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Thu, Nov 18th - 7:21AM


11/18/ WEBERS! Hold the fort, blessings, my friends. Waking in dawn's early light, occurs to me there's much to be thankful for during this month of bended knee syndrome. A time when we (many believers) roast our store bought, ostentatiously large birds with heartfelt intentions for enjoying annual luscious feasts bereft family arguments. Why ... Come Thanksgiving, we'll sit beside chosen guests, chewing hard as rock, raw cauliflower pre dinner --- Hoping the oven was turned on during roasting. We'll dip broccoli with talk of current events in the great USA banned at table again this year. I, myself am grateful for arthritis, which only goes to show that at least one can still feel.

As we pass attractive cheese trays we need not wax maudlin every second. Doubtful, we are truly thankful for Congressmen and women, whose names and faces we don't exactly cherish for the last thirteen years of their US Congress memberships, per se. These folks had plenty of time to withdraw funds for the business of war mongering which this fantastic shindig of a guv'mint of ours whooshes in year after year. More than a decade's worth now of business as usual. And sure, we watched as war/ occupations/ security/ invasions became a lucrative businesses.

So we look instead, perhaps to air we breath. Uh oh, those in Appalachia aint 'zactly head over heels in love with coal dust left behind from Mountaintop Removal, of course not. So we understand any and all reluctance to worship suspicious air we maybe shouldn't breath with glee. Because prevailing winds waft that risky beeswax right to us like milk at the door of our discontent.

So, let's see --- ahh fields of green, wheat shimmering under golden skies to feed to cattle, fatten geese. Wow! That turkey smells scrumptious about now, does it not? But hey, we somehow add ourselves to the list of great pretenders and refuse to shut open windows today. Meanwhile, holiday morning dew comes with damp reminders of Monsanto evils lurking behind every corn stalk, inside each monoculture, soy bean field. Hell, stinky, poisonous stuff coming off surrounding, saucy fields could fell a St. Bernard, don't you know?

Now, be this as it may, we tell ourselves everything is rather --- Rather! Hunky dory. As in fine, dearhearts. We still listen to quaint babbling brooks, sail the seven seas, fish rivers. Oh, damn, shooting down myth number three, we gasp for breathing space, place our right hands over our misaligned hearts. Shush, my dears. So what one must read pollution indexes for the day, determining whether or not to imbibe on aquatic life from non pristine waters. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I miss seafood as much as the next guy. Too expensive, right?

So @ rock bottom level, we smile about like mimes. We bust a gut serving tossed salads we grew ourselves. We might read about the Clean Energy Act being over ridden in our life times. We could make ourselves aware of agriculture stats gone awry .. all ignored for the sake of glorious holiday meals yet to be set down before our watery eyes without fret like the second coming of Christ.

I do throughly hope to be thankful soon enough for a subscriber list to purchase stories and past blogs that TEFF once wrote. Oh, because, dedicated teffom@Writing.Com tries to finish her difficult website construction, re-re-re-edit these prolifically, entertaining works while posting under her second penname of Paula LaRue since 2005. Thus all is not lost. Au Contraire, mon amis.

Now, I'll tell you what I am thankful for. Vision, maybe talent. Talent as in the gift of gab. Irish wit? Vision to see across the road, stare at a mountain range as orangey gold during daylight hours as ripe peaches. Vision to bitch about important things, I cannot change, only inform. Vision to knock off reading novels abed when two cats snuggle close. Vision to watch DVDs, pick up purled stitches from colorful threads. Knitting Club today.

Hold on there's a knock at the door. But I don't feel like leaving my cordless keyboard just yet. Oh my gawd. There's a tall fiend at my window. No! Jesus help us each and everyone. He's hulking about in a black coat. Not a vampire, let's hope. You see 'twas me editing sophisticated, vampire stories from 2008/9, a mere few moments ago. You know the funny ones. Uh, oh, this scary intruder is holding up pieces of cheap white bread. He's mushing a slice to the glass pane.

Christ! It's the toaster guy. He's miming lifting a cup. Oh, he wants coffee, so he screams. Me too! Guy nearly gave me a coronary. Well, yet another thing to be thankful for, don't you know? A morning visitor on a perfectly lonely day here at the house. Apparently, he's on foot, looks like. The toaster dude's all about constantly complaining about his used toaster not working properly. That'd be an appliance he scarfed up, from our impromptu, yardsale for a crappy fifty cent last summer. However, since he's agreed to pay $1 per cup for Hazelnut Holiday, an addictive aroma which brought him waltzing straight into this blog in the first place ...

and being kinda desperate for money around these parts ---

Especially after reading this morning that GM received, took, absconded with a cool, $49 BILLION during bailout hey days ... 2008-9. Holy Toledo, Batman. FORTY-NINE BILLION!!! Is there a merciful God?

