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Wed, Nov 17th - 3:06AM


Well, webtvers a great good morning to you all. Previously on FANDANGO, briefly took another brave look see at gov'mint contracts. Those butterfly enhancers which often turn millionaires into billionaires every single year since the World Trade Center's Tower One & Tower Two and Building Seven collapsed in free fall stats on Sept 11, 2001. Then came an invasion of Afghanistan in 2002, Iraq in 2003. Then came objections to Halliburton sealing delicious, delegated fate of taxpayers with a list of appointments for services rendered, uh supposedly for the war effort. While whistle-blowing, New England states of Vermont & Massachusetts voiced strong objections to "war profiteering" in 2005/6 by using their courts. Yet, strange as this may sound these unjust wars themselves, later dubbed occupations by the masses and protested in the states by millions of concerned, outraged citizens --- also led to the little kept secret re: the looming profit margins of IT services still in operation upon an unmarked amount of credible acreage from both theatres. Yup, thass right. Big Money was and, uhoh, is profitable ala computerized, info tech via military and commercialized communication. And yes, this was written about by a NY Times reporter, who received a Pulitzer for his investigative reporting in 2009. Without a clamor of shame to this day media moguls wish such things to remain out of their, news failing media. Of course, we (as in anyone) may look them up and they say twenty-four hour news sells more gas guzzlers akin to Eve holding the apple in her loving arms, while readers do the work for themselves on important issues.

Three words, I cannot stand. Silly moi, the first is plethora which sticks in my lips like a moth trying to escape. The second is feedback, while never did like the word peers at all. The last is timely, flying across the friendly skies of cyber space like a supersonic intruder in its own venue. That word is security. Actually, ladies and gentleman, make sure you grandparents mention this one to the kids. "Security" rather sucks the juice from rotting apples, left on the orchard floor for the bees.

However, if one truly hopes to reign in Wall Street, as we read often enough like a trite phrase, nearly identical to --- yes, 9-1-1 came with a conspiracy nor hardly any formal investigations worth a damn (save one attempt conducted by the City of New York.) Try this on for size: "Sell all your stocks and refuse to buy any more. EVER!"

RE: S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y this spells encrypted page. AND known-unknown sourced gov contracts resulting in billions since 2001 to the present. Then, take the sale of cyber space which is not exactly like you or I asking one lousy buck for a perfectly good toaster at a yard sale, conducted in our very own backyard. The cyber security war involves a wider array of backyard picnics, most likely ala Washington, DC and yes, gov'mint sources admit to purchasing an incredible amount of known & unknown knowns, aka an unseen entity we all dabble inside from time to time at our erstwhile leisure. C-y-b-e-r/s-p-a-c-e is not the root of all evil. Most likely it is, however, an IT corporation mogul dream come true. This daring, obvious fuss is all fine, except pertains crossing the line of US Constitutional restraints. Sure, security breech is upon us, it is easily researched & it is reported, darlins. Oh, mon amis ... it makes either millions or curious billions every hour of the day, twenty-four seven. So, cyber security is rather here to stay both nationally and internationally, especially evident in these so called approved gov'mint contracts, present and accounted for inside the occupation theatres. Readers, hold onto your hats, por favor. This is not a revealing blog since the topic is already out there and goes all the way to Congress for untold years, my dears. Gawd, I hate the word security, don't you? That streaming, fly-by-nighter really costs tons of our, hard earned money, even at the local level.

As for the toaster, guy bought it for fifty cents. He comes back a week later, last August, asking for a refund. "LIke cyber space, digital, electronic security," he says, quite a linguist that guy ... "This freaking thing won't work." Needless, we felt terrible at FANDANGO headquarters, invited him into our window wrapped, cozy kitchen for coffee. We watched quietly as he quickly put back three cups of Vanilla Extreme with Almond Pralin & Butterscotch creamer. Thank heavens he let us keep the piddling half dollar. Which made our year, I tell you true.

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