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Fri, Feb 5th - 7:27AM

Hydro Massage Beds

Hydro Massage: A Brief Introduction

Hydro Massage plays an important role in massage industry and offers people comfort dryness and quick massage. This massage is used to dissolve all the disadvantages of the traditional massage. People can stay clothed and wont get wet. The time required is also very less compared to the other massages. Hydro massage beds are used to offer deep muscle relief in ten minutes. 

Hydro Massage Bed

The hydro massage beds constitute soft, comfortable surface mat in which the recipient lies. Under the mat there will be a moving jet of water which is used to massage the body with powerful waves. The water wave power can be customized. It can be pre-programmed and contains 17,000 settings.  The user would be able to control the settings using the touch screen. The type of massage depends on the choice of the recipient. He can opt for a relaxing, gentle touch or a deep-tissue massage.  

The water in the  massage bed will be heated, but have a temperature controlled cooling system. The cooling system can be built in to the massage bed or can be mounted as a separated unit. The water can be recycled. It can hold up to 25 gallons of distilled water. The massage bed requires 220 volt. The cost will be around $20,000 and is available in three colors.

Benefits Of Hydro Massage

The benefits include

  • Decreased muscle tension

  • Reduction in blood pressure and inflammation.

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Increased oxygen absorption

  • Increased endorphin release

  • Increased range of motion for joints.

Reasons To Choose Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage products continue to be one of the leading massage therapy products in the market. The hydro massage bed is particularly designed to offer comfort to the recipient and can be used to relieve pain. Although there are other marketers who can offer low price beds, the hydro massage beds are outstanding with versatile features. The hydro massage bed is very powerful, convenient and affordable. Hydro massage bed manufacturers are selling the thirteenth iteration of massage beds. The attractive feature is that they provide the bed with touch screen and the massage offered is of top quality. In addition to the touch screen, the recipient can also choose to surf the web while undergoing the massage.   

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