Sparky, 'scuse em whah ... gotta run. Now that NY Times news alert (11/18) did thoroughly piss me off. You'd think they'd give you a damn car for that price. Hell no, instead we-uns are left groveling in the dust, holding the debtors' bag. Tons of folks driving average, used, POS automobiles. Damnation! Paying oil corporations exuberant payouts at the pumps. Damnation! Now, will you please tell me. Who isn't grateful for a decent cup of coffee these days?



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Wed, Nov 17th - 3:06AM


Well, webtvers a great good morning to you all. Previously on FANDANGO, briefly took another brave look see at gov'mint contracts. Those butterfly enhancers which often turn millionaires into billionaires every single year since the World Trade Center's Tower One & Tower Two and Building Seven collapsed in free fall stats on Sept 11, 2001. Then came an invasion of Afghanistan in 2002, Iraq in 2003. Then came objections to Halliburton sealing delicious, delegated fate of taxpayers with a list of appointments for services rendered, uh supposedly for the war effort. While whistle-blowing, New England states of Vermont & Massachusetts voiced strong objections to "war profiteering" in 2005/6 by using their courts. Yet, strange as this may sound these unjust wars themselves, later dubbed occupations by the masses and protested in the states by millions of concerned, outraged citizens --- also led to the little kept secret re: the looming profit margins of IT services still in operation upon an unmarked amount of credible acreage from both theatres. Yup, thass right. Big Money was and, uhoh, is profitable ala computerized, info tech via military and commercialized communication. And yes, this was written about by a NY Times reporter, who received a Pulitzer for his investigative reporting in 2009. Without a clamor of shame to this day media moguls wish such things to remain out of their, news failing media. Of course, we (as in anyone) may look them up and they say twenty-four hour news sells more gas guzzlers akin to Eve holding the apple in her loving arms, while readers do the work for themselves on important issues.

Three words, I cannot stand. Silly moi, the first is plethora which sticks in my lips like a moth trying to escape. The second is feedback, while never did like the word peers at all. The last is timely, flying across the friendly skies of cyber space like a supersonic intruder in its own venue. That word is security. Actually, ladies and gentleman, make sure you grandparents mention this one to the kids. "Security" rather sucks the juice from rotting apples, left on the orchard floor for the bees.

However, if one truly hopes to reign in Wall Street, as we read often enough like a trite phrase, nearly identical to --- yes, 9-1-1 came with a conspiracy nor hardly any formal investigations worth a damn (save one attempt conducted by the City of New York.) Try this on for size: "Sell all your stocks and refuse to buy any more. EVER!"

RE: S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y this spells encrypted page. AND known-unknown sourced gov contracts resulting in billions since 2001 to the present. Then, take the sale of cyber space which is not exactly like you or I asking one lousy buck for a perfectly good toaster at a yard sale, conducted in our very own backyard. The cyber security war involves a wider array of backyard picnics, most likely ala Washington, DC and yes, gov'mint sources admit to purchasing an incredible amount of known & unknown knowns, aka an unseen entity we all dabble inside from time to time at our erstwhile leisure. C-y-b-e-r/s-p-a-c-e is not the root of all evil. Most likely it is, however, an IT corporation mogul dream come true. This daring, obvious fuss is all fine, except pertains crossing the line of US Constitutional restraints. Sure, security breech is upon us, it is easily researched & it is reported, darlins. Oh, mon amis ... it makes either millions or curious billions every hour of the day, twenty-four seven. So, cyber security is rather here to stay both nationally and internationally, especially evident in these so called approved gov'mint contracts, present and accounted for inside the occupation theatres. Readers, hold onto your hats, por favor. This is not a revealing blog since the topic is already out there and goes all the way to Congress for untold years, my dears. Gawd, I hate the word security, don't you? That streaming, fly-by-nighter really costs tons of our, hard earned money, even at the local level.

As for the toaster, guy bought it for fifty cents. He comes back a week later, last August, asking for a refund. "LIke cyber space, digital, electronic security," he says, quite a linguist that guy ... "This freaking thing won't work." Needless, we felt terrible at FANDANGO headquarters, invited him into our window wrapped, cozy kitchen for coffee. We watched quietly as he quickly put back three cups of Vanilla Extreme with Almond Pralin & Butterscotch creamer. Thank heavens he let us keep the piddling half dollar. Which made our year, I tell you true.

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Mon, Nov 1st - 3:32AM


teffom@Writing.Com aka Paula LaRue

fox outage. WOE IS ME!

