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Mon, Nov 1st - 3:32AM


 teffom@Writing.Com aka Paula LaRue

fox outage. WOE IS ME!

A breaking news alert from the NY Times (10/30) sees fit to inform readers about a two week dispute between Fox News powered by News Corporation (the real logo) Alas! Unfortantely, now come to an end. Well, suffice while three million viewers in the Metropolitan area were ousted from any daily enjoyment from overpaid, snarly spin doctors, one of them dubbed "pencil head" at our house, who incidentally never spoils our morning coffee klatch. Oh, we'll never tune in since we've low tolerance for sham propagandizing. Easily avoided as we block this channel allatime.

Speculation ensues for the loss these poor folks underwent, that small sampling whom take news seriously from that awful source.
Shazam, Sparky, they must invariably welcome abrupt delusion when silent pleasantries surrounding the long awaited fox blackout occurred. Imagine being glued to the set, waiting for fundamentalist jeffbeck who we hear prays day and night for more money. Maybe die hard foxers in the narrow confines of their private chicken coops felt lil jeffy's one hundred year plan actually went into effect without tribal trumpets to warn of major comeuppance.

Nor can one possibly fathom what became of Sara Palin fans unable to track her on the money laundry, Tea Party Circuit. We hear at Fandango, and sure this is rather hush hush, Miss Palin, groomed by the Republican Party since her McCain election days, post walking out on a governorship plus all responsibilities to the state of Alaska and the salary per se, for work incomplete .. seriously feels due her egotistical slant lavishly splashed across the political scene  ... that she deseves one chance in hell at the White House in 2012. Lordy, such high end mullah surely buys a ton of lipstick. Shame on you, Sara! Shall this lovely lass continue reaping via campaign trails, extravagant, take their money and run syndrome, forever? Maybe.

Well, said news brief, non foxxy utopia when that snake pit station which adverts the most automobiles not airing Oct 16 to Oct 30 is officially over. What a stinkng shame!

God, we were so close, almost out of the spin loop snag. Without a shadow of a doubt, Watson, the world would have been a much better place.
Paula LaRue/ 30/all

PLEASE!!! Don't forget the name nor penname, Mr & Ms Publishers. Send an email, I'll probably take the job.

OK --- WEBERS, see you there? @ FICTION FANDANGO, A

AHAH! For your erstwhile reading pleasure, do catch up on: WASHINGTON POST: TOP SECRET AMERICA, online daily.
BYW, FYI --- Maybe writingcom seems upset enough by this writer's Autumn, no-holds barred about face as they remain ENTIRELY speechless from the stands where membership increases around the dial. Free site, all email addresses welcome there. Shall not be bragging particulars up as I swim in open I-net waters. WEBRING!!! SURF's UP. VOTE TUES!!! To set pseudonym records straigh this is Paula La Rue from BYO Cafe and TEFF of teffom online since 2001. Here's a hint for no. 3, among a multi personality thingy. Mary Moffett here, nice to meet you.
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