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Fri, Mar 30th - 10:12PM

March 27: Library Day

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 66
53.7 miles

Trayvon Martin update.

Brad says: 

Missed the three school suspensions, truancy, graffiti and pot. And womens jewelery and a large screwdriver found in his book bag, possible evidence of burglary. Trayvon claimed to be holding those for a friend he would not name.

Also Zimmerman told police thst he had lost sight of Trayvon, started walking back to his truck, when the teen approached, said “You got a problem?” No. “Well, you do now” and punched him.

Messy and tragic case for all involved. Innocent until proven guilty is a good topic.

Another one might be race-baiting for political gain. The President might even be happy to provide a comment for that column.

Don L says:
“Seldom have opinions been so hardened…”

When one trains a pit bull to attack -it should be no surprise when it does. The viceral hatred is a long-run political weapon by the left -who could care about restoring unity and peace to the nation they deliberately divided.

That’s all we really need to know – the politically immorality of fostering entrenched victimization, becomes a major reason for our economic woes, as well, behind every dollar not earned, is usually a moral choice by someone.

0bamacare and then what?

I also heard about former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant, and some of the less-than charitable, often outright hateful remarks emanating from the left. The most interesting of those, I think, are the ones instantly re-embracing the “constitution-shredding” and “war criminal” narratives of 2001-2008 without the merest acknowledgment that the current president has assaulted the first amendment, circumvented the congress, and has either kept most of the Bush-Cheney policies in place or expanded upon them.

Funny how that works.

...Once a society commits itself to the notion that only certain people meeting certain specs will be considered for certain procedures, it will soon determine that fatties who are 50 will either submit to increased governmental control over their appetites and exertions or be denied a stent. And then what? Perhaps expectant parents, unwilling to do the socially-and-fiscally-responsible-thing and abort their less-than-perfect children, will face the wrath of their fellow-citizens; having been identified as cruel, heartless people too-willing to birth a child whose quality of life has been determined to be sub-optimal, they may not be allowed to parent at all.

And then what? Perhaps a 45 year-old woman who has never married and has no children (and therefore with no one in urgent need of her existence) will be thought too dispensable and unnecessary for chemo therapy. What does she have to live for, anyway?

And then what? Perhaps people with lower IQ’s—whose lower earning potentials can never generate substantial tax revenues—will be deemed unworthy of costly extended therapies.

Big protest in San Francisco ignored by media.

Komen not pretty in pink.

My take is pro-life women are upset with the cave-in to Planned Parenthood and sacking Komen, which is a tax-exempt corporation with an annual budget of around $400 million.

Obviously, the pro-abortion crowd is not as big about supporting Komen. Liberals are less charitable with their money than conservatives are. Or maybe there are just more pro-life women.

Had Komen stuck to its guns, conservatives would have supported it and Komen’s coffers would have increased in size.

Today was Library Day!  It's been a long time.  Joanna is really into it these days. She throws a ball, and rides the riding toy, and draws pictures, and it points out the differences from Gareth at that age.

Back at our house, and Bernadette stayed. I liked the company.  Gareth, last night on the phone, "are you Mama are you Mama are you Mama?" Apparently he'd learned that Grandma was Daddy's mommy and was interested that I'm Mommy's mommy.  Today he was trying to tell me he was 5 (so he could play with the little Lego) and I said he was 3 and he told his Mom he was 4 now and she said "no, buddy, you're still 3" and he cried.  He's eager to start school next week.

Joanna is over being afraid of the dog. She tries to push him away, and today she barked at him.

I checked on the new cache and it was gone, so I made up a nano and Bernadette took me by, but there's only one spot it will fit, and I imagine it won't last. :( Grumble.

And the rains came. And came. And came... I'm so so glad the roof is fixed.  I stepped out on the porch... it was nice and warm. I remember one spring night I was sitting out there with David when Rich got back from a Sharing God's Bounty committee meeting at the Sutter Club. He took pride in not being a gourmet, but he was really impressed with this. He raved about it for weeks. Mushroom encrusted something and expensive wine paired with each course. I miss him so

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Fri, Mar 30th - 6:22PM

March 26: Ugly Chore Day

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 66
53.7 miles
partly cloudy

162 recordings of 33 types.  13% clear.


Elaine Stanford: I read this the other day and had to smile: "Wyoming has 4 seasons: early winter, mid-winter, late winter, and damn-fer-sure winter".

The George Zimmerman Lynch Mob.

Florida’s Castle Doctrine doesn’t apply here since Zimmerman followed Martin, but you still have a right to self-defense that goes beyond that. Zimmerman may very well be guilty of say, manslaughter or negligent homicide, but he also may be innocent. If Zimmerman is innocent, he shouldn’t have to go to jail because he turned out to have the wrong skin color — and almost nobody would care about this case if he was black. If Zimmerman is innocent, he also shouldn’t have to go to jail because Al Sharpton wants to fundraise, Jesse Jackson wants to be on TV, and Barack Obama wanted to try to score a few political points by once again, stupidly ramping up the tension on a criminal case he shouldn’t be involved in to begin with.

Don Surber

Ike Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to protect 9 black students as they integrated Central High in Little Rock.

Our coward-in-chief sides with the angry mob and refuses to speak out against that $10,000 reward for killing George Zimmerman offered by the New Black Panther Party, which is his main support group in Philadelphia.

Victor Davis Hanson, Beware of the Mob

The case is not helped by presidential editorializing that now, after the beer summit and Sandra Fluke, seems a gambit to divert attention from $4 a gallon gas and 8% plus unemployment (17% in Fresno County)....
In each case, facts did not matter… The role of a president is to rein in the mob, not to unleash it. The latter is what community organizers do; the former is what makes statesmen. Yet on issue after issue — anti-terrorism, global warming, government ethics, and racial relations — a frenzied mob, egged on by the media and demagogues like Barack Obama, have almost stormed the jail, only to dissipate when met by either evidence, or the knowledge that the incarcerated was one of their own — as if they had never screamed and threatened in the first place.

Vodkapundit: "A 17 year old was shot and killed in Florida last month, and the professional left spent the weekend feeding on his corpse" -- Steve Green

New Details Emerge.

I weeded in the garden and discovered the little tree in a pot that I've been neglecting is alive. I moved it to a spot where Alicia will be able to water it. How on earth did it live this long? I also saw the bamboo getting tangled with the phone wire, and decided to try to cut a couple of the stalks. AND I DID IT!  Another thing I didn't know I could do!  The big stalk will have to be hauled.  I can hardly wait to get rid of this stuff!

Ugly chore day. I vacuumed. I emptied both litter boxes and threw out the bags of poop, and also got the bag of dog poop out.  Then another chore I hate, I went to the commissary. I saw one of Rich's friends there, from when he played softball. He introduced me to his new wife (he was widowed) and said "you remember I went to the funeral, about a year ago, wasn't it?"  Nooooo Al, less than 5 months. I even used some coupons.  I'm trying to keep up here.

I got some dressy black flats at the BX, another thing I don't have to shop for now.

Monica finally called and I talked to her easily an hour.  She should call more often and I wouldn't have such a long list!

I was looking for a jar to fill with water to re-root my begonia which has gotten far too leggy.  Unfortunately, I've thrown out all the jars... well, except for the one with suddenly appeared on the bar by the wooden nickels.  Thank you, Rich!

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