A breaking news alert from the NY Times (10/30) sees fit to inform readers about a two week dispute between Fox News powered by News Corporation (the real logo) Alas! Unfortantely, now come to an end. Well, suffice while three million viewers in the Metropolitan area were ousted from any daily enjoyment from overpaid, snarly spin doctors, one of them dubbed "pencil head" at our house, who incidentally never spoils our morning coffee klatch. Oh, we'll never tune in since we've low tolerance for sham propagandizing. Easily avoided as we block this channel allatime.

Speculation ensues for the loss these poor folks underwent, that small sampling whom take news seriously from that awful source.
Shazam, Sparky, they must invariably welcome abrupt delusion when silent pleasantries surrounding the long awaited fox blackout occurred. Imagine being glued to the set, waiting for fundamentalist jeffbeck who we hear prays day and night for more money. Maybe die hard foxers in the narrow confines of their private chicken coops felt lil jeffy's one hundred year plan actually went into effect without tribal trumpets to warn of major comeuppance.

Nor can one possibly fathom what became of Sara Palin fans unable to track her on the money laundry, Tea Party Circuit. We hear at Fandango, and sure this is rather hush hush, Miss Palin, groomed by the Republican Party since her McCain election days, post walking out on a governorship plus all responsibilities to the state of Alaska and the salary per se, for work incomplete .. seriously feels due her egotistical slant lavishly splashed across the political scene ... that she deseves one chance in hell at the White House in 2012. Lordy, such high end mullah surely buys a ton of lipstick. Shame on you, Sara! Shall this lovely lass continue reaping via campaign trails, extravagant, take their money and run syndrome, forever? Maybe.

Well, said news brief, non foxxy utopia when that snake pit station which adverts the most automobiles not airing Oct 16 to Oct 30 is officially over. What a stinkng shame!

God, we were so close, almost out of the spin loop snag. Without a shadow of a doubt, Watson, the world would have been a much better place.
Paula LaRue/ 30/all

PLEASE!!! Don't forget the name nor penname, Mr & Ms Publishers. Send an email, I'll probably take the job.

OK --- WEBERS, see you there? @ FICTION FANDANGO, A

AHAH! For your erstwhile reading pleasure, do catch up on: WASHINGTON POST: TOP SECRET AMERICA, online daily.
BYW, FYI --- Maybe writingcom seems upset enough by this writer's Autumn, no-holds barred about face as they remain ENTIRELY speechless from the stands where membership increases around the dial. Free site, all email addresses welcome there. Shall not be bragging particulars up as I swim in open I-net waters. WEBRING!!! SURF's UP. VOTE TUES!!! To set pseudonym records straigh this is Paula La Rue from BYO Cafe and TEFF of teffom online since 2001. Here's a hint for no. 3, among a multi personality thingy. Mary Moffett here, nice to meet you.
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Fri, Oct 29th - 6:14AM



(Entry #709690)
This week was poorly spent ... UHOH Except for two news items, reported via recap slant written below & focused upon. TWO MORE ON THE WAY, please stay tuned here.

Decisions sewn, like mending fraying sleeve of a hobo, came rather slowly to moi. All week pondering. Fear is in the air, almost every lousy time I visit favorite haunts online. No sense, told myself yesterday, to switch tactics. Thus applying the basics. I shall never use a PC to communicate online ever again came to mind on the Thursday. My head ached, finally mid afternoon, saw stupid Windows Updates tie-ins, your fifteenth click, ooh that awful return to childhood -- click like tapdancing without any fun at all -- were pushing adds to buy new PCs. Well, by golly, almost threw the one in the house off a cliff. Nah, resisted clicking that advert. Clicking is a word I hate as much as feedback. Poor things, out of the loop, Chile, webbers don't click.
I also came out against more than a few things which limit I-net access. So what, if just a few minutes ago, actually typed in search words --- "Why join a writers' group." Enjoy that mental exercise, sweethearts.

Yesterday, fell across less exposure on webring, but of course not at all ready.
Yet, to conjure a webtv website, there are tons of short cuts with very sophisticated graphics and clip arts. Even music.

Okay, here's my new deal, I told myself. Whenever that stinky PC slows, turn it off. Take a walk. Did that before. Now, no one shall see me on the damn thing until post Thanksgiving, a real given. And yeah, I refuse to destroy a single connection so I could return to favorite spots and say at least a polite hey, maybe monthly from now on. No lie. Frazzled is frazzled and my intellect can't handle the implications of being unloved.

I don't always find suitable etiquette these days. Do, however, totally welcome this month's quest via webtv knowledge gained. This to be thankful for, by all means, YES!!!

