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Sun, Dec 1st - 7:49PM

November 29: We Can Still Be Friends

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 197
160.8 miles
cold, clear

84 recordings of 64 types. 31% clear. 

I was up early.  I almost managed to make a pot of coffee without trouble, but not quite.  The drive home was much simpler in this direction...I did try for a couple of geocaches, but one I couldn't open (it was a bolt. I couldn't unscrew it.  The hider let me count it anyway.) The other one I couldn't find at all. I'll try it again.  This was such a good time, though, with no one in the park & ride. Oh, well. 

The pets were happy to see me, and the dog hadn't torn down the flashing.  The house was still standing, which I really approve of. After I checked this and brought the food in and put it away, I took a couple of deep breaths and...

I called Ron back. He was glad I did. He doesn't want to lose my friendship... this is the first time I have ever gotten the "We Can Still Be Friends" speech. He asked me to go to next Wednesday's concert, and I was taken aback, had to dither a little. I said "yes" but I don't know if this is a good idea.  I think he may be overestimating my ability to be a grownup. I did back out of the luncheon that was my idea to begin with, darn it. I used the cleaners as my excuse.

I said I knew some months ago that he was ahead of where I wanted to be.  He had also known that some months ago. I do think he'd made some tentative remarks that I backed away from ("is this a date or an outing?" "Oh, it's an outing.") So life is timing. I had some grief work I still needed to do, especially between our anniversary and Rich's date of dying.  That was Nov. 4 and Nov. 6 Ron asked if he could bring this other woman to the luncheon.  However, while I'm ready to move on a bit, maybe not as much as he wants anyway. Sigh.

There are flies in this house. I've killed 4 of them. Is there a dead rat around? I sniffed around and there might be, but it's not definite. I suppose I'll have to wait and see.

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Sun, Dec 1st - 9:10AM

November 28: Thanksgiving

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 197
160.8 miles
cold, clear

79 recordings of 61 types. 36% clear.

I went to church and had the olive balls blessed, and by extension, all the food and everyone I was sharing Thanksgiving with.  Then I came home and finished the Justified episode I'd started and put the pets where they would be for the night, then started off at 11:15.  Maybe too late --- I had some pretty hairy traffic, from the middle of downtown across the Yolo Causeway.  I went from stopped clear up to 30 mph. Occasionally I played a little freeway Frogger, which scares me.  The worst place, though, was at the Sacramento junction of 99 and 50, where the lane I was in merges into the e-w direction at the same time as the lane on the left does, so you not only have to look at the next lane, but at the one over.  Dangerous! Then I was in the lane I wanted to stay in for awhile. Fortunately, the clog cleared up the other side of the Yolo Causeway.  Clear to Milk Farm, where the usual Dixon slowdown occurred. I really have no idea why this happens at Dixon, there are no major intersections nearby. Once I got through that, I saw the other side of the freeway was even worse, all the way to Fairfield. Ouch. 

Then there was the usual slowdown before going over the causeway. It started sooner than usual and was slower than ever.  Stopped to all of 10 or 15 MPH.  Of course, there were the people who took advantage of the merge to get forward all of 2 or 3 cars.  What surprised me is once we were to one lane, there were still some dead stops, which doesn't usually happen. I turned on my GPS to see where one cache was, though with the traffic I had no intention of stopping.  I was glancing at it once and nearly hit the barrier, so I stopped looking.  This trip gave my guardian angel quite a workout.

A trip that usually takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours was done in 2 and a half. Whew!

Thanksgiving dinner was great, with Roni, R.J., Kathy, Lexi, Teddy, Bernadette, Rob, Joan, Gareth, Joanna, Linda, Jim, and me.  A bit smaller than some years.  Only one turkey this year. Cranberry sauce, two kinds of potatoes, stuffing, and  pumpkin pies. I'd had too many hors-d'oerves, but managed to eat a lot anyway. 

The party broke up about 8. I made sure Linda got the box Cathy had made me take from Casper.  Yay.

I went to bed pretty early, too. Lots of wine.

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