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Thu, Sep 8th - 7:02PM

September 6: Babysitting

117.3 miles
high 90s

161 recordings of 57 types.  25% clear.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/55.

So this morning I left early to go Off to Bernadette's so she could go to a doctor's appointment, a pre-evaluation of Gareth. BOY, their house is dark!  And the picture shows that Gareth is in need of a haircut.

Bernadette was wrong about Joanna being ready for a bed, since the little girl fell out of her new (and very cute) one and got a goose egg, then kept climbing out and crying.  They finally put the crib tent on it.  This is the exact opposite of how long they took to get a bed up for G. Heh.

DSC04444     DSC04445

We watched a couple of Yo Gabba Gabba episodes I hadn't seen. I showed Gareth a picture of his Mommy as a baby.  He doesn't believe me. He also read a picture book I have on the Nook. We played "Noah's Ark" though at first I couldn't find the ark so we put the animals into a drawer, pretending that was a boat.  Mostly the kids played very nicely on their own.  Joanna did NOT like me keeping her from taking Gareth's slate out of his hands. 

When Bernadette got back I hurried home so Rich could make it to his blood test. He was talking to the Lowe's installer who had bad news about the new water heater: the cubby for it would have to be rebuilt. Argh.  Nothing is ever simple. This evening I kept picking up for the cleaners tomorrow.

Last week's OOTW is still the daily 0bamateurism.

How did that Pipeline Protest work out?

Matt Stoller

Obama has ruined the Democratic Party. The 2010 wipeout was an electoral catastrophe so bad you'd have to go back to 1894 to find comparable losses. From 2008 to 2010, according to Gallup, the fastest growing demographic party label was former Democrat. Obama took over the party in 2008 with 36 percent of Americans considering themselves Democrats. Within just two years, that number had dropped to 31 percent, which tied a 22-year low.

...If would be one thing if Obama were failing because he was too close to party orthodoxy. Yet his failures have come precisely because Obama has not listened to Democratic Party voters....
[No, it's things like 0bamacare.]
Given the Obama administration's rampant anti-labor policies, this wouldn't be an unreasonable posture.
[Dude? What alternate universe is this guy in?]

@jimmiebjr: Today is Labor Day. If you're a US taxpayer whose kids will have 2 pay 4 pension bailouts, thank a union.

@jimmiebjr: Today is Labor Day. If your paycheck is smaller b/c you're forced to pay dues to earn your living, thank a union.

Scott Ott If wages have been artificially driven up by coercion -- not naturally through supply-demand and innovation -- thus reducing the number of positions available to the unemployed and under-employed, thank a union.

Hero Mistreated.

In my fantasy world, the Queen reads this and Private Alex Stringer and his family move in to Buckingham Palace for a few weeks while heads roll at the housing council. And by roll, I mean mean real old school. 16th century.

David says:
September 5, 2011 at 10:44 AM
“£1 million homes go to asylum seekers.”
Well yes, “asylum” is generally the first word that comes to mind when I read a story about the UK these days, although a rather different sense of the word.

Hurricane Cheney.

Watching poor Jay Carney squirm at the realization that the Alinski tactics are failing is a beautiful thing to watch.
csdeven on September 6, 2011 at 8:24 AM

You know, the more I see what a completely useless empty suit this guy really is, the more it scares me that the Media could get him elected. Clearly, they can strongly influence public opinion, not in the sense of a cabal or conspiracy, more just in a groupthink kind of way. Sure, Obama has failed miserably, but so has the 4th Estate. They’ll happily expose classified documents but won’t lift a finger to vet a candidate who makes them feel good.
trubble on September 6, 2011 at 8:28 AM

Thomas Sowell, Two Different Worlds.

What kind of world do we want -- one in which everyone works to increase wealth to whatever extent they can, or a world in which everyone will be supported by either government handouts or private philanthropy, whether they work or don't work?

It is not an abstract question. We can already see the consequences on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who have grown used to having others provide their food, shelter and other basics as "rights" are by no means grateful.

Taranto, to heck and back.

Sarah Palin's Labor Day Note.

Liberals say 0bamacare was a mistake.

Pelosi bans the word "Stimulus."

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