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Sat, Mar 24th - 4:19AM

Help! Fixing A Broken Relationship
by Fred Baker

Are you trying desperately to repair your relationship? Is it still in the early stages with some rough spots or have you broken up?

I know what that's like. Not too long ago, my boyfriend and I split up. God that is an awful feeling. I was in pain and making myself sick. After a couple of weeks, I had enough suffering and decided I wanted to get back together with him. I found some great steps to take and surprise they really worked. We are back together again. I am thrilled it worked.

Stick with me. So how do you start fixing your broken relationship?

First thing, stop and look back at the two of you. Dig for any problem areas. See any? Maybe you already are aware of some parts that definitely need work?

You found some? Great, Lets start working on them.

For example, trust issues or money issues affect a lot of couples.

Even if you already broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is quite possible to win them back.


To get started, you need to look at what went wrong in the first place and find a couple reasons why you both split up.

Are you totally committed to repairing your relationship and getting back together? Then keep reading.

Because I have a real secret to share with you.

You need to do and say the right things and really mean them in order to be successful in fixing a broken relationship.

As an example, if what you are trying isn't working. Stop immediately and back off. If your boyfriend doesn't want you sending 100 texts a day, stop sending so many.

Doing a few little things will often increase your chances for a makeup or 2nd chance as they say.

When you get in touch with your ex. Just talk about what's up with them. How they are? Really listen to what they are saying. Listen carefully and make sure you are hearing them.

Show them you understand in words and actions that you really have been listening to them. Once you do that, you have every chance of fixing a broken relationship.

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