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Sat, Jul 6th - 6:38AM

Autodesk Maya 2014 New Features

Autodesk Maya 2014

Autodesk® Maya ® 2014, of the program complex Autodesk Entertainment Creation 2014, contains a set of tools needed to establish and maintain modern workflow when creating 3D-animation and visual effects, game development and post-production. Powerful new tools for dynamic analysis, animation and rendering help to achieve all-time peaks of creativity and increased productivity through reduced turnaround time. In addition, the possibility of open communication in Maya 2014 can simultaneously maintain multiple business processes and deliver projects of high complexity.

Autodesk Maya 2014 New Features

Maya nHair

Create highly realistic strands of hair and other such dynamics is based on the curves using the new module Maya ® nHair unified modeling environment for Maya ® Nucleus.

Collaborate on complex modeling with the possibility of bilateral cooperation Maya ® nCloth and Maya ® nParticles. Using a common system of fields, forces, and dependencies in all the modules environment Nucleus.

Superior Viewport Viewport 2.0

View the results of the work done in high quality graphical environment conducive to creative decision-making. More high-quality viewport Viewport 2.0 provides the following features:

- High-quality distribution of depth;
- Support for planar imaging and phantom objects for animation;
- The use of the same technology hardware rendering for the formation of large-scale training, create high-quality animation and pre-visualization in a short time.

New Node Editor

Easier to create, edit, and debug network nodes using a new special Editor:

- Three levels of detail;
- Replacement of the units in a more intuitive environment with the possibility of editing changes by dragging;
- Fast data type definition with color coding.

Bullet Physics

Create hard and soft bodies in a single system by means of open high-performance engine AMD Bullet Physics:

- Highly realistic simulation of fabrics, yarns, deformable objects and models such as "rag dolls»;
- Separate and continuous calculation of 3D-body collisions.

* Only available in the operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® (64-bit), Linux ® and Mac OS ® X; hardware acceleration using OpenCL in Windows and Linux systems to improve performance.

Skinning method Heat Map

A more precise binding geometry with skeletal models in Maya 2013 through skinning method Heat Map, which allows you to:

- Skin over the specified element of the skeleton, and not adjacent; less corrected manually.

Trimming clips Trax

Visualization of overlapping clips Trax in Maya 2013 to create scenes with characters from some animations.

Overlapping effects let you see the first and last frame of the clip in 3D-format.

Trimming clips is performed using visual criteria or automatically via the options for the transformation and rotation.

Caching format Alembic

The ability to read / write image files open format Alembic, developed in 2010 by specialists of Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic, the Department of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd:
- Retrieval of animation and modeling in baked geometry of any application;
- Reduced costs and improved interoperability when exchanging data between scenes experts of different fields.

Transferring animation ATOM

Transferring animation from one character to another using offline files new format ATOM (Animation Transfer Object Model) for the application of existing animation data to the new characters.

ATOM supports keyframes, depending on the layers and animation tools Set Driven Keys.

Improved process of linking files

Simplified segmenting scenes for parallel operation with colleagues due to improved user interface, underlying architecture and binding files.

Improved animation curves editor

In the animation curves editor added a new tool for controlling timing and step mode the preview for the creation of the position controlled animation.

Improvements in HumanIK

Improved HumanIK ® helps professionals to create and animate snap a two-legged characters. Among these tools include:

- The transfer of HumanIK animation on the characters and equipped with them;
- A universal context, which makes the operation more convenient;
- Setting kinds of characters to meet specific requirements;
- Snap-fit ​​constant for manipulation and playback;
- More control over the effect of Roll Bone.

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