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Wed, Sep 1st - 7:40AM

Natural Resources Information Exchange's First Meeting
The first expert meeting on the sharing of information on natural resources, the Natural Resources Information Exchange (NRIE), took place in Benin in July this year (2010) and attracted representatives from 24 African countries. The African continent is rich in mineral resources. Information sharing can help African governments manage their natural resources efficiently and can help in poverty reduction.
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Wed, Sep 1st - 7:30AM

Expansion Of 2.8% In OECD GDP
GDP growth in the OECD increased by 0.7% in Q2 2010 as it did during the first quarter. Real GDP grew by 1% in the euro area and the EU driven by record growth of 2.2% in Germany. It is the highest rate since reunification. The UK saw growth of 1.1% from 0.3%, France 0.6% from 0.2% and Italy unchanged at 0.4%. Growth slowed in the US and Japan with growth figures of 0.1% and 0.6% respectively from 1.1% and 0.9% in the first quarter. GDP in the OECD area expanded by 2.8% from 2.4% on the previous quarter. The highest rate was in Germany with 3.7% and the lowest was Italy with 1.1%.
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Wed, Sep 1st - 7:21AM

OECD Consumer Inflation Up By 1.6%
Consumer prices in OECD countries increased by 1.6% in the year to July 2010 from 1.5% in June. The increase is mainly due to energy and food prices developments which saw increases of 6.2% and 1.1% respectively. In terms of percentage price increases on the previous month, prices increased by 0.5% in Canada, 0.4% in Italy and 0.3% in Germany but fell by 0.5% in Japan and 0.3% in France and the UK. On the same month in the previous year prices increased by 3.1% in the UK, 1.8% in Canada and 1.7% in France and Italy and fell by 0.9% in Japan. The euro area increased by 1.7% and the EU by 2.1%.
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Wed, Sep 1st - 7:12AM

Call For Natural Resource Trade Co-operation

The World Trade Report from the WTO says natural resources trade is creating many challenges for importing and exporting countries and co-operation by governments is required if they are to be addressed adequately.

The focus of the report is natural resources such as fuels, forestry, mining and fisheries and it examines the trade characteristics of natural resource markets, policy choices and international co-operation for proper management with particular reference to WTO.

Key elements of the report include the distinctive features of natural resource markets, gains from resources trade, externalities, technology effects on sustainability, high volatility, trade policy and trade regulation in natural resources.

The natural resources market total world trade value in 2008 was $3.7 trillion, equivalent to 24% of world merchandise trade. Fuels accounted for 57% in 1998 and 77% in 2008, fish and forestry each accounted for 3% and mining 18%. The top 15 exporters accounted for 52% of world resources trade in 2008 and top 15 importers 71% of traded resources.

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