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Fri, Sep 3rd - 10:14PM

Choosing an Online Auto Loan Lender

Buying a car is a dream for all of us though the whole process can leave you a bit hassled. If you don’t the money to buy a car on your own, getting a car loan is a great idea. The internet is filled with lenders who are eager to finance your car. But choosing an online car loan lender is not an easy task, and the decision should be made after a lot of deliberation. Below are a few tips which will be helpful if you are in the market for a car loan lender.

1> The internet is filled with a lot of unscrupulous people. Speak to your friends, relatives and office colleagues about which online auto lender they used when they bought their cars. Getting references will keep you away from possible frauds. Decide on a lender who a few of your acquaintances have used and been satisfied with the services offered.

2> Decide on a realistic amount of money you can spend monthly on your car. This will help you decide whether you should buy a new car or a used one. Find an online lender who can give you a rate of interest you can afford.

3> While shopping for a car loan, don’t get swayed by the number of lenders who promise you low rate car loans and fast approvals. And never ever disclose confidential financial information or data, your social security number, etc. as it may be misused by unscrupulous lenders for nefarious purposes.

4> If your credit history is far from perfect, choose a lender who will allow you to have a cosigner to sign the loan papers along with you. This will get you a lower rate of interest if your cosigner has a good credit history. In case you default on payments, the cosigner will be liable to pay up. Getting a cosigner is a huge responsibility and if you decide you need one, do choose someone who has the financial ability to bear the burden of your loan. Make sure that you make the cosigner aware of his liabilities and responsibilities before he signs on the dotted line.

5> Since you are shopping online, what better way to know more about a potential lender than reading reviews online itself? In case the reviews are mostly good, you can safely use the said lender. If in the reviews, a few points are constantly recurring, then you need to be careful.

6> Compare rates. That’s the best thing you can do to get the best auto loan deal online. Browse and see the rates offered by different lenders. Also check to see if the lender who is offering the lowest rate is not actually increasing the loan period. This could result in your liability getting longer. Choose an online car lender who will offer you the best deal.

When you are in the market for an online auto lender, you will be spoilt for choice. There are lots of subprime auto lenders who will be vying for the business you will offer them. Before investing, make sure you do your research properly.

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Fri, Sep 3rd - 10:13PM

How to Qualify For a Car Loan During This Financial Crisis?

Buying a car is definitely going to be one of the big ticket decisions of your life. A car does not come cheap and most people don’t have the money to buy one outright. Getting a car loan becomes necessary. In these times of recession when the whole world is going bankrupt getting a car loan is not easy. But as we all know, tough times call for tough measures. So if you have decided that you really want a car loan, its best you start hunting for it the right way. Read the tips below and know how you can qualify for a car loan during this financial crisis.

1> Get your credit history right. If you already have a stellar credit history you needn’t be worried as there will be quite a few auto lenders who would be willing to give you a loan. In case you have bad credit, prepare to search hard for that loan. In case you are a college graduate with no credit history finding a car loan would be pretty tough in these times.

2> Car loans for people with bad credit and no credit, asking a parent or a relative to cosign with you is an excellent idea. If the cosigner has a good credit history, your rate of interest will also be lower.

3> Learn to pay bills on time. At least six months before you plan to buy a car, make sure you don’t make any late or missed payment. This will reflect nicely on your credit history.

4> Buying a car at the right time of the year should be your priority. When each buck is important, choose a time when the variety of cars is the highest and the rates of interest lowest. When dealerships get new models of cars that is the right time to apply for a car loan. Usually the best time you could choose is between August and November.

5> With the financial gloom looming all over the world, the sales and marketing persons are perhaps one of the worst hit. Prepare to be hit hard by them when you shop for a car loan. The lenders will be very eager to get your business whether you shop online or in a real-world situation. You should never ever bow under pressure.

6> If saving money is a priority, you can opt for a used car. Thought the rate of interest may be a bit higher than a new car, you can save a lot in total payment. But remember, you won’t be able to find a loan for used car that is more than 5 years old.

7> Make sure you make a down payment of at least 5-10% of the total price of the car. This will make the lender believe that you are responsible and serious.

Plan well before you apply for a car loan and you are sure to qualify even in this financial crisis.

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Wed, Aug 11th - 4:39AM

How Can One Get An Auto Loan with No Credit History?

There are millions of people affected by the recent credit crunch and the global economic recession. No wonder, there are bountiful numbers of persons who have got a staggering bad credit history because of the job loss and pay cuts. However, the world economies are gaining back their momentum sooner than expected. The governments still support the stimulus packages which create a healthy atmosphere for the banks to offer more numbers of loans. People are very much encouraged to take up loans at cheaper interest rates. Generally, lenders will hesitate to offer loans to borrowers with bad credit history or zero credit history. Lenders will try to neglect auto loans for people with no credit history. One of the best ways to obtain loans is to start building a good credit score.


A co-signer might help to obtain the loans. A co-signer is the person who is willing to pay the loan in case if the borrower fails to do it. He acts as a guarantee while obtaining the loan. Building a good credit score will not take too longer and there are lot more easier ways to do it. The first step to be done is obtain a secured credit card. It is important to make the first few payments very promptly. Repeating this process for fewer months will substantially improve the credit scores. This might be a supporting factor at the time of obtained bad credit auto loans. This condition does not exist when you make your credit cards payment properly.

