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Sat, Jun 19th - 9:46PM

Got caught up... now back to business
Got tied up for a bit...but now I'm back to business.
My online home job had been put on hold, but now I'm back FULL BLAST
Come stop by at

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Mon, May 31st - 10:04PM

GDI Online Home Business
Check out the latest new information on Home Jobs from GDI.
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the 7 minute movie, the more income you earn from your new online home business.
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GDI affiliate.

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Mon, Nov 2nd - 9:22AM

Domains registrations boosted by new ICANN rules - GDI
ICANN rules press release.
Take advantage of the 2nd domain registration landrush with GDI
Have you read the press release? Click the link and take advantage of the next domains registration boom with GDI

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Sun, Nov 1st - 10:06PM

Home Jobs or Home Business from Global Domains International Inc (GDI)
As many of my readers know, I am proud of my GDI affiliation and the success I have experienced with Global Domains International. Reading through some of my more recent posts I noticed that I am becoming rather "pushy" in my marketing efforts. Being totally honest, my motivation is not only to help you reach your financial goals with an online home business of your own. The other motivation I have is continue my personal success with the Income for Life being provided through my GDI affiliate program.
Here is what I have done with my .ws domain and website hosting, you can do anything you would like with this webspace. You are in no way required to use the website as I have to help grow your GDI downline. Most of the affiliates I have signed up are using their website for personal use, others are using the website domain and hosting services for their small business or other ventures.
All I ask is that you take the time to view the video from Global Domains International, with a little effort on your part it can change your life. Watch the GDI video and give the affiliate program a chance. You will not be disappointed.

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Sat, Oct 31st - 9:36PM

Domains Registration explosion, are you part of it? Join Global Domains International Inc.
The latest numbers have recently been released from ICANN and even given the global economic recession... Domain Name Registrations are exploding. More Domains are being registered today around the world than ever before. With the international growth of the internet being fueled by both India and China, domains are being registered like never before. What if a company that has been in the domain registrar business for over 10 years and is paypal approved wanted you to be an affiliate partner. With your only job being to show people an incredible marketing video. Interested?
Global Domains International (GDI) is that company. Please vie the GDI video from this link and decide if the Global Domains International affiliate business ownership program is for you. There are no get rich quick programs that I would ever ask people to be involved in and GDI is anything but get rich quick. If you are willing to put in a few hours a week, over a few years, I will show you how Global Domains International can help you earn an income for life.
View the GDI video today.

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