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Thu, Oct 13th - 11:59AM

Full Moon Thoughts
Full Moon at 18 degrees. Wouldn't be much of anything if it weren't for the fact that the next 6 Full Moons will be at 18 degrees. Pair this with the odd Solar Energies of this year and it certainly is something to pause and go, "Hmm....." about. Time for more tea and some contemplation.


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Tue, Sep 27th - 9:21AM

Heaviness Lifting
The rains have stopped, but the sky hangs heavy and low; no sign of sunshine in sight. But, there is a feel of lightness approaching, heaviness lifting, air clearing.

Deep breath, exhale, and do it again.

Things are approaching; things need to be done.

The Cycle continues.

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Sun, Sep 25th - 11:35PM

Raining Still
I forget how many days it's been raining now. The frequency, the intermittent nature, the weight of it, it all makes me think this is meant to be a cleansing rain. Must use it to our advantage. The same as with protection: you can never have too much cleansing.

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Fri, Sep 23rd - 12:26PM

Mabon: the Autumnal Equinox
The Second Harvest is here! Now is the day celebrating the harvest of fruits and the abundance of vegetables. Day and Night are poised, balanced, and all is still and calm.

Now is the height of Autumn, the cold of Winter has already announced its approach with a killing frost, rendering the apples and grapes fit for harvest now. 

With the cold comes the entrance of the Spiders into our homes. Chase them out, if you must, but most will be content to share space with you, hanging about in the corners, keeping the biting spiders in check. The cold is coming and this Sabbat is about sharing our blessings with those around us. 

Remember your Connections, remember your Community. 

Blessed Mabon!

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Thu, Sep 22nd - 10:04PM

Late Night pre-Mabon Thoughts...
The Autumnal Equinox just hours ahead; my head buzzing with thoughts. Expectations realistically optimistic, hope abounds, and for the moment ...all is well.
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