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The Candy Store - RSS feed - Add to Google

Thu, Aug 5th - 10:35AM

Well I'm always looking for ways to promote Writers' Well, and today I discovered that, because my current RSS feed thingy wasn't updating properly, I'd have to make some changes. Google offer Feedburner, which has a lot of interesting gadgets, one of which I'm going to demonstrate here:

Writers' Well Uploads

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Brilliant, isn't it?
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Thu, Aug 5th - 2:26AM

Intros and all that
Hello, I'm Candy Kane, owner and manager of a group of websites in a collective I call Writers' Well. Spread out across three websites, it's got a forum, a blog, and an efiction component, all of which are connected on the hub.

The function of Writers' Well is for writers to read, review, and rendezvous. Most of the time, we chat on the lively, friendly forum about life in general and the things we get up to. There are areas for general chat and games, for discussion of of our fandoms and for getting help with our stories. We also have a special area set aside for mature posters, since most of my present posters are teenagers.

There's a story challenge every month, and in recognition that we're not all writers, I've been accepting videos and graphics as well as written stories. The challenge for this month is All In A Day's Work, and entries must be about the character's job or vocation. Entrant's icons are available, and there's a special one for the winner. The icons for past and present challenges are hosted on the gallery at the hub, along with links to the entries.

Uploads, the efiction component, is where the stories are posted. It permits people to post their stories and get reviews for them on a site that uses tiny MCE to allow full customization of the text.

On Updates, the blog, which is hosted on Blogger, news of the site and changes being made to it is posted. Although Uploads and the forum would allow for this, using the blog in this way enables us to get Writers' Well further up the Google rankings by having the name and links to the other components ride piggyback on a well-known site. It also makes the news more accessible.

The hub came about because I had left over from my efforts to find a website that would allow me to host the efiction component for free, and wanted to use the domain name, which looks better than the subdomain I would have had with the free websites.

My desire to make the most of the features offered on Google sites has led to the addition of the recs page, which I use to plug the writings of people I am friendly with. This has pleased the beneficiaries, who, in turn, have been plugging Writers' Well, the object of the exercise. I may elect to add more features to the hub, which has an RSS feed on the front page to give readers an at-a-glance view of what is happening on the blog, forum and efiction component. There are also links to my Twitter account and to my other blog at Blogger.

Writers' Well is an ever-changing, organic franchise, and I'm always looking for ways to improve it and the service I offer to end-users. The ads on the sites are a possible source of revenue, but I haven't had enough clicks on them to make them worthwhile yet.

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