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Sun, Aug 15th - 1:57PM

Genealogy & Me

Hello!  I am sitting here today thinking just how quickly I am picking up on the genealogy search!  It is exciting and addicting.  I recently [less than a month ago] started researching the grandfather I never knew, Eulus Smith.  You see, I have known for 25+ years that he was out there and he was my grandfather, but I never knew him or how to find him.  I have asked my grandmother and different family members questions but never got definitive answers. I jokingly told my grandmother that I was going to get a copy of her marriage license.  She chuckled and we left it at that. It took me 5 years to do it, but finally I made my mind up that I had to start somewhere.  I knew they were married in Saluda, SC and that it was 1950 when they got married.  I knew my dad was born November of 1950 and they were married before that.  I took a guess from the information grandma had shared with me over the years that it was probably around January or February when they were married.  I took an extended lunch break and drove to Saluda.  I entered the court house, found the probate court's office and slowly walked in.  There was a very kind and helpful lady sitting at the desk.  In less than 5 minutes and 25 cents I had a copy of their marriage license! I finally had something of his....something that probably wasn't important to any one else but it was to me.  I had his signature!  I now knew the correct way to spell his name!  This was my starting point!  I want to know all I can about this man....the good, the bad, and the ugly!  I do not want his physical possessions, just some copies of pictures and someone to share memories.

In just these few weeks I have learned more than I have known in a life time and there is so much more there to know! My dad has siblings he has never met!  Imagine that...having brothers and sisters out there and not knowing them.  That is sad.  I pray that I am able to contact these siblings and connect them with my dad!  I would like to give this gift to him!

I encourage you to search for your family.  Search your history. Live now, but remember the past!  May you be blessed!


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