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Fri, Apr 9th - 1:47AM

How to Transition from Beginning to Intermediate Bodybuilding
When you've become comfortable with the different routines and training schedules of professional bodybuilders, you'll need to move on to the intermediate stage to start making significant changes to your body. The beginner's stage is essential for warming up the muscles, increasing strength and building up endurance so you can handle more intensive exercises. However, you can't stay at this stage for too long before experiencing diminishing returns on your investment. You'll need to increase your resistance level and make some changes to your lifestyle in order to really benefit from your hard work. In order to transition from the beginner's stage to the intermediate stage of bodybuilding, you will need to:

Getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep - Getting enough rest is important for your metabolism. Our bodies undergo an extensive repair during deep sleep or the REM cycle. Your body needs time to recover from all the tension it experienced during the day. We are more likely to reach deep sleep if we sleep for 7 to 9 hours per day.

Increase resistance - At the beginning of your training, your trainer may have advised you to initially work with lighter weights while doing many reps. This is done for you to familiarize yourself with the movements associated with bodybuilding. Now that you are ready for the intermediate stage, you need to focus on adding more resistance while decreasing reps if you want to increase muscle mass.

Watch your diet - When you're training for increased strength and performance, making sure your body has enough quality nutrition is essential for your success. Bill Pearl, the author of the bodybuilding book "Getting Stronger"' explains that your body will need calories from the right sources protein and carbs so that you can build new muscle and recover from the intensive workouts properly. Make sure your diet is full of lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables so you can make the most out of your exercise routine.

Rest less frequently - Keep moving as much as possible during your workout session to push your muscles to its limit. Rest less frequently in between sets or in between exercises to get the most out of every workout.

Maintain your cardio workout - Don't ever forget to do three 30-minute cardio workouts in a week. Cardio will ultimately help you achieve your fitness goals by improving your metabolism, develop your hearts and lungs, increase endurance and even improve your flexibility.

Natural Supplements can be a Beneficial Way to Enhance Your Well Being and Strengthen Your Performance. Stemulite is an Excellent, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Bodybuilders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, and Fuller Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Going to Bed.

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Sun, Mar 14th - 6:37PM

How To Increase Endurance To Attain Your Bodybuilding Goals
Increased muscular endurance can only be achieved by combining strength and endurance activities, and following a sound nutrition program. When you want to increase muscle size and mass, you'll need to incorporate several strength-training and cardiovascular routines into your workout routine and maintain consistency over several weeks in order to see and feel the results. Invest your time and energy into taking up new sports and optimize your form and performance in each, so that you can increase your strength and power, because different sports require various levels of flexibility, coordination, and endurance. This allows you to avoid a workout 'rut' and also experience significant muscle gains in a short period of time. To make sure that you get the right protein intake and all the other essential things needed to build muscles and aid muscle recovery, take a high quality supplement like Stemulite.

Athletes are encourage to perform many repetitions against a given resistance for an extended period of time in order to increase muscular endurance, as recommended by  Tudor Bompa and Michael Carrera, expert authors of the book "Periodization Training for Sports". When your goal is to increase power and stamina, focus on explosive movement to push your muscles to the max and challenge several core group muscles at the same time. Athletes are encouraged by the authors to focus on important keys for the training they are undergoing, which are: coordination; flexibility; agility; mobility; and aerobic endurance. It is important to increase agility since it increases the range of motion in all of the core muscle groups and joints, helping the athlete to build endurance in cardiovascular exercises. Gymnastics, football, figure skating and soccer are some of the exercises and routines that can increase agility. This is because a combination of speed, flexibility, and power at irregular intervals is required in all of these sport activities to condition the heart and lungs for optimal performance and challenge the body. Increasing endurance is accomplished with exercises that require sustaining movement at a relatively high intensity. To have the energy to perform the endurance exercises, make sure to have the regular intake of a high quality supplement like Stemulite Fitness Formula.

Sprinting, cycling, kickboxing and rowing are other ways to perform endurance exercises. These exercises also condition the heart and lungs, but require exerting a significant amount of power at regular intervals. Exercises like these may complement a standard weight training routine and help increase endurance in a very short time.

Increasing flexibility can be difficult for most bodybuilders who are usually very focused on lifting. Flexibility training programs typically involve intensive stretching routines and activities that require using both large and small muscle groups in short bursts. The goal of flexibility training is to extend core muscle groups through their full range of motion. This can help any bodybuilder improve muscle strength over time, because it allows for easier energy flow throughout the entire body during the workout session.

