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Sun, May 22nd - 10:03AM

Updating my website....
I have started to update my website!!

I still don't know why my corrections and repairs and additions never show up right away.

On my home page and eslewhere there are now links to my Blurb books:

One on my artworks, the other on my Tarot designs.

Do check them out and enjoy......

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Sun, Mar 14th - 10:30AM

Second Online Remodernist Exhibition
Second Online Remodernist Exhibition


Enter Here:



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Sun, Jan 17th - 6:00AM

On Affluenza
Here is a hard-hitting critique of what is behind a great deal of social malaise - where it is all work, work, work.

In some respects, Oliver James, to use an old-fashioned Brit derogatory term, can and does come off as something of a prat (and he willingly acknowledges this): he writes as he talks - of his swanning off around the world to chat to millionaires and billionaires, whilst throwing out off-the-cuff psycho-analyses of their mental and physical states. The little woman, of course, holding the baby and everything esle together in the home, meantime.

He has a beef, against the System. But not against capitalism per se, but whathe calls selfish capitalism, of the kind first made popular' by Thatcher, then by Blair, at least in the UK, thpugh he makes it clear that this is a global issue: where, as Thatcher famously, or rather, infamously declared: 'There is no such thing as community.' No subsidised education, so childcare, so welfare dependency - jus tthe freedom to keep in earning for bigger and shinier goods.

This can omly be something that can be powered through enough emotional deprivation to make Wanting Things seem even more attractive - this is where James gets psychoanalytical again, with his diagnosis lent to the title cover 'Affluenza.'

Money, points out James, however, cannot in any case buy you love, not everyone can manage to getto be a millionaire, and can we really afford an unbridled dystopia of neurotic over-achievers and over-spenders forever?

James's solution is elegant: the cure for Affluenza is Back to Basics. As in provison of childcare that is less likely to result in the kind of avarice and workaholism borne of severe emotional deprivation in the first place, and he points to the Danish way of doing things, which whilst maybe flawed in other ways,  maybe serves as a possible paradigm (though he was unable to resist a more 50's-style critique on relatively-Utopian solutions of the reds-under-the-bed kind 'You will also be bland emotionally and creatively, but you will be so happpyyyy!'

It is a pity he did not also examine other Scandinavian systems of childcare, which also look at the impact of compulsory childcare for small children: it may somewhat stolid citizens make, but also has been cited as a way of avoiding certain kinds of social inequality......

Over all, a most interestingly and timely book.....

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Wed, Jan 13th - 11:45AM

Waterloo Press
January 12, 2010 - Tuesday 

Category: Writing and Poetry

Waterloo Press: Poetry Publications

Several books are published by the Waterloo Press, based in Hove, UK every year, by Dr Simon Jenner who in addition to being a connoisseur of poetry, can also speak very knowledgeably about art andclassical music too.

Several books are published by the Waterloo Press each year.

Each set of poetry by its authors is printed on plush-quality paper in a plain cover, however bearing a classy jacket with artworks ranging from photographic image to abstract/figurative drawings.

Naomi Foyle

Illustrated by Peter Griffiths, monochrome pen and ink burlesque.

Here is a mock Elizabethan ballads set in tradtional 4-verse format. These recount the adventures of an Elizabethan Irish pirate chieftain, Gráinne Ní Mháille, or Grace O'Malleym, who apparently ruled West Coast Ireland for over 40 years. It is all all written with great Verve, swashbuckling.

Maria Jastrzebska
Everyday Angels

Jastrzebska is Polish Natally,but has lived in the UK since a small child. Sometimes her work consists of a kind of free-association prose, rather than in formal poetic form.. Either way, there sems to be a preoccupation with everyday ruminations in many voices, of those involved in Troubled Relationships.

The Cover Image, on a vivid red cover, is titled 'Kidnapping of Persephone' by Dagmara Rudkin.

Norman Buller
Fools and Mirrors

One major theme in this set of verses seems to be concerning mortality and desire to transcend it. Allegedly humanist but sounds full of Platonic duality in places - at least at a superficial glance.

The Cover Design attributed to Waterloo Press, showing clowns.

Bells and Candles
Norman Jope

Yes well, this had to involve a shameless plug somewhere, as the cover of this colkection of work was provided by myself.

As for a critique on
Norman Jope's work - here is a link that can really do this justice: mag2009/feb 2009/The Book of Bells.htm

Once again, here is the adress of The Waterloo Press:

Waterloo Press
95 Wick Hall
Furze Hill
Hove BN3 1PF

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Sat, Jul 18th - 2:58AM

Updates from Red Bubble
Hello there.

Welcome to my new Webring blog.

On this occasion, I would like to invite you to view the 2010 calendars of my artwork at

There are 5 calendars to choose from - one of my red and gold collection of mixed-media collage pieces, another of blue pieces, and one that is mixed. Then there are two calendars of my pen-and-ink collections - a black-and-white calendar called 'gothic excess,' the other, of abstract fractal-style drawings, called 'Spektrum.'


There are some interesting faces on Red Bubble - recently, I have encountered artsits whose photos of shapes and images from Nature are everythong that in some way, a lot of my artworks aspire to. One such is Mike Finlay - soon, I hope to have some more details there on my 'Poison Quill' section. In the meantime, here is a link to one of his 'nature' photo abstracts:

So stay tuned.....

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