by Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.


In these control software powerful, so often hackers used to control their own chicken, and this kind of software generally will not be antivirus software check

Kill, backdoor also safe. Than

4899 unlike 3389 that, is the system comes with service. Need to install your own, and need to upload the server computer and the invasion of shipment Office 2010 is my favorite.


Line service, can achieve control of purpose.

So as long as your computer to do basic configuring security, hackers are difficult to 4899 to control your through.

9, disable services Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


Open the control panel, enter management tools - services, closing the following services:

1. Alerter [notice selected users and computer management alarms] 2. ClipBook [opening "scrapbooks viewer" store information and remote

Computer sharing Distributed File System]] 3. [will be dispersed File sharing merged into a logical name, sharing out, the closure Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.


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Tue, May 10th - 5:09PM

When he appeared, then Microsoft Office 2010

you should consider, you whether the machine has been hackers have control, or a virus.

2. Delete sharing (each input a) country admin $/ delete country c $/ country d $/ (if you have e, f,... can continue Office 2010 is my love.


Renewal deleted)

3. Delete the ipc $empty connection

In operation regedit within the registry, input HKEY - found in Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


The name of RestrictAnonymous numerical of numerical data from 0 to 1.

4. Shut down their 139 port, the Ipc and RPC vulnerabilities exist in this

139 port method is closed in "network and dial-up" in "local connection" select the "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" genera

Sex, enter "senior TCP/IP Settings" "WinS Settings" inside have a "disable of TCP/IP NETBIOS", ticking off the 139 terminal

My mouth.

5. Prevent Rpc loophole Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.


Open management tools - services - find RPC (Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator) services - will fault recovery

The first failure, the second failure, the subsequent failure, are set to not operating.

Windwos XP SP2 and Windows 2000 Pro Sp4, all does not exist this loophole.

3389 shutoff Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.


WindowsXP: my computer point right select properties - - > remote, will the remote assistance and inside remote desktop two options box to the hook


Win2000server start - > > program -- -- - > service management tools - - find Terminal Services for service items, selected attributes options Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.


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Tue, May 10th - 5:09PM

Had better install professional Office 2010

1. antivirus software for comprehensive monitoring. Recommend that users install antivirus software to prevent the virus, the user is increasing in

After install antivirus software upgrade, often should, will some of the main monitoring often Outlook 2010 is powerful.

open (such as E-mail surveillance), memory and monitoring, encounter

To question to report, in order to truly guarantee the security of computers.

2. Playing online games, using QQ chat of users will have increased, so all kinds of men trojans will increases, recommend that users must

Develop good network usage, timely upgrades antivirus software and open the firewall and Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

real-time monitoring of function, cut off the spread of the virus approach

And don't give the virus away.

Network security about the personal Internet security, or put you might encounter problems to a class now. We meet invasion square

Type the following several: probably including

(1) by others steal passwords;

(2) system is Trojan attacks; Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


(3) when browsing the web by malicious Java scrpit program attack;

(4) QQ are attacked or leakage information; Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!


(5) virus infection;

(6) system loopholes in making others against himself.

(7) the hacker's malicious attacks.

Let's take a look at what kind of means by more effective prevention attack. Office 2007 is so powerful.


1. See local Shared resource

Running CMD input, if seen unusually country Shared, so should be closed. But sometimes you sharing closed up next time


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Tue, May 10th - 5:09PM

A, "QQ 139373" (the stolen AmorBc Troj Win32Office

. J j c. 139373) threat level: u

1. Make a file

% programfiles % \ Shared Files \ Microsoft to SysWFGQQ2. MSInfo \ \ \ a DLL

2. Injection process, monitoring QQ users log on the window and the following url, steal users QQ number and password, sent to the information such as remote mailbox Microsoft Office is helpful.


http:// * * * p.q q.c om/clIEnturl_239? ADUIN = 0 & ADSESSION = 0 & ADTAG = are 1631_LoginWindow. 0 j j QQ

https://ac * * * nt. Qq. Com/cgi - bin/auth_forget? ForgetType = PW&PcacheTime = 1179536999

3. The virus will read the directory LoginUinList. QQ taking landuse-dat retrieve the user number Office 2010 is my favorite.


4. From the remote server to download virus files installed to user's computer

HXXP: / / hm. 5460w. Cn/kav. Exe

5. The virus leave the following malicious information Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


"Ymygc..." "Cc" "cckabalaji" "BC" "fuckavp" "don't kill me" "grass died kappa"

Second, "dream of stolen dp" (Win32. OnlineGames Troj. J 81920) threat level by dp. 9:28:

1. Copying themselves to the virus

Windir % \ system32 \ % kvmxdis. Exe Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!


And produce the following files:

Windir % \ system32 \ % kvmxacf. Windir % \ system32 DLL % kvmxdma. Windir DLL % \ \ % \ fonts \ armease. Fon

2. Virus modifying registry disable system firewalls and system automatic updates. Outlook 2010 is powerful.


Jinshan antivirus engineer advised


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Tue, May 10th - 5:08PM

Secunia will Microsoft Office

Secunia will Microsoft Office

this loophole grading for "high-risk".

To this, kaspersky spokesman says, are still not aware that this loophole, kaspersky later will issue a relevant statement. But kaspersky Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


Senior technical adviser David Emm also said, did not find the problem.

As for kaspersky will this issue made the announcement, notify to the user, Emm said: "likely to do so, but it was not

Sure. "

"QQ 139373" (the stolen AmorBc Troj Win32. J j c. 139373) this is a QQ Trojan men. Virus after Microsoft Office is so great!

the operation will release virus document to process

Order by using ShellExecuteHooks folder, and since the launch. Through the injection process, monitor user use QQ chatting tools, and through

Read LoginUinList. Directory QQ, taking landuse-dat retrieve the user number list, and delete QQ directory to tempt users ewh. Db, dense enter again

Code etc of stealing users way QQ number and password and other information. In addition, the virus will also from the remote server to download virus files installed to user calculation Office 2007 is so powerful.


Machine and delete QQ doctor Lord executable files.

"Dream of stolen dp" (Win32. OnlineGames Troj. J j 81920) this is by dp a men trojans, viruses will be born in the client computers

Into multiple virus associated documents, and by creating a registry to achieve virus boot can since the launch. The virus will modifying registry make customer calculator machine The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.


The system firewalls and system on automatic update feature failure, steal customers on the computer network game fantasy west swim "account information.

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