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Wed, Dec 30th - 4:09AM

Translating Documents the Easy Way
Translating documents such as essays, manuscripts, reports and legally-binding contracts into a foreign language can be challenging if you choose to hire freelance translators on your own, or send the work to someone in your organization. Foreign language document translation companies can help to translate all types of documents quickly and easily, and many offer competitive rates so you can stay within your budget. Here are some essential tips for translating documents and working with document translation companies:

1. Assess bulk order rates. There are some companies that will give you a better rate for high-volume work and save you money when you use their service. The bulk order rate can be applied for short or long term work and repeat orders, so you can assess what service is best when applied to your needs.

2. Evaluate the company's confidentiality policy. Almost all document translation companies will post their confidentiality policy on their website or in their marketing materials, so you can rest assured that your documents will be safe and secure. This is important when you are dealing with sensitive information that could be a threat to your company if it was leaked to a competitor, or anyone outside of your organization.

3. Specialized services offered. There are few companies that offer specialized translation services like medical, legal and technical translations. If you have any specific requirements as to the tone, angle and format of your finished translation, you can give specific and detailed instructions for the translation document service to comply with.

4. Verify that the company uses human translators. While there are several types of document translation software programs available, companies that use these will not be able to deliver a high quality product. Verify that the company employs only human translators to perform all types of document translation and foreign language translation services, and make sure that these people are native speakers of the target language.

5. Know the size of the document translation service. It is better to choose a large facility that has translation teams than to entrust you work order to a small company that only has a few individual translators. Team translators will break down the task into a work process to include strict quality control checks. For example, a document may go through the highly detailed process of being translated, proofread, edited, and being rewritten again before it passes the stringent quality control checks of the team. This will ensure you that your finished translated documents will meet with the highest standards.

Translating documents into a foreign language is much easier when you work with a company that offers document translation services. Whether you're interested in translating a scientific document or an essay, you can count on superior quality and accurate translations when working with a professional agency. Take your time to review different document translation companies and service providers so that you can find a company that best meets your needs and can meet your deadlines.

View for more help and advice on document translation for law firms and businesses.

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Tue, Dec 15th - 11:14PM

What Online Translation Firms Can Do For Your Business
Document translation services are more valuable today than ever before given the emergence of the global market place. Document translation services are designed to provide complete translations and edit the document to ensure that it can be understood by a native speaker. Here's what to expect when working with a document translation company:

1. Quality proofreading and editing. Most translation companies hire native speakers to translate your documents; in order to preserve the original message while making sure that your target audience can relate to it as much as possible. In addition, they have an established system to proofread, and edit out the translated documents.

2. Swift project completion. Translation services companies are known for fast turn-around times. This is ideal if you are trying to beat a deadline or just want to launch a project as soon as possible.

3. Can handle any size project. Document translation services accept all documents from a one page sales letter to a complete set of company manuals. Many companies will break up the project between a group of translators if you are working with a tight deadline, and then have one final editor proofread and check the work to ensure accuracy.

4. Online ordering. Working with translation services companies can be pretty convenient since most allow you to send documents electronically. Some companies will even accept electronic versions of the document (e.g. .PDF or Word documents), so you can just send them a package of electronic documents with ease.

5. Customer service and support. If you are having technical issues uploading your documents to be translated, or just need assistance in setting up an account, you can work with your assigned Account Manager or Customer Service Representative to assist you. This can take some of the stress of the project off your shoulders, and makes it easier to communicate with the document translation company you have selected.

Document translation services companies provide a vital service for businesses with a global outlook. Do not compromise the quality of your documents by going to a freelance translator. Whether you're translating a single page letter or a large worker's manual, working with document translation companies can save you time and money, and ensure that you're core messages are translated appropriately for your prospective audience.

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Tue, Dec 8th - 9:58PM

5 Reasons to Work With a Document Translation Company
It takes a native speaker or a professional to be able to translate vital documents into another language and hiring the services of a translator in your area may be out of budget. Luckily, you have other choices. Letters, reports, marketing material and manuals that need to be translated into any language can use the services of professional translation companies. These document translation companies have teams that are made of native-speaking translators who can do the work quickly and efficiently. These are a few key benefits of utilizing the services of professional translation companies:

1. 24-hour customer care. There are some reliable document translation companies that you can contact 7 days a week, 24 hours in a day, so that you can communicated to them your concerns and get timely updates on the task that you have assigned to them. The company may assign a manager to facilitate your project and to closely coordinate with you every single step of the way.

2. Content can get localized. The teams translate documents into various languages and sub-languages, localizing the content. One example of this is when a document is translated from English to Spanish,what may happen is that it can only be understood by the North American Spanish community. You will see better results in your marketing efforts in countries like Peru, Puerto Rico or Spain if you can ensure that the materials use the nuances and dialect of the targeted region. Using reliable document translations services will assure you that your material will be translated correctly.

