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Wed, Aug 25th - 2:44PM

An Esoteric Numbers Blog?
Well. Who knew. And where to begin? Maybe a little bit of history.

The system and methods used throughout the site were initially developed by the Esoteric Numbers Group founder. As the group expanded, more methods were developed by trial and error. Through much experimentation, each new method either proved itself valid at some level or was soon rejected. Many of the methods are really only applicable in a single sense, but most are readily expanded into several areas of study and investigation.

The core of the system, we suspect, originates in Rosicrucian study, as our founder was a long serving, high ranking member of that organisation. Many of the advanced numerical constants are certainly based on principles exclusively found within the unique concepts encoded in the Rosicrucian teaching of Astrology.

Central to the system, and verifying much of it's validity, are the related subjects of Gematria and Isopsephia. In particular, the belief within such systems that words with similar numerical value are related and reveal a hidden relationship between the two. Astrology and sacred geometry add much to the system as a whole: providing valuable clues and insights into the potential significance of the relationships uncovered by the application of the system.

Although the site has not been updated for some considerable time, the Esoteric Numbers Group is very much still active. Ongoing research is at such an advanced level, that inclusion of the methods revealed in the past few years would prove rather confusing. The principle of numerical resonance, however, remains at the centre of research, and the existing information available on the site remains a significant primer for kicking off individual study.

We hope that those who dip their toes into the science of Arimathea find something personally meaningful to them. How far they then continue their study is entirely their decision, but the Esoteric Numbers Group are always happy to share their experience and offer support and guidance: simply click on one of the numerous email links on the site.

Very best wishes
The Esoteric Numbers Group

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