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Wed, Dec 9th - 3:55AM

User Friendly Software To Increase Your Profile Views UNLIMITED..!!

Success is a big thing in life.This is very important for those people who want to be no.1 among the others.4 out of 5 people have the dream to be a successful person in life.but the truth is very few people can reach to that goal.

But here is a golden opportunity for those people who are struggling to be famous in the field of music,  which is not impossible but very tough to acheive...!

Now with the help of Hellofriendz, each and every musicians who has ID in myspace, can achieve his or her goal in just few days.We all know that fans and friends are gather behind those people are successful in his/her carrier.With help of this software you can easily grab your dreams.

But the question is why is it neccessery for only myspace users..?

MySpace is one of the best social networking websites to rely on if you have a product or service that you wish to advertise. This is because MySpace has a wide variety of users with equally dynamic needs that your product or service can fill in. It is not an exaggeration to say that if you want yourself, your craft and even your business to get noticed, MySpace can help you do exactly that.

And Why hellofriendz ?

Because,HelloFriendz is designed to be run by anyone. Whether you are an expert or a novice, HelloFriendz is for you.You set it up like any other exe program. Just double click on the setup.exe file and the program will be running in less than a minute! The Program is Xp as well as WIndows Vista Compatible.

Your music needs to be noticed and heard thus requiring you to have more people willing to listen to it; and who best can you rely on other than your friends! If you do not have a good number of friends in MySpace yet, then start plotting your 'find-a-friend-scheme' now. Expand your social network. Build an artist reputation.The higher your web traffic, the higher the number of MySpace music plays for you!

So, hellofriendz is providing you some important features which I guess no others softwares could..!! You can easily understand the difference between Hellofriendz and others once you ues the demo version of this s/w (Which is absoluetly FREE..!!).

The myspace plays increaser will increase myspace plays and views on the new myspace player. It is the key tool for artists and bands to create a hype, in music and video promotions. While entering into the arena of myspace music promotion, it is significant to get maximum plays from human visitors, for which it is crucial, that the myspace plays continues to increase. This increase in the mp3 play counts generates an admiration and querness to listen to your songs, which again enhances your chances of selling more mp3 songs.

Please Note:

1. Hellofriendz works in New Myspace Player and Support Proxies.

2. Hellofriendz Run In Windows as well as Mac and Linux.

3. Hellofriendz is Unlimited

4. It makes you famous in just 1 week

5. It provides you 20,000 hits per day Non Stop and that too Unlimited.

6. Use Hellofriendz continuously and Top The Myspace Charts & Featured Artist Page within a week.

7. Hellofriendz automatically generates Unlimited Mp3 plays and profile views once you start the s/w. Also, It runs in your background, so no problem at all if you're doing any other work.

So here comes your favorite link : http://www.hellofriendz(dot)com

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Fri, Nov 27th - 11:00PM

When Only Talent Is Not Enough For You..!!
Take advantage
of Online Services dedicated to improve your
 Myspace Music plays..

You could easily win the race if you have the power of


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Fri, Nov 27th - 10:34PM

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