Online lenders can be of immense help to obtain the loans. Online auto financing will save time and money in a better way. This is due to the fact that most of the online lenders work below the subprime rates and act as subprime auto lenders. Individuals who have zero credit history can approach such organizations and get approval. However, the interest rates might be higher. Making comparisons and obtaining quotes from 3 or more online lenders will put the consumers in the driver’s seat and help them to secure a better interest rate. The market faces a stiff competition from various lenders. Hence, the consumers should make use of this opportunity to buy their dream vehicle.

The present market conditions help the consumer to obtain online car loans with zero credit history or even after bankruptcy. This comes at a cost of higher interest rates. A co-signer will help to obtain the loan hassle free. Times have changed now and it is not mandatory to have a co-signer to get the loan. These can also act as the stepping stones to build up the credit history. The monthly payments can be adjusted according to the income level. The loan amount might go up if it is an unsecured loan. Gone are the days where lenders and banks demanded lots of documents and procedures to sign up for an auto loan with zero credit history. People can easily step down their streets to take delivery of their dream vehicle within 2 or 3 days of time if they do their research work efficiently.

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Wed, Aug 11th - 4:38AM

Auto Loans - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting auto loans is a daunting and an uphill task amidst the global recession. However, with the intervention of government and federal banks to ease the liquidity and money circulation, the loans can be obtained at a cheaper interest rate. The loans obtained can be used to purchase a brand new car or any other type of used vehicles. There are so many factors that come into the picture while obtaining a new car loan. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process and terms much better.


Get to know about the interest rates charged for the loan amount. The credit history will have a definite impact on the determination of the interest rates for an auto loan. It is good to maintain a higher credit score to obtain car loan with low rates. A credit score above 680 is preferred as a good score. One must repay his loan amounts properly and should clear off his debts at the right time to improve the credit scores.



It is important to find out if there exists any kind of penalty fees before obtaining the loan. Make sure that you are not penalized for an early payoff. Make sure you get the lowest possible penalty and fees rates. Most lenders will fix the time period as 3 to 5 years for the early payoff.



There are umpteen kinds of fees which are applicable for instant auto loans and they will vary from each lender. The application fees will be higher which are involved in the loan process. You have to make special request to the lenders to waive off certain fees. This is an exact term which brings huge amount of profits to the lenders. So be watchful in its terms.



Do some effective research in exactly coming up with the fixing up of terms. It is important to have an installment that will fit within your budget level. It usually varies from 3 to 6 years. Loans for new cars will be quite longer than the used vehicles.



Consumers are entitled to know the time taken to finish up with the application procedures when applied for the car loan. Usually, online applications will be verified in 24 hours. There are certain lenders who can even grant the loan in few minutes of time.


Make sure that the company’s websites use the latest 128 bit SSL encryption certificates for all its transactions. This will protect the unauthorized entry and hacking of your personal data.



Most auto lenders determine the loan amount for the auto loans based upon the credit history of the consumer. If it is good, then the customer can have the requested amount of money to buy his dream machine. However, there are lenders to offer unsecured loan to the extreme users.

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Mon, Mar 15th - 8:49PM

Availing an Auto Loan with No Credit or Zero Credit

The internet is a treasure trove of information regarding various lenders and lists their features of lending. The no credit auto loans for borrowers who try to build their credit are an uphill battle. It requires a lot of effort in obtaining this kind of loan. The internet is a great platform to connect the prospective buyer and seller. There are certain online auto loan vendors who do not require any kind of major documents to process the loan amount. The market is facing a stiff competition from various lenders and hence a borrower with poor credit rating will obviously end up with meeting a lender of his choice and requirements.


The terms and conditions state that the monthly income for the borrower must be a minimum of $1200 to $1500 a month. Certain lenders do not request the credit information from the customers. Things are made even easier under these circumstances. Online lenders make the job hassle free and one may get the loan in few hours of time. No credit car loans can be easily obtained by this way as they take lesser time to verify the documents and sanction the loan. Getting quotes is always done at free of cost. As long as the borrower meets the initial conditions, the loan is at their hands. They will help the people to achieve their dream.


One more important way to find loans is to use the online portals which would host multiple dealerships. These companies will the borrowers to find the lenders those who offer with no credit. Never mind if the user has got no credit or bad credit. The automobile financing will be offered in a matter of hours. These loans will help the borrowers to build up their credit ratings. This can be taken as the initial steps to create a healthy financial atmosphere. It is important to fix up the monthly installments according to the salary. This will ensure that there is no delay or default in the payments made to banks.


The common problems that people often face with no credit vehicle loans are higher interest rates and the introduction of co-signer or co-borrower. Co-borrower is a person who has to sign the document along with the borrower. By signing the document, he or she takes up the responsibility of repaying the loan when the borrower defaults it. However, the absence of a co-signer can be easily solved at the cost of higher interest rates.

In case of auto finance, no credit or bad credit auto loans can be easily obtained as the new vehicle itself can be mortgaged. This will eliminate the need for a co-signer. If the borrower has got enough amount of income, then the loans can be obtained a cheaper interest rate based on his past credit history. If he is defaulted or opts for an unsecured loan, then the higher interest rates will come in to the picture. The ultimate requirement that every lender will seek is the potential future earning of the borrower. If that sounds healthy, the borrower has got no problems in obtaining the no credit auto loans.

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