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Sun, Aug 25th - 8:41AM

In case you didn't know...
I have a new URL for my main website.

I want to write about my current situation and feelings concerning it but I'm afraid that my words will bring undeserved consequences. Let's just say that in Trinidad and Tobago the government can spend $84 million TTD for laptops for twelve year old children (even those who already have computers), no questions asked.

I miss you, KAS.-Vijay.
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Sun, Dec 9th - 7:26AM

My words
Reflecting on the past it would seem that when I made a post about my thoughts on the forums at (owned by Airzoom; it no longer is online, however), they would come through at some time in the future. This was about a decade ago and I recall several examples, but they are somewhat personal so I won't retell them here.

Thus, my typed words have power upon... everything! (more or less.) Hence, I'll try something here which may appear selfish...

I am healthy, fit, able and of sound mind. My mother is happy and healthy too. I will not need surgery to eliminate the tumour, and its negative effects on myself will be corrected forthwith. -Vijay.
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Fri, May 11th - 1:00PM

The roof, ceiling and inside the house is more or less done. Next come the windows, doors and maybe the installation of air-conditioning units. Finally, the outside of the house has to be painted and the ironwork needs touching up. I really doubt that the front fence and gate will be done anytime soon.

I didn't want my room sealed off and I've just been proven to be correct; my room is too warm during the day even when I have a fan running. I don't have much free space now so I asked my mammy to ask my brother to get a tower fan for me just like the one he has. It takes less space and it blows like a geyser.

There is still a lot of junk around the house and my father is reluctant to do anything about it despite the insistence of my mammy. Material could be used to construct a shed in the backyard and all the bits and pieces can be stored there, but my father is dead set against building a shed there and doing such. In the meantime it is dangerous for me and my mammy to go downstairs and I can't get to whatever little plants remain to take photographs of the few flowers now.

These days are really dull as I am waiting for the broadcast of the Olympic Games this July-August. I have my own television so there's no problem if I watch the games for the whole day. I've also been missing my videogames and I need to get my wardrobe replaced and also I need a TV stand. I might get my uncle to build both when he comes soon to take measurements and such for my mammy's cupboards and wardrobe-in-the-wall. If I get a good price I'll get rid of my old wardrobe (it's been there before I physically existed) and then I'll have more space and such to organize more of my things.

When I get my TV stand I'll move the television set from my desk and place my printer there. The voltage regulator will get a shelf and I'll get a new Playstation 2 for the other shelf and the television will be on the top shelf. I was thinking about getting a DVD player but I don't really look at DVD movies often. I do have about fifteen titles though and they'll go into the cabinet at the bottom. I'll have to move out the table-on-wheels to make room for the TV stand.

The wardrobe will be only slightly larger than my existing one. I'll get my uncle to add some drawers at the bottom and a shoe cupboard too (mammy's idea). I'll then have plenty space to put my clothes and such things and I'll free up some space in my dresser. I won't need to have boxes here and there again. I just hope that the windows are done before hand.

The electrician also did some work and now I have two new sockets in my room. I no longer need an extension cord running across my room for the clock radio and the fan, etc. so it's easier on the eyes and feet now.

Quite a lot of space is taken up by my stationary bike, a "Pro Supra Exer". It has been adjusted specifically for my height and no one else in the household can make use of it comfortably. I don't have a problem with that but I do regret that my mammy can't use it. There is a treadmill outside though and I am the only one who can't use it because of my mass. My younger sister uses it once in a blue moon. My mammy can't get the hang of it and my daddy just won't attempt to use it. There's a Body By Jake downstairs but none of us can make any good use of it (I'm too large, etc.) because it's so old. I plan to buy some free weights when I get more space in my room.

I was thinking about getting a small refrigerator and using it for items specific to my meal plan. There's never enough room in the family fridge for things I want and the freezer and other refrigerator downstairs mainly stores extra foodstuff. I want to buy items like cottage cheese, pickles, romaine lettuce, baby carrots and such. Most of those things require refrigeration and I plan on getting enough for the month when I can, so I really need to get a personal fridge. Now, I can only get it if I clear up more space in my room but I can't move my bike outside.

Anyway, I got a new battery for my PC a few months ago and I used it when I was downstairs. I've placed it in my desk drawer now because I have the PC plugged in and the old battery has enough power in it in case of a power failure to adequately enable me to save whatever I'm doing. The new battery lasts longer than four hours on a single charge with my regular workload. I almost never have to use the PC for such a long run all at once though.