3. Can work on urgent requirements. Will the professional translation services have the documents ready the next day? At tops, in three to four days? Since document translations companies have a translator team, your project can be done right away without any loss of quality. It is possible the company will charge you extra for the urgent task, but you will get peace of mind knowing that the work will be done on time.

4. Document translation companies offer competitive rates. The sudden global boom of document translation companies has made competition tough, making many offer highly competitive rates. This makes it into a buyers market wherein you can get to pick the best among the competitive rates. You can choose to get an online instant quote or go through the lengthily process of submission, review and to wait for feedback to get the rate. There will still be savings on the price of the service, whatever way you choose to get the quote.

5. Submitting documents is simple. Some companies give clients the option to submit their documents instantly online to save them time and money so they do not have to package, send the documents, and wait for the confirmation receipt. This makes it easier to send a single or batch of documents at no extra cost, and get an instant confirmation. Professional translation companies have many services to ensure individuals and corporations of highest standard in translated documents.

If you are looking to save on translation expenses or have a challenging project that requires high quality results, the best strategy to choose is to use the services of a professional translation company.
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Mon, Nov 30th - 9:28PM

What to Expect from a Professional Translation Services
You do not have to rely on freelance translators to translate your legal documents, scientific reports, marketing materials or company handbook. There are various companies that offer professional document translation services better than freelance translators. Listed below are the key features of the service offered by translation companies.

1. Low rates. There are now hundreds of document translation service companies to choose from, which means they all need to offer competitive prices and attractive packages. This ultimately benefits the end consumer, making it possible for consumers to bargain and shop around for the best price.

2. Instant quote. Many document translation service companies offer an instant quote online or over the phone. This can make it much easier to obtain an estimate of the project costs before you begin, and also gives you the opportunity to shop around. Look for companies that offer instant online quotes if you are short on time and need to make a quick decision on the company you should work with.

3. Fast completion of projects. Since most document translation services companies are comprised of a team of translators, they can promise faster turnaround times than an independent freelance translator. The actual translation process may consist of the translation, editing, proofing, grammar check and then a quality check. This ensures that you will be receiving only the highest-quality work at all times, and still get it faster than an independent translator. When you're working on a tight deadline, this can be a very attractive feature.

4. Immediate feedback and updates. Almost all document translation companies offer customer support services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This means it's easier to keep track of the progress of your document and ensure that you are aware of all charges and fees associated with your project. It is also normal industry practice for companies to assign a specific project manager to a client for the whole duration of a project.

5. Native speaker translations. There are a few companies that rely on software to perform translations but most companies employ native speakers as their translators. Native speakers often produce the best translations since they understand their language so well that they are able to retain the message of your original document.

6. Efficient submission process. Most document translation services companies prefer to transact online, meaning you just have to upload your documents online or send it as an email attachment. This makes it very easy and efficient to submit your document and have it worked on.

In summary, professional companies offer higher-quality and faster translation services than freelance translators. Overall, these services may be a better match than working with an independent translator because you can count on a high-quality product, and receive customer support throughout the process.
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Wed, Nov 18th - 4:14AM

How to Use Document Translation Services
Choose a professional translation company over an independent translator for all your document translation needs in order to get quality results consistently. Professional companies have accredited translators that specialize in different topics and industries such as medicine, health and fitness, marketing, law, engineering, and other branches of science. This means that you can get high quality translations whatever industry you are in. Below are some tips maximize the benefits that you get from document translation services.

1. Compare quotes online. Many document translation companies offer instant online quotes, or can provide you with a quote within a 24-hour time frame after you submit the specifications of your project. This can help you compare different companies so that you are getting the most attractive rate. Just make sure you review the terms and conditions or FAQs section of the company's website so you understand their pricing structure, fees and surcharges that may apply to your services.

2. Review the number of available languages and dialects. Some companies offer general translations from English to Spanish, English to German and hundreds of other languages, while others offer dialect translations as well. If you are creating the documents for a very specific market or demographic group, consider what dialect you need your translated document to have. In many cases, using only a general language translation can leave many native speakers confused, and unable to understand your document or message.

3. Take advantage of customer support services. Many document translation companies offer customer support services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you have any questions about the progress of your project, pricing issues or need to talk about revisions and document updates, you can speak with someone from the company any time of day. This can help you plan better and keep your project on track.

4. Request a cultural competency assessment. Many translation companies offer a cultural competency assessment or report as an ?a la carte' service. This type of assessment looks at your target market's profile, and provides some solid information on the nuances, cultural trends and dialect that may pertain to your ideal customer. Some companies offer this assessment for free, while others will offer it at a modest fee. Ask your preferred company if they offer this, because the results can be very valuable to you now, and in the future.

5. Review their guarantee of quality. Look for companies that guarantee the quality of their finished documents. But first, review the terms of their guarantee and check if they are accredited by known translation associations. This will ensure that you get the results you want consistently.

Document translation services provide more benefits than independent contractors. You can get more from document translation companies by fully using all their services. Always take into account these five considerations when selecting a company to work with.
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