Kinda hate nervous knees while hoping virtual memory lasts on a PC. Kinda hate being told what to do, asked what to do, repetition for no reason drives anyone nuts, or at least it should. Yeah, we spent more boring hours boinking PC performance. Whitey down on his knees praying. Mickey, his tabby buddy making phone calls on his mini-cell. What? You expect me to do that daily? Get out of my face. For whom?

Repeated news makes me ill, actually turned queasy after a quick look at Twitter which limits word counts and supplies incoherence as if at all a grand new addition dubbed information sharing. That is simply disgusting when words of a news article, written and published by someone else become lumped like spam. Mickey thought it was an anagram.

Yes, this journalist watched the Afghan Peace deal topic (below) become swiped like a stale donut inside a Mac Donald's dumpster. Free & up for grabs. That's what online news sinks to include. Can't find any reasons to brag about the tiny fb logo. Similar to verbal repeats on televised think tanks with talking heads leading the homeless who are simply sitting on a sidewalk, watching a screen outside an appliance store. So, since, I can't blend, and will never bend --- I must only arrive at my own damn things, once a month at on specific spot. Yeah, come late Nov --- I'll again roast our succulent turkey in the cauldron this year. Maybe even email one of my groups. Who knows?

In short, greedy media corporations rushed to mingle their forces in late 2008(?) when allowance came to monopolies entering broadcasting. The downside was here to stay. No deviation. BECAUSE, media corporations purchased local tv stations, newspapers, radio stations variety is a rare exotic bird. Like-minded, fatcats from the world of communication (a mythical phrase) also threw money at state colleges. ALL approved via a slim margin by the Commerce Department. Yeah, quite a bit of this already made the wire on FreeSpeechTV, ala Dish Network.

So as lost as we all may be, hoping for diversity across the nation we live in, state by state, our adroit communal sadness can be replaced by a terrific ken for anger. Millions of people are mad about what we lost. When news is un-reported, whitewashed and censored --- Diversity is difficult to find now. Nope, aint gonna look day & night for stuff such as thrilling news bites which used to be --- showed up damn fast. These are becoming only accessible at certain times these days. Try one a.m. Or don't try at all. I simply don't give a damn what other people do or don't do. Never did really.

My ideals were cast years ago. TEFF has plans for publication, communication, and tons of fiction to write and cherish. You see?

Long time coming to not lurk lost in the shuffle which always was high priority from this desk. To have 30 offsite hits (yeah could be returning readers, could be blocked readers, could be clones) is about as far as it goes. Although, never as good as it gets.
If any site cannot fathom the simplicity of webtv users, that is not my fault, nor shall posting on those places remain a to-do-ie which is not as simple as embracing that fun walk on a late October day. So, if you'll excuse me off to build a webpage. Shall I tell all --- where it is, when it is done? Why? Rather burnt out on what passes for sharing, like had rather enough, my dears.

TEFF (Paula' penname) shall never post her latest fiction anywhere ever again for free. You see? Listen, folks in the words of one of the greatest comedians of all times --- TTTHHHHHH -- thhhhhaaaaahhhh that's all folks!!!

Speaking of comedians --- don't miss Jon Stewart/ Steven Colbert --- DC - FREE RALLY/ Oct 30/ noon to 3pm --- LIVE on Comedy Central.

Meanwhile, restoring sanity, crazily smitten due entirely to webtv. Hell, I always did enjoy the ease. If encrypted pages don't want this wireless keyboard, and websites block access for my little black box? Let's just say, the feeling is mutual. TIME is a wonderful thing, meant to be spent wisely. Wasting time waiting for connections is frivolous, and creepily not on this dame's itinerary, pal. Just so readers understand --- to set the record straight. And I know Miss TEFFY aint alone in land. What I also know is when they are actually working websites, these ultra active, brilliantly hued, webby webpages of ours, they are kinda comparable to Lamborghini stats, over and above plain, sameness.

One last thing before I split for parts unknown .. to undisclosed locations, etc. The word on the street for "confusing" which is a verb, often used as an adjective or noun ... try bewilderment.

Tantalizing right along, okay? Damn, if all of the above, if that aint bothersome to y'all --- ask the next question. Does constant repetition build to mind control?


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Wed, Oct 27th - 2:37AM



879,000 search results surround the words: "Taliban Elite Aided by NATO"


One beholds Mazetti's entire first paragraph swiped enroute to the world wide web. Still eking mental stress stats by Oct 26. Well, the Times is currently offering an interactive due to The Iraq War document leak via Wikileaks. Yeah, this too came about approx one week before Sat. Oct 23's publication. All thanks to Mr Assange who rather drops his suitcases then splits. Let's allow for time for reporters to dig thru the pile.

