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Wed, Dec 30th - 4:09AM

Translating Documents the Easy Way
Translating documents such as essays, manuscripts, reports and legally-binding contracts into a foreign language can be challenging if you choose to hire freelance translators on your own, or send the work to someone in your organization. Foreign language document translation companies can help to translate all types of documents quickly and easily, and many offer competitive rates so you can stay within your budget. Here are some essential tips for translating documents and working with document translation companies:

1. Assess bulk order rates. There are some companies that will give you a better rate for high-volume work and save you money when you use their service. The bulk order rate can be applied for short or long term work and repeat orders, so you can assess what service is best when applied to your needs.

2. Evaluate the company's confidentiality policy. Almost all document translation companies will post their confidentiality policy on their website or in their marketing materials, so you can rest assured that your documents will be safe and secure. This is important when you are dealing with sensitive information that could be a threat to your company if it was leaked to a competitor, or anyone outside of your organization.

3. Specialized services offered. There are few companies that offer specialized translation services like medical, legal and technical translations. If you have any specific requirements as to the tone, angle and format of your finished translation, you can give specific and detailed instructions for the translation document service to comply with.

4. Verify that the company uses human translators. While there are several types of document translation software programs available, companies that use these will not be able to deliver a high quality product. Verify that the company employs only human translators to perform all types of document translation and foreign language translation services, and make sure that these people are native speakers of the target language.

5. Know the size of the document translation service. It is better to choose a large facility that has translation teams than to entrust you work order to a small company that only has a few individual translators. Team translators will break down the task into a work process to include strict quality control checks. For example, a document may go through the highly detailed process of being translated, proofread, edited, and being rewritten again before it passes the stringent quality control checks of the team. This will ensure you that your finished translated documents will meet with the highest standards.

Translating documents into a foreign language is much easier when you work with a company that offers document translation services. Whether you're interested in translating a scientific document or an essay, you can count on superior quality and accurate translations when working with a professional agency. Take your time to review different document translation companies and service providers so that you can find a company that best meets your needs and can meet your deadlines.

View for more help and advice on document translation for law firms and businesses.

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