Another element of fitness that may pose a difficulty to the average bodybuilder is improving coordination. While most bodybuilders have ample coordination abilities for lifting weights, they may not be as well-coordinated performing stepping routines in an aerobic workout setting or executing simple dance sequences. Bodybuilders who incorporate a wide range of activities into their workout routine and achieve their fitness goals with ease, being able to improve coordination will help with muscle flexibility, strength and agility, and taking part in activities that improve coordination will help. Achieve your bodybuilding goals by improving coordination and giving yourself the energy that you need for the endurance exercises by taking Stemulite supplements twice a day.

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Fri, Jan 29th - 12:04AM

Herbal Supplements Help Increase Mental Clarity And Concentration
Do you have trouble concentrating and focusing during the day? Stress and a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to stay on task, but this can severely impact your work and personal life over time. More and more people are turning to mind-enhancing supplements and herbs that promote better memory and brain functioning, but few people realize that the effects are only temporary. Stemulite is just one of the latest mental performance enhancers available, and one that can provide long-lasting benefits.

Stemulite contains several ingredients that promote a healthy metabolism, and this results in improved neurotransmitter functioning and can also improve mental performance. If you're looking for a way to improve your memory, increase concentration and feel better throughout the day - without harmful stimulants or potentially dangerous herbs - Stemulite may be a great addition to your daily supplementation routine.

Neurotransmitters: the Key to Performing Better Mentally

The influence of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, seratonin, and GABA on your thought process and the way you feel cannot be overstated. Some neurotransmitters govern your energy level, while others can make the difference between an anxious, stressed mental state and a relaxed, content one. Needless to say, if the levels of certain neurotransmitters are out of whack, the result can be poor performance, lethargy, and feelings of inadequacy.

Dietary supplements that support healthy neurotransmitter functioning can improve your mood and improve mental performance on a regular basis. When neurotransmitters are not able to cross the blood-brain barrier, you may notice several negative mood states and feelings of lethargy, low motivation and even depression. Stemulite contains several ingredients that enhance neurotransmitter functioning, which can help improve mental processing with ease.

Ingredients in Stemulite that Promote Enhanced Mental Performance

Here are just a few of the key ingredients that Stemulite incorporates, and some of the ways in which they contribute to your mental well-being.

L-Carnitine - one of the most important ingredients in Stemulite is L-carnitine, an amino acid derivative that crosses the blood-brain barrier with ease. This results in mental clarity and improved memory, and can also reduce the impact of oxidative damage of the cells.

Alpha lipoic acid or (ALA) is beneficial by way of its metabolic effects, improving the way in which energy is transported throughout your body and therefore giving a significant boost in physical and mental functioning. It is often taken as a supplement by bodybuilders who want to increase their energy and achieve peak performance.

Eggplant extract - this extract contains an alkaloid that can help improve muscle and tissue development. This means you can enjoy the benefits of improved tissue repair, which may also help with better mental performance over time.

Indium is a rare earth mineral with balancing effects on both the adrenal system and hormone levels. Its benefits include better sleep, enhanced oxygen flow to muscles, and increased memory.

You should always be sure to nourish your body with healthy foods and consistent physical activity, but a supplementation program incorporating Stemulite or another all-natural herbal supplement will do wonders for your emotional state, memory, and ability to focus on your daily tasks, without your having to worry about the side effects and mood swings that come with some other supplements.

Natural Supplements can be a Beneficial Way to Support Your Well Being and Strengthen Your Performance. Stemulite is an Excellent, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Body-Builders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, More Restful Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Bedtime.

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Thu, Jan 14th - 7:56PM

Tips and Eating Plans for Beginning Bodybuilders
You can get better results from your consistent workout regimen and with a sound nutrition program with the aid of a complete nutritional supplement, and have the increase in muscle size, strength and endurance that you want. To ensure that they are attaining their performance goals and eating just enough to feed their muscles, most professional bodybuilders and athletes go through 'phases' during the course of their training programs. Eating large amounts of protein, eating small meals, and taking supplement throughout the course of the day is essential for success, and to maximize muscle gain, this is usually done during the off season phase.

After going through this phase, bodybuilders go through several phases that requires them to change their intake of carbohydrate-rich foods, lean proteins, and supplements like Stemulite to be able to support each stage of the training program. Understanding what is involved in each of these phases can help you create an effective training program that gets the results you need.