WHERE -- NY Times Headline (above) originally, now making all the rounds via online editions of major newspapers from cities across the nation. Sorta wish any reporter might bump into a senator not afraid to speak his/ her mind, are we? However, the article subject --- Yeah, filling cheap seats as well, rambled & ranted inside many a blog. Me? Hell, I think its awful to read first responders, all with nonsense names like nn.ahmapatriot to nn.infavorawar ... or nn.fatcatpatsy & nn.juicygander whom inevitably feel peace talks are shady beeswax and rather quasi patriotically condemn everyone from Afghan Pres Karzai all the way down to Sec of State Hilary Clinton.

WHEN -- Oct 19/ Oct 20, New York Edition/ Section A1, page 1 --- Same story, folks.

WHAT-- Huge, 77,000 archive of military, and consensus documents leaked via Julian Assange, July/ August 2010 ... for Afghanistan --- covering 2003 on ... to 2010.

WHO --- Sec Clinton.
Bizarre as this my sound, Mrs. Clinton appears on Good Morning America (ABC) as early as Oct 7, from Brussels. No, please don't ask me how? AND she states emphatically without a hint of shame, nor remorse since cataloging her early hour remarks .. that she moreorless hopes for an end to the Afghan war/ occupation. I threw in the second noun, sorry. As relative tie, if anyone is still trying to think, which to my knowledge is not against the US Constitution, perhaps encouraged for a population in dire straights --- not overall pushed verbatim by the education powers that be in this great nation of ours, but perhaps by the words --- freedom of speech.

Half those search hits contain the same words. Divide again, once more, keep subtracting, etc. Now, perhaps a mere 6,000 are left repeating the same damn smoke swap. Peace in Afghanistan is not a popular topic apparently.

Hold the phone as the story goes NATO cleared the way for certain Taliban echelon to meet in Kabul. Kinda safe passage from --- note: Pakistan. So they are in Pakistan? Also, we read of the escapades of NATO "coalitions forces" and Pakky INTEL folks. Everyone's bound to make a buck. What unlikely suspect turns down a decent bribe, we might ask in a chaotic, bloodbath mess gutted with intelligent nutcrackers.

Whom -- oh, these like don't know, won't tell --- whatever the hell is going on-ers? Yes, American families would rather see ships bringing troops home to Morehead City, NC than taking them to a strictly foreign land. Where not even those behind the scenes fellers in the Washington Post's list for their July article: SECRET AMERICA, activating privatized spying talk to the public. Nope, live bodies aka social intel elite offer nary a sniffle, sneezing at us as they wipe their snotty paystubs. Where's the hopeful word? What is peace? Must we engage for profit, forever? What the hell is going on?

Along comes A/P, read via The Las Vegas Sun. Now the sell out ensues by OCT 25 with their ballbusting article, reading like a cheat sheet for a state police exam. Meanwhile, both the ever-popular, continuously over-vociferous, Mr White House Sources, the Sources family, inter-married to Mr or Ms Officials. How large this gaslighting, glib clan must be. Repetition in its finest hour. Whew -- what a hoot, these guys, all adept at saying pretty much the same damn thing, media conveyed cant delivered to thy newsfeed desk or front door.

Well, back to good old AP which honestly feels duty bound to remind readers (mid Oct) that peace talks might damage "the surge." Identified as the 300,000 service men and women sent by President Obama, ala one of the rare supplications when he's actually introduced as President instead of simply Obama. Yes, Associated Press, let us all genuflect. We understand where you're going with this. Yet, we-uns rarely find opportunity to appear out of nowhere like y'all, writing from nearby Islamabad.

Next ... as the entire scene thickens, before total collapse of mini, online, press whiffs of common sense, namely working to close down the Afghanistan conflict ala thoughts RE: ending this so-called war with a slight stab at negotiations ... we find by Oct 14, our US Sec of State in Turkey, where all news pointed toward a "friendly" country to manhandle possible peace talks. AHAH! So, no we don't know a ting. Citizens left holding a stale bag of chips. From the peanut gallery we may conclude we boast few dedicated news reporters nor mum as sheep, Washington bigots as in actually elected, nor appointees, etc willing to cross the line for truth seeking. The latter garbley-gooking about bereft of announcing not a single clue as to what are the haps re: this blogs slant on that daring, opening headline by Oct 26, the Tuesday. Let peace reign supreme, for Pete's sakes.


Las Vegas Sun search

Copyright 2010, PaulaLaRue

PS: HIRE ME, Mr Publisher Man, could use a job, thank you very much.
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