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Wed, Sep 14th - 10:16PM

Cheerful Visit

120.0 miles

182 recordings of 68 types. 15% free (ouch)

Rasmussen: -17: 45/54.

0bamateurism: Touting his "jobs plan" at a company that sends them overseas.

T-shirt yesterday, Instant Human.  Today, Yolo Basin Foundation, with wildlife over the front.  Both because they were on top of the pile.

I went to Straw Hat Pizza last night and brought home a chicken bacon ranch.  I'm getting all the weight Rich is losing. I hadn't known Straw Hat still existed, till they moved into the nearby strip mall.

Corporate Restaurant Take-Over
By the mid-Eighties, Straw Hat Pizza was regarded as the dominant pizza restaurant in the Western United States as the Pizza Hut chain was trying to establish a market presence in the same area. Pizza Hut made a move to eliminate a major stumbling block to its own expansion by purchasing all company-owned Straw Hat Pizza restaurants in 1987; thus removing its prevailing competition. Although the company- owned Straw Hat restaurants were quickly changed to Pizza Hut locations, Straw Hat’s franchise owners refused to participate in the acquisition. The Straw Hat owners would not allow their superior California crust pizza and unique restaurants to be converted. They stuck together and won the right to carry forward the Straw Hat brand. Although a smaller chain than before, it was a first of its kind in the restaurant industry. Once again, Straw Hat was on the cutting edge.

I was up early, and about 6 2 fire engines passed the house, lights but no sirens, and went down the street.

I did make it to Mass. It's the Feast of the Holy Cross. I'm having a lot of trouble accepting my cross, here.

Rich went to sleep so didn't go to the Commissary with me.  I could have used his help... I wouldn't have put the kitty litter on the belt and slowed down the machine, and I wouldn't have forgotten the chicken soup. (I didn't write it on the list, which was a real idiot move.)

This afternoon a friend from church came to visit.  She brought a beautiful tomato which was really good, such a shame Rich couldn't eat it.  She stayed 2.5 hours, a real cheer-up visit. We talked about rocks and trips and kids and a lot of things. Rich and I are always glad to see her.

I took the dog out for a short walk this evening, which made him happy.

Scott Ott: I'm trying to read the president's jobs bill proposal, but sentences like this make it slow going.
"To create jobs, I am submitting the American Jobs Act of 2011 -- nearly all of which is made up of the kinds of proposals supported by both Republicans and Democrats, and that the Congress should pass right away to get the economy moving now."
(And this is just from the letter to Congress. The bill itself is nearly inscrutable.)

Jim Treacher: "This is how the Left operates: they pay for lies to be published, and then demand investigations on the basis of those lies."

Hahaha!  And that's why no Republican had won since 1922. It's only 3/1 Democrat!

Professor Jacobson Well yes, if you define “difficult” as having a 3-1 registration advantage, being held by Democrats since the 1920s, being the seat formerly held by Geraldine Ferraro and Chuck Schumer, and being in New York City.  With odds like that, the Democrat didn’t stand a chance.

Syd B. | September 14, 2011 at 9:28 am
I wonder if Carney will stick to the same delusional spin as Wasserman-Shultz or come up with something more imaginative?
I suspect that there are a number of Dem Party members who are secretly happy to see this result, as they are aware that if Obama doesn’t drastically change directions and soon, they’re finished along with him in ’12. Personally, I think its too late for the whole sorry lot of them. NY last night was simply the headwinds of the shitstorm that’s coming.

Betsy comments on the election.

0bama's Big Green Boondoggles

According to the Washington Post: “The August 2009 e-mails, released exclusively to The Washington Post, show White House officials repeatedly asking OMB reviewers when they would be able to decide on the federal loan and noting a looming press event at which they planned to announce the deal. In response, OMB officials expressed concern that they were being rushed to approve the company’s project without adequate time to assess the risk to taxpayers, according to information provided by Republican congressional investigators..’We have ended up with a situation of having to do rushed approvals on a couple of occasions (and we are worried about Solyndra at the end of the week),’ one official wrote. That Aug. 31, 2009, message, written by a senior OMB staffer and sent to Terrell P. McSweeny, Biden’s domestic policy adviser, concluded, ‘We would prefer to have sufficient time to do our due diligence reviews.’”

...Solyndra is now the third solar company to go belly-up this year. Yet the Energy Department is doubling down on failure. As the FBI and House GOP investigators launch a probe into Enron-style accounting problems with Solyndra’s books, DOE is doling out more than $850 million in new loan guarantees for another California solar firm sponsored by NextEra Energy, along with nearly $200 million more for separate solar manufacturing facilities on the West Coast.

Obama claims new “investments” in environmentally friendly school construction projects will put thousands of Americans back to work immediately. (Never mind that Big Labor-backed rules and executive orders will raise the cost of the projects, slow their implementation and freeze out the vast majority of non-union contractors.)

Betsy has more.

Can't blame the Eeeeeevil Bush.

Summer of Corruption.

Attack Watch.

This President and his team still haven’t learned the problems that come with punching below one’s weight.  Besides, their big problems don’t come from rumors; they come from the record of abject failure that Barack Obama carries into this campaign.  They’d do better to spend the money to hire better economists to consult the President than the coterie of academics that keep pushing the same Obamanomics that have flopped for the better part of three years.  In the meantime, this serves as a good reminder as to just how thin-skinned and paranoid this President has been.

We’d pretty much have to send in every response to every article posted here in HA to the Chief Petty Executive Officer in charge.
skatz51 on September 14, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Shall we all report last night’s election results?
rogerb on September 14, 2011 at 10:12 AM

Mr thin skin in chief strikes again
Just skimmed thru it, they are trying to debunk Glenn beck and tarp
Go ahead, report me
This will backfire just like the other site
cmsinaz on September 14, 2011 at 10:12 AM

AttackWatch (video)

Douglas Frew Hilarious! The best comment I've seen yet: How many people do I have to report, before I get my armband? I reposted it in German. ;-)

Good thing our president has thick skin by Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, September 14.

Michael Welch Are you kidding?
Dennis Miller said it best. "If his skin were any thinner he'd have a reservoir tip."

Worst summer ever for Democrats?

The temperament of Nixon, the leadership qualities of Carter, the economic policies of Hoover – this guy’s got it all.
notropis on September 14, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Best of the Web Today: The Phony War on Unemployment
Even Robert Reich admits Obama's so-called jobs bill was never really serious, James Taranto reports..

Reid's never in a hurry.  Pass a bill? What??

Ed Morrissey:
The question now is whether Obama has hit a tipping point.  He waited 30 months to address a jobs crisis that had gone unabated since passing his first stimulus bill.  He waited through not one but two “Recovery Summers” and stood by while quarterly GDP reports went from mediocre to nearly recessionary.  He gave a speech on deficit reduction in April promising a plan that he never delivered.  Obama then went on vacation while promising to address the jobs crisis and took almost a month, only to end up regurgitating the same failed formula he used in 2009.

Charitable Groups will fight 0bama Tax Bill

Krauthammer says Solyndra was the Most Expensive Photo Op in History

Dave Yanke: Doing the tourist thing with the in-laws and realized I have reached the point where I don't go to museums to learn how things used to be, I now go to remember what they were like. AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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