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Mon, Apr 2nd - 10:38PM

Ready to Go!

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 66
58.7 miles
partly cloudy, cool

121 recordings of 31 types. 32% (whew. I'm safe)

Jim Spalding: "If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month."

Yesterday I managed a shower before Gareth got up.  He played with the Brio some more and then we went over to the Science center.  He lasted a little longer than he has some times. He enjoyed the puzzle and we read a book and he liked the magnets.  He seemed a little scared of the bigger dinosaurs.  We also walked around the pond, which is clean now.  16 turtles, at least.

Then chicken-apple brats for lunch.  And Bernadette came for him and got the carseat out. 

The support group was big. I took one woman directions on how to get free books for her Nook. I also took pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald house which someone there is collecting. And I told about the break-in.  There were some new people there. Then to the restaurant. I am beginning to know people, and enjoy this.  Then I checked on the cache on the way home, and it's fine.

A couple of geocaching friends are going to Ireland and will have about an hour layover in Atlanta. Not long enough to get the cache we got in 2009, so they hoped I remembered the answers. I didn't, but I sent a picture that had it. Memories.

Today Bernadette had a dental appointment, so I drove down there.  She got done early enough that I could get my cash and gas before the cleaners came. They were late anyway. Had a nice talk with the neighbor.  Alicia (the house-sitter) came and I hope I told her everything she needed to know.

Nervous. It's been a long time since I drove this distance by myself. (1974, Arkansas to Laramie and back.)

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Mon, Apr 2nd - 9:52PM

March 31: Gareth Overnight

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 66
58.5 miles
rain again

122 recordings of 32 types. 32% clear.

Why didn't Democrats ask the questions justices just did?

FIRE. Aim. Ready. Two years after passage of the Obamacare law that requires everyone to buy health insurance, Americans finally have their debate on the merits and constitutionality of the law.

Andrew Koenig
Increasingly, I am coming to believe that the answer to the original question is that leftists believe three things that the rest of us don't:

1) The end justifies the means.
2) Government is omnipotent, omniscient, and incorruptable--except when it does something they personally don't like [See (1)]
3) It is easy to solve social problems by fiat because people will not react rationally [i.e., "selfishly"] to the constraints imposed on them.

Exercise: See if you can find a failed liberal policy that you cannot explain in terms of one or more of the beliefs above.

Elric says:

Again the Democrats are shown to be the party of coercion and tyranny. Do things their way or hit the highway – or get fined, penalized, imprisoned, re-educated in camps, whatever it takes for you to conform to their diktats.

Every legislator that voted for this un-Constitutional outrage ought to be horse-whipped, tarrred and feathered, and rode out of town on a rail, removed from office and banned from any compensation, retirement pay, or any other public funds forever.

I suggest repealing all laws that cannot be shown to be 100 per cent in accordance with the Constitution. If there is the slightest question, repeal it.

Remove the shackles our government has placed on us for the past century (and all of the “progressive” amendments such as federal income tax, direct election of senators, etc.) and watch the citizens of the United States rise to the occasion.

GunTrash says:

I forget where I saw by the best bumper stick I’ve read is, “America – Designed by Geniuses – Run by Idiots”

And I’ll admit the latter are found in both parties. ALTHOUGH the bulk are dimocRATs and they are the most dangerous as they care little about anything but getting reelected and the power/prestige that goes with it. The Constitution is an annoyance not a baseline.

John Hawkins: "One way to make sure crime doesn't pay would be to let the government run it." -- Ronald Reagan

Democrats in Disarray

Whenever liberals are dealt a setback, as has happened repeatedly during the last three years, they blame their defeat on a lack of message. Once again, they have failed to realize that the marketing is not the problem. The problem is what they are selling.

...This is your Democratic-controlled Senate at work: No budget in three years but plenty of votes to score partisan points.

503 to 0.

For those keeping score at home, that is the most recent count of “yes” votes received by the competing budget proposals offered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) and President Obama, in that order, over the past two years.

As the rain pelted down (so we didn't have the gardeners) I would have skipped having Gareth today, but I'd promised him a bubble bath, so down I went in a torrential rain. I sure hope it doesn't rain like this when I go north. I picked him up and we went a mile to Jack-in-the-Box.  (Rich and I ate here at least once, because it's close to B's old apartment. Sniff!) After that, I took surface streets to the Children's Museum.  Gareth had a great time, mostly with the air machine this time, and the water. 

DSC00458     DSC00457

After more than an hour, we came home, where I'd set up the Brio.  Gareth was delighted!


Spaghetti for dinner, Toy Story, bubble bath, and I read him Ferdinand before bed.  What a sweetheart!  I love having him over.

Reading: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (vol 1), Edward Gibbon, The Bible (1 Machabees), The Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Fire in the Hole, Elmore Leonard, The Gods of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies, Marta Felber, and The Death of a Husband, Helen Reichert Lambin.

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