I updated my main website with some songs and photos, check it out when you can.

Later! -Vijay.
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Sat, Mar 24th - 8:18AM

Oh well...
They're still working in and around the house so I'm still stuck downstairs during the day and as a result I can't get as many photographs as I'd like.

Many of the plants don't have flowers but those that do are resplendent with vigour and colour... and I can't get to them because of the scaffolding and such. I went to the National Radiotherapy Centre yesterday for my regular doctor visit (one of them, if I must say) and my mammy didn't go with me as someone had to remain home. I met two relatives there and my aunt was pretty down as she is rather not up to it these days. I do hope that she gets better soon.

She is one of those people who actually took care of herself. She ate what she needed, exercised regularly and was very active. When she got sick it was quite a shock and since then she has suffered greatly. My mammy was close to her and they spoke regularly and now she can't stop worrying about her.

When the nurse called her name yesterday they were outside and my father went to get them. I was next so the nurse let me see the doctor, all by myself. When I was finished I came out of the office and I waved to my aunt and uncle and went on my way. My father was just returning and after I got my prescription stamped he took it and went to the dispensary to get my stuff. He had quite a time walking up and down and about the compound and I waited at the side of the car.

While waiting I saw tiny little children in red football uniforms training on the edge of the savannah. I'm thinking now how fabulous I was in primary school but the systems in place back then didn't facilitate for gifted children to do all that they could. They just let me go to one or two academic competitions and they totally ignored my physical prowess. Well, in the end it doesn't even matter.

After the run at the clinic my father drove to Chee Mooke's bakery and he bought some stuff. I was amazed when I saw a large truck with bags of flour stacked on the tray. It was so much and my father said that they actually did use that much! They open at four in the morning and by three in the afternoon all their products are sold out every day! They do have delicious whole wheat bread and other baked goods and they are quite popular because of that.

Well, I have to go out next week too and my mammy said that she will accompany me when I have to see the other doctor.

Also, there is a live action Rurouni Kenshin movie in the works in Japan but I don't expect much. They had a nice game last year for the Playstation 2 but it was a Japanese item. I also heard that they'll revive the manga series. I did like the English versions of releases so far but there is only so much that I can buy, you know?

Anyway, I updated with a little bit:

Later! -Vijay.
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Tue, Mar 6th - 9:19AM

Well they're still doing the roof right now and the break I took from computing resulted in one of my websites being deleted.

The movie pictures from the four Matrix releases are no longer on-line and so too the Tomb Raider page and Marvel trading cards are also not on the www anymore. I don't know if I should upload them again because they really don't belong to me in the sense that I didn't create them - I just captured them and I placed them up for people to view and use.

My other site featuring Raven from the Teen Titans is still up but the server was flagged for malicious content so I don't advise that anyone visit there. Once there is a plugin for your Internet Security software in your browser you should see the warning if you mistakenly end up there.

The rain and the delay in getting material for the roof kept the workers going for longer than it should have taken. They'll do the ceiling afterwards and then odds and ends here and there. There should be a new fence and gate by the end of the job too.

Since I'm downstairs during the day I haven't been able to take much photographs. My food is packed and I nibble on Crix biscuits when I run out for the day so I don't get many food photos at the moment. I also missed wishing several friends on Facebook birthday greetings but it couldn't be helped. There are bits and pieces all about and although my parents clean after the day's work it's still not possible to go around taking shots with all the equipment blocking my way and many of the flowers no longer flourishing.

I still have an aversion to meat although you might not think so if you view my most recent food photos. I don't like the smell that lingers in my mouth and comes up my throat. Even worse is when the chicken bits get stuck in my teeth. Rinsing and brushing doesn't do a perfect job as it's still in my stomach and I feel poorly later on when it's moving through my system. That being said, I have also been missing out on my fresh vegetables and fruits. I don't eat as many of them as I should. When I'm in this place I end up drinking beverages such as the Malta Carib and the Ginseng-Up. Even so I'm still losing size off my arse, small though as it already is.

Since my last update there have been many happenings and right now I can't remember them all. One thing I do remember is the incompetence of a doctor who didn't do the IV access properly for me and as a result I had to repeat parts of my MRI scan when the contrast didn't go in. The new operators and radiographers at the department were not familiar with me and they did things differently so I was the one (naturally) that paid the price in agony. I really missed Shanti this time; she knows what to do for my case and I wouldn't have suffered so much if she was working there still rather than in the office.

Anyway, my mammy went out and she is bringing me some noodles in a while.

Later! -Vijay.
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