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Sun, Apr 1st - 11:56PM

March Summary

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 66
58.7 miles

119 recordings of 32 types. 33% clear.

Last month's summary: 20.6 miles in March, .3 pounds down, and 0 pages. (Something's gotta be done about that, maybe after I get back!)

I read 3 books, went to 1 movie and 2 plays, and 16 Masses.

I found 12 caches last month, and I'm at 7858.  I'm (sniff!) 316th in the world, (I went up!) and 16th

In proofing, I'm in 1079th (out of 39071 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 873 pages proofed, 19th (out of 4704) in P2 with 23523 pages, 594nd (of 973) in P3 with 469 pages and formatting 706th place (3694) with 1020 pages.

In Flickr I have 42071 pictures, with 92616 views, and 207 sets to work on.

All I watched with Netflix was Law&Order season 4 disk 6, (I've now seen every single episode), and Homicide season 1&2, disc 3.

Vienna Hagen: I saw a yard where, in the spirit of Easter, someone had erected a cross. Then, to make it festive, had hung plastic eggs all over it. I was left speechless.

Oh, no! No more Moose and Zee?

 Elizabeth McKeighen
YES. Bill Whittle is on fire. YES. And for all of you who really like one GOP candidate and really don't like others, I can respect where you care coming from (I dislike them all), but come November you BETTER get out and vote this President out of office or we will see the end of the USA as we know it and I really don't think I am dramatizing. That is waaaaay more important than our squabbles over whether our candidate is a true Conservative (none of them are).

Deneisa Calvert
Lane, the UK health minister stated that UK has one of the highest death rates of breast and lung cancer due to socialized medicine. The deaths are due to untimely confirmed diagnosis and treatments. Once a Dr summits for testing to confirm a disgnosis can be 4-6 months and once a diagnosis is confirmed another 4-6 months to start a treatment if they get treatment.. types are treatments are limited. Many Europeon countries are now working to phase back in privatized health care.,.

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Sun, Apr 1st - 11:09AM

March 30: At Home

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 66
58.5 miles
partly cloudy

(The pedometer has been WAY off, I never had it at 30" on my own... perhaps Gareth helped?)

126 recordings of 34 types, 30% clear.

Rasmussen: -13: 48/52.

Peggy Noonan finally sees the light.

Maybe a stinging decision is coming, maybe not, but in a purely political sense this is how it looks: We were in crisis in 2009—we still are—and instead of doing something strong and pertinent about our economic woes, the president wasted history’s time. He wasted time that was precious—the debt clock is still ticking!—by following an imaginary bunny that disappeared down a rabbit hole…
...It’s hard to imagine people running around in 2014 saying, “If only Obama were president!” Including Mr. Obama, who is said by all who know him to be deeply competitive, but who doesn’t seem to like his job that much. As a former president he’d be quiet, detached, aloof. He’d make speeches and write a memoir laced with a certain high-toned bitterness. It was the Republicans’ fault. They didn’t want to work with him.

WORST president EVER. Completely wiped out all the race relation progress we made in this mixed country since the sixties

Ruined economy, killed jobs and the currency, highest gas prices ever, worst housing market, ruined relations with allies, bolstered nuclear ambitions of our enemies, destroying our national defenses and border security, suing states, being sued by states, no congressional leadership, turning federal agencies into weapons against US citizens and business, lies to the people makes secret deals with enemies and put communists and black reperation theoligists as our appointed czars for starters.

Until now the fool Jimmy Carter held the title IMO, but in Obama’s case it’s deliberate to put us in our place ie:change. It would be a terrible next four years if this guy and his controllers are able to continue, I see riots.

Rea1ityCheck on March 30, 2012 at 12:13 AM

Joseph Henry Saying that he is increasingly dishonest is like saying that the path of a tidal wave will be increasingly moist. Technically correct, but a wholey inadequate description

20 Phenomenal Fringe Benefits of being a Liberal.

6) You can suggest that black Americans are too incompetent to handle something as simple as getting a photo ID without being called racist.

The Gas Price Ad 0bama Doesn't Want You to See.

Heh.  414-0.

Heh. More.

It’s not easy to sustain politically calculated fake outrage for weeks on end, especially after an apology for the initial offense has been issued. Perseverance.

Be Afraid...

Perhaps this is a trial balloon for the post-overturning strategy?

    Obama pollster Joel Benenson at Third Way breakfast downplays #hcr; “the president has many signature accomplishments over his first term.”

Well, there was the stimulus that failed to stimulate, the Recovery Summer That Wasn’t, bankruptcies at Solyndra and other Obama-donor-linked companies that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, high gas prices, and … er … the Lily Ledbetter Act.  Yeah, that strategy probably won’t fly.

Not our program, per se.

You know what the most fun aspect of this feature is?  The President does all my work for me. 

...It seems that Obama believes per se is Latin for “please don’t search our website.”

I went to Mass, came home, weeded and trimming the yucca.  I have one green strawberry!  And privet. Lots and lots of privet. 

The neighbors all came over.  Frank said "hi, Rich!" to our next door neighbor.  Wrong Rich. I told them I want him back.  I met a couple of other neighbors.

Took stuff to St. Vincent (Avon Rabbit, very timely.) Chopped a bit more in back, then saw the new loppers after I've been working so hard with the old dull ones.  Thanks Rich, these little surprises are nice.

I have a yellow rose blooming in back.

Took the dog for a two hour walk.  That's when I found out my pedometer was off significantly.

Finally my kilowatt hours/day ratio is down!! 13.4 as opposed to 14.1 last month and 16.1 last year.

Ooh, look, the crucifix in the bedroom holds candles and holy water for anointings. I knew that once.  Father Eduino did fine without it, though. Poor Rich!

I didn't like his foam pillow but started using it a couple of weeks ago and now I'm not waking up with  a pinched neck. 

Nook: 304 books, 23% free.

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