The Off Season - Your goal for this phase is to build as much muscle as you can. Bodybuilders support their performance outcome by eating healthy carbs and high amounts of protein through the course of the day, according to Louise Burke, the expert author of “Practical Sports Nutrition”. They typically follow a consistent schedule of these foods to make sure they're meeting their protein requirements and may design their eating plan around their workouts to further enhance results.

Hypertrophy Phase - During this phase, it is common practice to follow a very rigid eating plan that means eating every 2-3 hours - even overnight. The goal here is to eat just enough food to maintain weight and allow the body to increase strength. This should be done with the right selection of foods that build up muscle and carbs that provide sustainable energy.

Competition Prep - 6 to 16 weeks before the event is when most body builders begin to prepare for a competition. This period requires a bodybuilder to maintain a schedule of sustained weight loss up to the event and involves severe calorie restriction to reduce body fat. Losing body fat, and not muscle that was built up over the off-season is the primary goal of this phase. To be able to achieve this, eating low-fat, high protein meals, or replacing a meal with a complete nutritional supplement like Stemulite Fitness Formula, and coordinate meals with a regular workout regimen.

Cutting Phase - This phase typically occurs right before the competitive event, and involves severe calorie restriction to stimulate rapid fat loss. Many bodybuilders drastically reduce their calories and rely on supplements to achieve nutritional balance. This phase may also include intensive circuit training routines and getting more rest so that the body can recover easily.

Post Competition - Many bodybuilders resort to binge eating immediately after the competition since they've been on a near starvation diet for up to 6 months prior to competition. This can be a health hazard for many, especially for those that end up gaining a lot of weight in a very short period of time. To avoid compromising their health in the during this stage and to maintain some of the results they have worked hard for, bodybuilders should ease themselves into a healthier diet program.

With the different phases most bodybuilder goes through, maintaining a steady nutrition program is difficult. You will be able to increase your chances of long term success with sound nutritional principles, using a supplement like Stemulite, and work with a nutritionist or dietitian throughout the training program.

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Mon, Dec 21st - 1:29AM

How to Use High Protein Shakes in a Bodybuilding Diet
All bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts that want to improve their stamina and performance and keep their body in great shape throughout training season need to adhere to a quality nutrition program. High protein shakes are a necessary addition to the average training nutrition program because they are easily digested and can help with the muscle repair and recovery process almost instantaneously.

Among the many choices of protein shakes, supplements and powders, many athletes favor products that are made with whey or soy protein. There are some high protein shakes and supplements that only contain rice protein powders, creatine and other forms of muscle enhancing ingredients. Whey and whey protein have special properties that are not in milk protein, as stated in the studies specified in "Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete" book by Mauro G. Di Pasquale.

High protein shakes can be made at home with protein powders, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal and sweeteners and consumed as a meal or as a snack between meals. They are also available in ready-to-drink formulas from a number of supplement companies, and these are convenient for individuals who are always on the go and do not have time to make their own shakes or prepare foods at home.

Most high protein shakes are complete meal replacements and are high in vital amino acids, mineral and vitamins. There are some ready to drink shakes that are nutritionally balanced and are used as part of a fat burning diet. Most bodybuilders and athletes have very strict low-carb diets, and choose to intake high protein shakes regularly everyday so that they can get their nutritional needs using a healthy option.

Aside from being a steady source of energy, whey protein and the various protein supplements greatly improves metabolism.High protein shakes made with fresh fruit, juices and oatmeal are chock full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy metabolism and provide a boost of energy. Immediately after rigorous training, this can be consumed to stop the blood sugar level from dropping and to help muscle repair.

However, one of the best reasons to take high protein shakes is quick absorption because your digestive system can rapidly break it down. There are only a few recommended healthy food options that athletes and bodybuilders can consume after intensive exercise as any intake will processed faster than normal. The body, after intensive workout, when digestion is at it maximum absorption, is the perfect time to consume high protein shake so that strained muscles can recover in a matter of hours. This will help abate your hunger and help lessen injury risk.

To get maximum muscle gain and improve overall metabolism, plan the timing the consumption of your high protein shakes, protein powders and supplements. After exercise or in between meals, you may take supplements to get rid of hunger pangs and fully utilize the peak of absorption rate. Athletes and bodybuilders nutrition program can be integrated with the high quality nutrient value found in protein powders and shakes, which gives the maximum efficiency per calorie.

Natural Supplements can be an Effective Way to Support Your Well Being and Strengthen Your Performance. Stemulite is an Excellent, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Body-Builders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, and Fuller Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Bedtime.

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