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Mon, Sep 13th - 5:38PM

The Home Based Business ..Fact Or Fiction????

First I do want to apologize for being FORWARD in advance!! The fact of the matter is that the HBB Industry is making BILLIONS on your misconceptions that working from home income really exists & people are becoming wealthy.Unless you worked for a major company that hired you on as a telecommuter or you have had a successful HBB established for 3 years and you have BROKE even. I can assured you are not going to make money. Let alone the thousands you paid these companies !! The Gurus in the HBB Industry did not make the money sitting at home this I know from working in the (HBB INDUSTRY) for over 10 years. I know one thing they did do"THEY LIED TO YOU" Indirectly!!

The truth is many of the Gurus today learned from industry leaders that if you want to be successful in anything you have to work hard but most of these leader in the industry made MILLIONS doing one thing. They used whats already FREE and available on internet to their advantage like Google Ad sense, Ebay, Amazon and other affiliate marketing sites to make you think you are working for them.The truth is affiliate marketing is FREE to join (Affiliate Marketing) Created by Amazon in the last 10 years!!! In this Google Groups low-no cost Biz-Op site you are gonna learn about many opportunities that people pay Thousands for from industry leader who own huge call center or boiler rooms nation wide. Most of these Industry leader have not had but a  High School education let alone some college. Many of them have written books and even travel the world in luxury at your expense with very little or NO return on your investment. Including doing seminars for tens of thousand of dollars and motivational speaking for large companies.

These stories are truly inspirational when you use manistifation of thought & a simple and affective method called "TARGETED MEDIA PLACEMENT", a fancy word for advertising!!! Now keep in mind that all home based business opportunities don't make all the money on your start up cost. They make the BIG money on advertising or MEDIA packages,Email blasts,Educational materials,TV Infomercial,Radio Ads & much more. In McDonald they call it up sizing your order. In the Industry of the HBB no business can survive on the start up cost alone. Now keep in mind its a very small percentage of people that actually make money in any home based Biz- Op. Some companies use over inflated stats to entice new clients but I know the business very well. In one Industry leaders speech with over 30 yrs of MEDIA coaching.He reminded us all that direct sales is a game and you have to play the game if you want to WIN. He states as much money the Industry makes  "Millions"  it is not enough !!!

Please note: Click on the link that will take you to my web site that will give you further training and information about low & no cost advertising,low cost & no cost web sites without web hosting fees.Including learning how to blog,press releases,mastering the art of electronic signatures,news groups,discussion groups and so much MORE. Please if you are speaking with any one regarding an advertising campaign for your Business costing $3500-$5000 for 20,000 hits or more I can get you 100,000 quality hits for approx. $50.00.

I would like to leave you with something to think about. In all the time in this HBB industry I have watched clients dish out THOUSANDS of dollars including there life savings,second & third mortgages on there property,max out ALL the house hold credit cards,equity lines of credit on the home. And within 6 month call back to cancel or want there money back.The truth is they where sold on the HIGH & OVER INFLATED price of the additional service because if its cost MORE than it must work MIND SET. My point is you can spend a whole lot less get MORE take the SAME RISK and get the same results but with more money in your pocket and less regret later. 65% of all sign ups to my links paid o free came from hitsboosterpro and another site I will tell you more about later.


Thank YOU so much for time and consideration.

Sam Ammari




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Sam Ammari

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